Chicago crime scene
A Chicago police officer picks through debris at the crime scene. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)
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The battle between Chicago and Atlanta over hosting the 2024 Democratic convention is heating up with a new claim from Illinois that Georgia’s lenient open-carry gun laws — already an issue with several public events in Atlanta — could make security a nightmare. …

But recent events have brought a new argument: Georgia’s lenient gun laws could make it extremely difficult to keep firearms away from the delegates. The Secret Service is likely to declare the convention a “national security special event” and supersede state ordinances with its own rules inside a fortified perimeter.

But in hotels, along bus routes and at meetings and parties far from the core convention sites, guns could find their way in, security consultants are warning, especially if Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp, holds to his pro-gun views and refuses to intervene.

“It just creates a tense environment,” said Charles H. Ramsey, who once led police forces in Washington and Philadelphia and now does security consulting. “To me it’s an issue.”

Georgia Democrats have scoffed at the pitch. The State Farm Arena, which would be one of the main sites of the convention should Atlanta win the bid, has protocols in place that prohibit carrying a firearm, despite gun laws that ostensibly allow weapons into most public spaces.

Doug Shipman, president of the Atlanta City Council, said in an interview that the city had hosted big events since the state passed its first open-carry law — derided by opponents as the “guns everywhere” bill — in 2014. The city also had strong security relationships with federal, state and local law enforcement authorities, he added.

But, more to the point, the political significance of hosting the convention in a swing state that Mr. Biden narrowly carried in 2020 may supersede logistical and policy hurdles like gun laws, abortion bans and union hotels, Atlanta boosters said.

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    • By all means selective Gun Control democRats do shelter beneath your biggest Gun Free Zone Sign…perfect place for Gun Control Rats to congregate and perhaps discover what it feels like to be defenseless sitting ducks all thanks to their very own insane Gun Control.

  1. All Law Abiding US Citizens are allowed to carry their firearms wherever they please. It is an ABSOLUTE Constitutional RIGHT!

    So what’s the problem?

    All great Americans should bring their legal weapons to the Democrat Events in ALL States.

    Don’t know what the ruckus is – ONLY Criminals disobey the law! And just happens that MOST criminals are liberals! Like Joe Biden, the biggest Felon in America, along with his Felon sons!

    So, let’s ALL bring our legal weapons to any Democrat/Liberal events! We are NOT criminals and we have the absolute right to carry our legal weapons anywhere in the USA at all times. This cannot be limited by the Democrats. It is the LAW!

    • And private bone spurs is as pure as the driven snow when it comes to the law. Lol. And people like to talk about biden and china while dumpster has deals with china worth millions a year. And no I’m not going to provide proof. If you want proof get off your lazy ass and do the work. It’s not that difficult.

      • Hmmmm, over the years Trump has reported a few million in “profits” from LEGITIMATE hotels, licensing and property development which, as a hotel owner and property developer one might expect, Ivanka had a manufacturing deal much like ALL major corporations/brands in the world… Hunter blew into China with then VP Braindead and left with millions, and turned hundreds of millions from China in his “investment” companies which included two major Chinese partners one who is currently in a Chinese prison for bribery and the other a top Chinese SPY who has disappeared… And let’s not forget that pesky “10% for the Big Guy”… But Orange Man BAD, I get it…

        • Yes, Orange Man BAD. He always makes comments like that. It’s real simple. The Trump family made their money as entrepreneurs long before they got into politics. Trump LOST business money while he was president because lefties are extremely intolerant of people with different views. On top of that, Trump declined his salary while in office. By contrast, the Bidens got rich using the Puppet’s position and selling influence. One is not like the other. The Biden family is everything the media claimed the Trump family was. Also, remember when they said Trump would get us involved in wars?

      • Billions are a thousand times greater than millions. Someone went to a public school and got less of an education than they deserve.

  2. Let’s go Atlanta!

    Chicago is a second class city with full support of the Governor of ALL CRIMINALS

    Shame on Chicago!

    God Bless Atlanta. Let’s Go Brandon! Bye Bye Biden!

  3. I know let’s have it in Chicago that is a much safer City. moronic Democrats the more they open their mouths the more stupid stuff comes out.

  4. ““It just creates a tense environment,” said Charles H. Ramsey, who once led police forces in Washington and Philadelphia and now does security consulting. “To me it’s an issue.”

    Georgia Democrats have scoffed at the pitch.”

    I fully agree. In the next 2 or three years, when 50-state constitutional carry becomes the norm, America will be far too dangerous to live in for all good and proper Leftist Scum ™. (Retch)

    It shall become a critical imperative to “Teach those ignorant Trump supporters a lesson”, and escape with their lives to a safer country, like Ukraine.

    I mean, seriously. Can you imagine what they will be saying 3 or so years from now? 🙂

    • Hartford CT and Providence RI are relatively ok but I am used to Philly/Baltimore/Wilmington so that may skew the perception.

