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Look . . . I’m not saying the meme is correct, but it’s correct. I’m mean, just choosing .40 S&W alone secures one’s spot on the bus. Clearly.


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  1. LOL. i would had gone with “any sloppy glocky” or possibly “any plastic(oh excuse me “polymer”) framed anything”…

    • I’ve used .40 a couple of times. I just don’t want to invest in another type and caliber with all the needed extras. It’s not that, IMHO, it’s a bad round. I just don’t want to add to my complications more than I have to.

      9mm, .38 special and .357 magnum is what I have and that does the job for me.

    • My CCW is a .40 micro. My #1 most reliable full frame I use for training classes is a .40.

      My favorite caliber for handgun is 9mm, but I use .40 as well. And when I saw ammo on the shelves at Bass Pro a few weeks ago, the only caliber available in bulk range packs (lower price per round) was in .40. So I bought some as 9mm shooters in the store griped and complained.

    • As a C&R I have an extensive panoply of obscure calibers, by the average shooters estimation, though not by that of older C&R guys who collected through the golden years. For self defense I settled on 9mm and have a number of guns in that caliber. My Glock was native .40 and I have conversions for 9mm, .357 Sig, and .22 LR. During the Great Obama Ammo Shortages I was always able to find something to shoot. Stocked up after that and didn’t even look for ammo after March 2020.

        • Curio and Relic. It’s a classification of a category of firearms. C&R denotes a level of firearms license like an FFL. If you have a C&R you can have these types of weapons shipped directly to your door and cut out the middle man with an FFL.

          Before they closed the ‘loophole’ here in CA you could buy a C&R weapon with no waiting period. Fill out a single form and walk out the door with it. It’s how I paid 99 bucks for a Russian sks at a gun show here in CA and walked out the door with it.

          It’s mostly used to purchase surplus military firearms from WW2 and before. Mausers, Lee Enfields, Mosin Nagants. etc. The license is only really needed to cut out the dealer, the middleman.

    • For clicks and comments to drive traffic and increase ad revenue. Many people also like to present themselves as knowledgeable on subjects and regurgitate trendy information as facts thus demonstrating their supposed intelligence.

    • People crap on everything. Thinking is hard, criticizing is easy. That’s why most people do a lot of the latter and very little of the former.

    • “Just get a 10mm, it’s one better than 9mm”

      10mm won’t chamber in a 9mm (or vice-versa), while .40 chambers just fine in a 10mm… 🙂

      • You need a bigger hammer and it will fit just fine. If you had thought outside of the box you would have figured that out.

        • ROFL!! Yeah I’d like to see you put a 10mm on a 9mm pipe and whack the back end of the 10mm to make it fit. I’ll smile and wait for the flash!

        • Reminds me of a line from the Mr Mom movie. “Q: Is that outlet a 110 ? A: 120, 130…whatever”. (not exactly the quote)

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^…Move on to Shit that matters.

      • Yeah, like 1911 verses Gock, or the really important stuff like AR verses AK 😉

        just kidding. If someone asks me either of those questions my answer is always “Yes, please!”

        • LOL. I bought a 1911 just because I got sick of Glocktards’ gun snobbery. I bought a Springfield XDM40 for the same reason. I don’t have an AK, but I do have a couple AR’s. So my collection needs one more thing!

          I hate gun snobs and I think dissing a particular caliber or firearm type is the height of stupidity. However, I am willing to entertain some fact-based comparisons such as 10mm>9mm.

  2. Well I’m not going to trash the cartridge 40 S&W as I’m a fan of its ballistics. However the Springfield company can burn to the ground and take it’s CEO and owner with it and I’d throw a good riddance 🎉 and invite all of its friends.

    • I liked my 40. Wish I didn’t sell it. Still have a box of 40. Echoing jwm I’m invested in 9 mm as I have 3. And 556/223. And I have 12gauge. Years ago after Newtown(2013) 40 was about the only handgun caliber on the shelves. These memes are getting worse…😳

    • Wanna hear something funny? Everyone who hates on Springfield bases their opinions on disinfo published by antigun Illinois rags (aka lie-papers). This disinfo gets repeated most often by butthurt Glocktards online.

      • ^^^^^^ Even assuming accusations against Springfield are correct, which they aren’t, there are plenty of manufacturers that have done worse. Looking at S&W and Ruger but you don’t hear people saying they will never buy their products.

  3. I have the XDm in .40S&W. I installed a powder river precision trigger kit and it is very accurate. I also installed a beefier striker stop pin (?).

    • I have a completely stock XDM40 and it works great. I don’t work the competition circuit, so it seems accurate enough for me. I can get nearly all my shots in the X-ring at 25 feet, which I’ve been able to do my whole life. Or, all my shots inside the 8 ring when drawing from the holster and 5 shots rapid fire.

  4. A better caption may be: Democrats lead the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association to the meeting room.

        • I cannot feature why manufacturers would want to work in a blue shithole antigun state, but to each their own. Just as long as they make decent firearms that go bang everytime your booger hook works that trigger.

  5. A guy goes to hell.
    He sees three doors, the devil says your choice for eternity.
    Devil opens first door , people standing waste deep in sht begging for water.
    “Let’s try second door.”
    Devil opens door. People standing nose deep in shit blowing bubbles .
    ” How about door three?”
    Devil opens door . People standing ankle deep in sht drinking coffee.
    ” I’ll take door 3″.
    Devil shoves him in then yells “OKAY SINNERS, COFFEE BREAKS OVER, BACK ON YOUR HEADS.”

      • Yeah, but it’s still funny, the same way my psychotically-obsessed troll thinks he’s is so funny when he thinks he’s being ‘clever’… 🙂

        • Obama walks in to a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The bartender says hey thats kinda cool where did you get it, The parrots say Kenya they’re running around everywhere.

  6. .40 is fine. It just costs more (under normal market conditions) and doesn’t have many benefits (though it has some).

    I have .40 and I have 9mm. I’m ok carrying either. It does help during the ammo crunches as you can practice either way – .40 took a lot longer to disappear in 2020 than 9mm did.

  7. Darn… I hated plastic more than anybody then everybody talked me into trying a Glock now I’m packing a Glock 20 in 10mm and everybody else seems to have a meanie opinion now….

    • I want a Glock 20. 10mm is awesome! I just moved to bear country so I need to get crackin’ and buy it NOW.

  8. Everyone who craps on the 10mm Kurz (aka .40S&W) are the ones with the express ride to hell; .40 is a great intermediate cartridge between 9mm and .45ACP and if you say otherwise, stay on the line Satan wants to talk to you.

    “Luke 22:36 Sell your cloak and buy an XDM40” – Jesus, probably

  9. I’ve carried the same old Colt Officer’s Model in .45ACP since I walked into an aremed robbery 40 years ago. Never have fired a .40 cal. in any hand gun. I do have a Glock P80 in 9mm, as well as an old Browning Hi-Power and a Walther P-38. But still like my old Colt.
    Out here on the farm, I do wear a gun belt and carry an old S&W Model 25 in .45LC. With the loads I use it is a little better for dealing with the occasional feral hog. Yes, I know there are better guns for such things, but I don’t really want to buy more pistols or keep another caliber of ammo on hand.

  10. The same developmentally disabled people who buy the Dodge Charger (a vehicle soldiering on using the 1998 Mercedes E-Class platform) think the XD (a rebadged Croatian Glock clone) is a good weapon; especially in .45

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