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A humorous extension of the op-ed we ran earlier.


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    • It’s lame to register your guns. It’s a total beta male thing to do. Better to be a Chad and tell the batfags to pound sand. Chicks dig total Chads.

      • That’s probably not a very accurate assumption, I’m pretty sure that of the thousands of AR/AK based pistol owners many will comply simply because they are law abiding (I’m pretty sure there is a significant number of Dems who own them) and don’t want to “rock the boat”. “Dweebs” and Incels are most likely not inclined to be in possession of anything like an AR or AK based “pistol” or an SBR. Inferring that compliance with a particular law is indicative of one’s sex life is just silly as there are a number of older individuals who own these types of firearms and who will NOT comply with this ruling AND are also not actively engaged in sexual activity for various health reasons…

      • The downfall of this country will be greased by todays youth who have been indoctrinated into compliance.
        Where is Marlon Brando and James Dean today?

  1. Watch out for do gooder Docs sticking their nose and thermometers where they don’t belong. Um, yea doc I think I still have my ancestors’ flintlock from the revolution, wanna buy it?

  2. Most everyone I’ve talked to that’s younger can’t wait for that “free” government stamp
    It’s pathetic


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