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Raising ’em right!


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  1. Now what you have to ask yourself. Is her diaper loaded or is it loaded?

    Do you feel lucky, punk?

    • JWM,

      Take a load off, Fanny
      Take a load for free
      Take a load off Fanny
      And (and) you put the load right on me.

      • I pulled into Nazareth just a feelin’ ’bout a half past dead
        I just need to find a place where I can lay my head
        Mister can you tell me where a man might find a bed?
        He just grinned and shook my hand and “No” was all he said

        • I said wait a minute Chester I’m a peaceful man,he said that’s ok boy just feed him when ever you can.

    • The new trend among PotG (Parents of the Gun): Baby’s First Concealed Carry Holster, the Pistol Packin’ Pullup!

  2. I had(house burnt) a picture of my son when he was little in diapers loading a revolver.
    Most of the people I showed it to remarked they didnt think I was a good parent.

  3. When my son was 1, he was the world’s youngest R Lee Emery fan with his LocknLoad show.

    He started learning about guns when he was 2. Now knows enough to know BS when he sees it.

    When he starts shooting he will be the most trained beginner I have ever taught.

    • LOL, the most trained beginner. I like that.
      Kids r great, they grow up fast. Suck in as much of it as you can.👍

      • His mum won’t let him shoot, so we covered as much of other training as we could. Operation, trigger pull, sight picture, alignment, follow-through, bolt removal, etc. He was happy to wear in my Ruger Scout with a handful of dummy snapcap cartridges. He would cycle them through action, pick up the cartridges, reinsert into the magazine, and repeat. He is now learning how to use a sling as a shooting aid.

  4. AMMOSALE.COM, What was up with that previous post!!! “Ammo prices are starting to plummet thanks to sites like ours.” That website has 9mm Wolf at $0.47 per ROUND! WHAT A LOAD OF BULL! Thanks for the content TTAG, it’s on thing to have sponsored content but how are you willing to throw your reputation away for it?

    • Yea, couple weeks ago I saw another online seller had brass cased 9mm for about 40 cents/round. Kinda wondered what was so special about that posting.

    • It’d be my guess ammo sale paid TTAG.
      I’d have bought a box just to help TTAG out, guess what, they ain’t got what I want.
      Note to self:
      Next time you by a weird caliber buy every last bit of ammo they have that goes with it.
      Say, that Red Army Standard is some hot stuff. I was out today with some PriviPartizen, Sellier&Beloit and the RAS, you could sure feel the difference. Could have but didnt, grrr ammo, tested it at 150 against the brass cased ones,, (although in the past one of the best shots I’ve ever made was with Red Army Standard ammunition, a Norinco 54-1 resting my forearms over a bridge rail and shooting
      a grey heron on a river bank . Was that legal, No. Was that fun? Yes. Did you hurt anyone? Yes, I had to shoot the damned baitfish stealing , little catfish eaten, bird twice. Ammo ain’t cheap.)
      . If someone were to ask me, of the basically NOT three available, which brand would you buy for this gunm. That’d be Red Army Standard.

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