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The AFT (remember when Brandon called ’em that?) or any anti-gun politician, I suppose.


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    • Her sweater suggests rather strongly that they’ve already done that.

      Which explains the look on her face.

      • Ummmmmmmmm, at the common law in a constitutional Republic, the public servants merely have privileges to exercise.
        What is not specifically privileged, is absolutely denied.
        As all “gun violence laws” for possession by lawful citizens are then patently unconstitutional and without standing in law.
        There is no privilege for public servants to act upon RKBA and if they do, they are committing a constitutional crime.

  1. It’s a classic fascist tactic. Burn and machine gun the entire town because one person may have violated the rules.

    • Firearms laws made after tragic events always seem to be punitive in nature.

      Changes in Firearms regulations are already being proposed after the police officers were killed and wounded in Queensland. Proposed are restrictions in the number, type, caliber of guns that can be owned and how much ammunition can be kept.

      This completely ignored the facts that the perps were unlicensed and the whole event used less than a box of rifle ammunition.

      Perhaps Queensland police can investigate why it took nearly a year after to respond to a report someone (one of the perps) was dropping guns and ammunition into a river. The items were found exactly where it was reported.

      • “Firearms laws made after tragic events always seem to be punitive in nature.”

        Well yeah, they’re “canned”. These people have wanted to come after you for a long time, they just waited for an excuse that the midwits in the population will accept.

        If you pay attention you’ll find the classic strings of propaganda in nearly all coverage of such an event too. Odd, that.

  2. ATF, FBI, State, Locals… whatever. They’re all the same shit to me these days.

    None are trustworthy as a group, they’ve shown their colors. Certain individuals may be slightly better than others but the good ones all did the honorable thing and quit.

    • former water walker February 22, 2023 At 19:29

      I didn’t shoot yer kid on July 4th😠🙄…BUT I WANTED TO !

  3. You know I bet Peter Butt-head and his husband “chasten”: Play hide the concealable “gerbal” all the time! (ouch! poor gerbal!) and don’t ask Peter about a crisis like Ohio when he’s on “personal time” he get’s his panties in a wad

  4. Well you see it’s like this Officer Gestapo, I was driving my car loaded up with all my gunms to turn them in to the buy back,?, program when I ran off a cliff and my car sunked. Sadly the slight concussion I received in the crash has erased all the memory of just what cliff it exactly was. I’ll gladly pay the EPA pollution fine once my car is located.
    BTW have you seen my dog Spot? He looks just like a bullet proof elephant only furry with black with white spots that appear to form the letters Fck The AFT Up The Ass With An Elephant’s Trunk.
    Thank you for your concern, Now Get Off My Lawn, your welcome.

    • Matt that is true. But even Obama used driving and training as an argument for mandatory training. It is high time we threw the argument back at them with this being an excellent example.

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