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Agreed. Find FRAC here.


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        • ??

          I was charged $125 for my L.A. CCW. 🙁

          The entire sum of charges by the Sheriff Dept for my NV permit was only $58. That was for everything. The sum for my CA permit was about $350. Then another $650 for the required 8-hr class. Plus other expenses related to the gun listed on the permit.

  1. Shit aint stopping me either way. I’m done putting my faith in anyone else. I’ll do what I do and if they really want to waste the resources (and human lives) they know where to find me. If they make it past the claymores and gasoline sprinklers I’ll make it easy for em 😉

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      • I bet in reality, I’d take as many as I could with me.

        Now fuck off FUDD boi. You are foaming up the keg, rookie.

        • ‘ I bet in reality, I’d take as many as I could with me.’

          It wouldn’t be many, you’re all talk and ZERO action. A true keyboard hero.

        • Says the one harassing someone in a comment section because they don’t understand sarcasm or where/why the joke originated lmfao.

          Suck me, beautiful.

        • ‘I’ll do what I do and if they really want to waste the resources (and human lives) they know where to find me.’

          I don’t think your talk of killing people is sarcasm. I think you talk big but couldn’t keep from wetting yourself if the SHTF. Bullies are usually just big pu$$ies that fold up when someone stands up to them.

          Most guys want women to pleasure them, but you do you.

        • Cato,

          DUUUUDDE!! Take a frickin’ chill pill, would ya??

          “I don’t think your talk of killing people is sarcasm.”

          No, according to T. Jefferson, it could also be considered patriotism: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

          Lighten up, Frances.

        • “I don’t think…”

          Well, see… there is your problem right there lmfao.

          You are like the road rager that will jump out and start a fight in the middle of a 5 lane highway just because your ego won’t let you admit to yourself you effed up in the first place. It’s okay you never heard any boog jokes before. It’s okay you don’t understand a bit of dry humor mixed with some seriousness and a hint of sarcasm. It’s okay. Show me on the doll where the internet touches you daily.

          Thanks for the chuckles today, “patriot”.
          :Blows kiss:

          You can always come to Montana and find out for yourself…

        • I don’t road rage, not worth the risk. There’s a difference between dry humor and bullshit from someone who talks tough but blows kisses at guys and likes to ‘play’ with anatomically correct dolls.

          I can meet you in Yellowstone, I’ll be out that way later this year…

        • lmfao. All these flavors and you chose salty.

          And it’s clear you don’t know what bait is either… tough guy.

        • Ok buddy! See you in Yellowstone? lmfao.

          You have to see the irony in your small peen rage posts by now, right?

  2. The cost of a “Live Scan” in California (fingerprints by photocopy, essentially plus the records check) is $70. Can’t get a ccw without one, and I couldn’t practice my profession without submitting to one either. To make matters more irritating, some not wit decided that it would be a good thing to require a new set of prints every time an application for renewal of a CCW is made, which is every two years. Isn’t the whole point of prints that you cannot (without surgery or acid) change them?

  3. Only $10 for fingerprints?
    New Jersey charges at least $75, IIRC, to get fingerprints for our “mother-may-I” permission card to buy a gun (the FPID Card). And then pay $75 again for fingerprints if we then decide to get a CCW permit.

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