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I mean, it’s just bump stocks. It’s just pistol braces. It’s just threaded barrels. It’s just steel core ammo. It’s just standard capacity magazines. It’s just bayonet lugs. It’s just semi-auto firearms. It’s just AR-platform guns. It’s just black guns. Okay, okay, here’s your fanny pack and photographer’s vest.


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      • The white New Balance “Dad” shoes, they’re not Air Jordan’s and reasonably priced for a pair of walk around shoes. The “made in USA” 900 Series also gets people going because you guessed it “made in USA”.

        • New Balance fits me and are comfortable. That’s all that matters to me.

          Caliber wars, shoe wars, blondes v. brunettes. People just have to have something to argue about.

          Human nature, I guess.

        • New Balance shoes are made, primarily, in China even though they have manufacturing presence in the USA and UK (and Ireland) and China. When they first started business for shoes in the US market they were all made in the USA, but not any more really.

          Some sources have claimed that 70% of New Balance production is made in USA, this is not true. This derived from a statement New balance made and was taken out of context, the New Balance 70% means is where the domestic value is 70% they label them Made In USA (even in foreign countries) even though they were not really 100% made in USA (another loop hole quirk in the made in usa laws thing for the US market). They still maintain a manufacturing presence in the US but its more of assembly and this is about 4 million pairs of shoes in the US market annually, when in reality all the materials were made in China and the shoes mostly manufactured there and the final assembly done in the US. That 4 million pairs represents less than 1/6th of their US market shoes product under the New Balance brand, everything else was made 100% in China or elsewhere and not in the USA.

          New Balance has expanded its production capacity in recent years to include shoes made in Vietnam and other Asian countries. So there are a lot of their shoes also made in those places as well.

          New Balance advertises itself as “Made In the USA”, but in reality, most of New Balance’s production comes from (primarily) China but also other parts of Asia, including Indonesia and Vietnam.

          None of the component parts of New Balance shoes are 100% USA made.

          New Balance does this for all the brands they own.

        • To add to my above: There are no ‘sneaker type, ‘walking type’ ‘running or training type’, ‘sports type’, or ‘athletic type’ shoes in the U.S. market that are actually 100% Made In USA by any U.S. presence or based company.

    • I don’t know but all the douche bags now days have backpacks. Good god, how much shit does a person need to carry around?

      • Ask your wife. Women I k now carry an amazing amount of “stuff” in their purses. I am without words. If it doesn’t fit in your pockets or on your belt, you don’t need it.

      • Now that I live in a warm climate, I wear a small cross-body sling bag designed to carry a pistol. I’m not a big guy, so concealing a pistol in shorts and a t-shirt isn’t great.

        It’s also a convenient place for car keys, money clip, DEET spray, multi-tool, quick clot, flashlight, and earbuds.

        I don’t bring it everywhere, but it is convenient when I do.

    • Fanny pack screams FED… BTW New Balance is one of the few that make ‘EEE’ Sasquatch wide shoes in size 11.

      • My size too. Hard to find good shoes to fit over swim fins. I never much liked the available New Balance styles, so I settled on simple Reebok classic tenners, for decades. Reebok dropped them several years ago, so I looked at Salomons, but was tripped up over the size thing again. Went to the nearest REI and presented my sob story to a young lady in their shoe department, and she came out with a pair of Merrells. I swear I heard an angelic chorus. My wife still somewhat suspects the look in my eyes was for the young lady, but it wasn’t. I bought the 2 pairs they had, plus another pair online a bit later, so I’m good for a few more years.

        The only steel-toed, fully gusseted, leather work boots that properly fit were made by Wolverine. Had to swallow my pride on that one, but my feet were happy.

  1. I never knew how much I wanted an ar till it looked like I might not be allowed to have it. I didn’t start reloading till ammo started getting expensive and scarce. Now I have molds and dies for everything. Now I load enough ammunition so my grandchildren will be shooting it after I am passed.

