gun people venn diagram
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Kamala would love this one!


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  1. What makes you think she could even understand it? The porn part, yeah, but not the intersectionality. Why, when she hears the word “Venn,” she thinks someone is asking her for a date.

  2. Maybe applies more to the 1990s Kamala while she was “bobbin’ and weavin'” and getting her knees dirty on her way up the political ladder.

    • Suck ONE ***k and forevermore you’re branded a ***k-sucker…Kammy is waaay past ONE.

      • You forgot the front side of that comment….”bang all the women in the world and it dont matter because if you suck….”

    • The 90’s are nothing compared to what Kacklin’ Kam “zero delegates” Harris will have to do in order to stay on the ’24 ticket. The train’s forming up now..

  3. Are You Calling For The Repeal Of The Second Amendment?’: Derrick Van Orden Confronts VA Official on VA trying to remove gun rights for veterans.

  4. Seriously TTAG…. comments from regular users are routinely moderated or sometimes simply do not appear…but the spammers always show up. Can you get rid of the spam in these comments from holandi, af70, london, paris, anfoo, posyar and maybe check into banning their IP addresses (for what ever good that will do).

  5. Bud Light Gets Nasty Surprise from Congress (note: just to add… an effect of go woke go broke)

  6. Kamal-a an porn stars shouldn’t be in the same sentence, Venn diaphragm, or anything else.


      • When Kamalatoe was honking on the bobo regularly, Willie would close his eyes and pretend it was a good looking woman, like Hillary Clinton.

  7. oh that was funny! I didn’t even know what a damn Venn diagram was, but I have to agree with Kamala on this – they are fun!!

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