      • Hartford crime is rampant, Providence is becoming an illegal cesspool caused by mayors Jorge Elorza, Angel Taveras and David Cicilline. Any Democrat controlled city has questionable safety.

        • As I said relative but guess I never hang around dangerous parts as now that I check Hartford is more dangerous re aggravated assault and murder than Albany NY for closer to home. Providence is a substantial improvement compared to both. Your last statement re questionable safety stands without challenge.

        • @SAFEupstateFML , I haven’t been in Providence in 7 years since moving to Texas, but crime reporting was being suppressed by the city’s administration and police chief, I assume it continues as leopards don’t change their spots either.

        • Are we talking Japan level suppression of criminal activity or typical university town where you add 30-250% depending on the category?

  5. I really hope they have the Democratic Party National Convention in Chicago. That would be so wonderful. Really. Because there would be a repeat of the riot situation that happened back in the 1960s. Only this time the police would be ordered to stand down and do nothing.

  6. Dumbcrats trying everything to make guns the evil cause of every problem in America. They seem to forget the 1968 Democratic National Convention held in Chicago when they nominated Hubert Humphrey (AKA Hubey the booby) Couldn’t get much more dangerous unless they chose Beirut or Sao Paulo

  7. Chicago has a point:

    The murder rate in Atlanta is 19.53 per 100,000. (22nd in the country)

    The murder rate in Chicago is 18.26 per 100,000. (28th)

    • Yep, if they feel safer in a place where only the crooks are allowed to have guns, why, have at it! Side benefit: what’s that line about liberals getting mugged and becoming conservatives?

  8. “To me it’s an issue.”

    There in lies the basis of all anti-gun gun control arguments screaming for infringing/removing/restricting second amendment rights for the law abiding. To THEM its always an issue.

  9. I am surprised that Georgians even want the democratic convention in their state. I know that my in-laws certainly do not…

    • I am surprised that Georgians even want the democratic convention in their state

      You mean the state that elected TWO Democrat Senators and just REELECTED one of them… and a city ATLANTA) that has been in constant Democrat control for 142 years, in fact the state legislature was democrat controlled from 1882 til 2002…

  10. The only thing they really need to worry about for Georgia is the radical violent extremist far left BLM and the radical violent extremist far left ANTIFA (recent Atlanta armed insurrection award winners). Yeah ya gonna say ‘but its democrats so they will not do anything’, well, yeah they will.

    But to be fair, they will also need to worry about that in Chicago too and even another problem on top of that because gun control tyranny there ensure the criminals remain armed.

  11. Wiki lists Chicago’s murder rate per 100K as 18.26 vs 16.41 for Atlanta.

    Either way they’re both the creations of long term Democratic Governance.

    • Those numbers include ALL murders, Chicago is only bringing “gun related” murders to the table and Atlanta is the clear winner of that category. (19.53 – 18.56 per 100,000) could just be that Southern “bangers” are better shots than their Yankee counterparts maybe it’s a lack of severe winter weather?

      • Could also be that eliminating a tool evil people use doesn’t take the evil out of the hearts of men. Perhaps looking to the root of the problem is a superior idea vs distraction.

    • To be fair Chiraq is ACTUALLY attacking a Republican “Constitutional/open carry” law that was passed by a Republican legislature and signed by a Republican Governor… Everything else is pretty much the same, Democrat mayors for decades, Soros “social justice” prosecutors, defund the police, GFZs, etc…

  12. While every thug in Chicago carries a stolen Glock with an auto switch and good people are mostly disarmed, here in Georgia the bad guys are always at risk of a life altering encounter with an armed citizen. If the Dimocrats don’t like that, it just means they support criminals.

    • It’s only MAGA country when it’s freezing cold, 2 a.m. and no one else is around. You can’t blame the hoaxer for trying. Democrats reward the fake oppressed. It gives them cover to ignore the real problems.

      • Have it somewhere else, Chicago is thin on resources and doesn’t have time for it. People will come from all over the place just to start trouble and regardless of who becomes mayor, they don’t need it. Chicago is at the lowest amount of cops in 50 years, they are leaving in droves.

        Chicago is not “MAGA Country” and either is Cook County.
        It’s Pritzker country while 90% of Illinois is actually “MAGA Country”.
        Besides fatboy JB wants to try and buy his way into the federal racket.
        Yes I got the sarcasm.

  13. You spend several years demonizing anyone who disagrees with you as a “terrorist” and then you’re shocked that you might need security because you’ve managed to really anger a goodly number of those filthy plebs…

    In the history of “poorly thought out plans” this is in the upper quintile.

    I mean, you gotta be fuckin’ dumb to run this game and think it has no consequences over time. Like cranking up the stove and walking away only to be shocked that your pot has boiled over.

    Also, “…security consultants are warning, especially if Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp, holds to his pro-gun views and refuses to intervene.”

    Said “consultants” can go fuck themselves with a rusty bottle brush. See the first point for an explanation of why.


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