  2. Golly I’m nearly 70 & I have most of those dreaded taboo items. Whatever shall I do?! Oh I know! Get ’em all🙃😀 I do identify as a 28 year old macho warrior…🙄

    • “Former WW” You are phunnie! ..and as for the rest of you !…You phunnie too! Thank you for the chuckles! I own most of the crap in that picture also (especially the NB’s, a couple of pairs) they are the only sneaker’s (does anybody still call them sneakers besides me anymore?) or are they ‘performance shoes’ or Training whatever’s? that don’t get ripped up by my metal feet. I choose not to wear any type of shorts though because I don’t like ‘showing off ‘my metallic leg rods …just too many weird comments from the ‘wokesters’ out there. But what the heck is that weirdness in the bottom right corner of the picture????? Is that a keychain from hell!!!! a guy would never lug that around. In the 80’s I dated a woman, a REAL woman from head to toe! who had a contraption like that ! Everywhere she went she bought some ‘souvenir’ for that trip and put it on her ‘keychain'( little sombrero’s, Tequila bottles, etc) it was a heavy sonufabeetoch! Almost made her list to starboard when she tried to walk down the street! But yet she wouldn’t carry a firearm in her bag, why?….wait 4 it?…
      It’s to heavy! (said in a nasally voice) One of the reasons we never took the relationship past the dating level)…. Man, it was like fingernails (and she had scary monster long one’s too!) on a chalkboard! (2nd reason) . She’d be dead by now anyway if she ever had to use her firearm for defense if she could have the time to rummage around in her ( shoulder carry footlocker) and she would have enough time to ‘fold’ her fingers and those nails to find a comfortable shooting grip! Man, Too high maintenance for me brother! Hell of a shot! but very expen$ive and HIGH MAINTENANCE! Ah! the mameries ! (those too)

  3. Nailed it. Either the jean shorts or the cargo pants with the shirt tucked in. Also, the standard length socks with the jean shorts.

    The funny thing is tho, I bought a pair of NB’s (not the white dad ones in the pic but close to the ones in the jean short pic – 513 V3) and I wear them randomly when I want to look “unsuspecting”. Nobody ever does a double take on the dude in blue/grey gum sole NB’s with a light heather gray sweater, Richardson blank hat and jeans. It’s about as bland as you can ever get. And that’s the point.

    I can’t tell you how many people that actually get to know me are surprised I’ve lived the life I have. I look unsus AF.

  4. no matter what a guy thinks or what they are told, grown men do not look as good as they think in shorts. in addition… it makes them either look like they just gave up, trying to recaim their childhood, or trying to make a lost cause statement.

    • Or maybe it’s just too hot for long pants? Some of us live in tropical climates. The Yankee Fudds can stay up in the freezing North and keep Florida for Floridians. Don’t come down here, but if you do come then bring shorts unless you plan on staying inside with the AC 24/7.

      • Been in FL off and on since 1980 (this time it’s been 23 years) and I don’t even own a pair of shorts and I’m outside all the time usually on the Harley… But I agree with “Yankees stay where Yankees are”…

    • Men don’t care what they “look like” in whatever clothes. They don’t care. People who care what they “look like” to others are called “women.”

  5. That keychain is the only thing that bothers me. We see a lot of prematurely worn ignition switch cylinders, because of 5 lb. keychains just like that.

    As for the rest of it, well, it’s a matter of professionals looking down their noses at posers, and posers doing the same to amateurs, and it’s all opinion.

    • Ignition cylinders huh? Not to worry, just replace it at the same time you replace the points in the ignition and the rotor when you inspect the cap for cracks and wear…

      • You do realize that most modern vehicles still utilize a keyed ignition system? They even have computers on board with electronic controlled ignition and fuel injection… Keep that in mind when you are paying double for your electric bill and 20 to 40 grand for you next battery pack(s) (IF you can find one) or that trip across the country takes two weeks because you had to stop every two hours and wait in line to sit on a charger for an hour… I’ll keep my 30 mile per gallon “muscle car” as long as I can find premium fuel to keep it going…

        • Funny thing. None of the studies I’ve seen that compare the long term cost of an electric vehicle to a gasoline vehicle, extend out to include the point at which that huge battery must be replaced. Yet another hidden cost with EVs. 2-3 times the cost of an engine, and 4-5 times the cost of a transmission.

        • My wife’s daily driver (work) vehicle is a 2007 black on black Mustang (Pony Edition) w/leather seats that she bought new with just 1.6 test miles on it, 16 years, 300,000 miles, a transmission rebuild, several sets of tires, a couple of batteries, an alternator and a new throttle body later she still looks forward to getting in that thing every day for her 30 mile commute, she loves that car still looks and runs great, 4.0 liter V-6 still gets 27 miles per gallon…

  6. Got everything shown on the post. It’s called camouflage. Blend in. Don’t call attention to yourself. Until it’s time.

  7. Aww man. The Cisco shirt… I wear those sometimes. I’ve gotten a few for free from conventions and sales reps. Am I old and out of touch already? No! It’s the children who are out of touch.

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