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It’s lit AF.


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    • Don’t feel bad, some of the new abbreviations mess with me too. I recall when people actually spelled complete words too. Laugh out loud.

      • I’m 36. I called memes “maymays” for about 3 years before finding out it was pronounced Meems.

        Why not just fucken spell it that way then?

        Tbh, I’ve given up caring. I don’t know what was so funny about Bernie Sanders in mittens and I will never care to find out. I think it would be funnier seeing socialists hanging from trees…

        • The word existed before the internet. It refers to a belief, a rumor, or a phrase that travels through a population. Sort of like urban legends. It comes from the word “mimicked”. That is also where we got the phrase “viral”. A sociologist found that memes followed a pattern similar to a virus spreading in a population.

        • Meme is short for memetics which is a “self replicating unit of culture.” Someone sees an interesting piece, incorporates it into their being and spreads it around.

        • I’ve heard English described as a language that chases other languages into dark alleys, beats them up, and steals their words. It’s no wonder that spelling can get … interesting.

        • I always thought it came from the French “meme”, meaning “the same” since they re-use the same image.

        • LOL @ comparing memes to a virus.

          They were not wrong. It’s propaganda. It’s the circle you sat in at preschool and whispered something in each others ears until it made it full circle and the last person said out loud something totally different.

      • “Lit” “af”?!?

        How about we let the gangbangers talk like street trash and we talk like civilized people using “racist” proper english.

        A couple of these “gun memes of the day” are semi funny, the rest would be a waste of paper if it were printed.

        Here’s a meme idea… goes woke, and it’s readers decide it’s not worth the money even though it’s free.

        • “It’s easy to understand how the Sons of Liberty thought destroying roughly $2 million worth of tea was a good idea when you acknowledge they were hammered.”

          Paul Revere – I think we should dump that shit tea into the harbor.
          Sam Adams – WTF why not? I’m LIT AF!
          Anybody else in the Sons of Liberty want in?
          Yeah lets dress as Mohawks and dump that shitty tea in the water!
          It’s from China, I heard some weird shit about them eating bats.
          Phineas Stearns just threw up!
          Get him some more rum. Bartender, another round!
          Drunken Chant: “No taxation without representation”
          Our Country was born because of this.

        • That’s why they arent printed. They can take second to make and some people find them funny, others don’t. Cry more.

        • Joe nobody.

          Fitting choice of names. Much like the name your brain chose for itself. “Nothing”.

          Yea, my jokes are pretty dope, bruh. I got a sick sense of humor. Word.

  1. I called them ME MEs until my niece corrected me.
    I’m 49 but got the AF one.
    I think I saw this exact scene on History or The History Channel.
    I could see John Adams having a good laugh.

  2. Thank you all for the above explanations and historical perspectives. You all made me laugh!

    This serves to illustrate the broad and multiple use cases for this site. Not only is TTAG a reliable source of information about firearms, gun culture, and politics, but it has become a beacon, Illuminating the evolution of modern culture’s linguistics, a taxonomic source of idioms, coinages, argot, and verbal construction. I learn here and laugh here every day!!

  3. Has anyone heard of Hunter Biden’s latest venture? He is going to sell “artworks” to anonymous buyers at $500,000 each.

    I detect a whiff of corruption in the air.

    • Untraceable “Dark Money” for the Biden Crime Syndicate and the DNC.

      Take a look at how China and the Cartels are laundering their money by buying homes / real estate, some they flip and some are turned into high dollar rentals…evens out their cash flow.
      Delivering bonus long-term profits on their already massive drug profits.

      The Chinese deliver barrels of Fentanyl and the Cartels cut it with other “recreational” drugs and the USA, Canada and Mexico are up to their respective azzes in drugs and the assorted crimes.

    • “I detect a whiff of corruption in the air.”

      Smells like crack cocaine and essence of escort.

    • The best part is that they claim to be keeping everything aboveboard by having a third party conceal all details of the payment and delivery from the art dealer and everyone else involved (but especially from the general public).

      And then the buyer, having been shielded from public view, contacts the Bidens and says “Do you want to see where I hung Hunter’s painting?”

      No opportunities for money laundering or hidden influence there, no sir.

  4. The founders didn’t nor does the constitution “give” us anything.

    It merely recognizes inalienable rights and truths.

  5. “Arms in the hands of individual citizens may be used at individual discretion for the defence of the country, the over-throw of tyranny, or in private self-defense.” – John Adams

    That’s lit AF.

    • Man it’s one thing to actually use words like “lit af” outside of a meme… but saying YEE YEE should get you instantly throat punched and a beer poured on top of you while you are in the fetal position whimpering and gasping for air.

      • Agreed. It sounds like some anime show trying to display how excited someone is right before going into a tantric tentacle sex music video for 5 minutes.

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