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.50 Cal hair, don’t care.


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  1. I’ve never shot a .50 bmg rifle. I have shot an m2 I can still feel that concussive slap, slap, slap, on my face and chest.

    • Permanent hearing damage from standing behind the M2 firing line without protection. 6+ all banging away; fortunately they all broke down before I got my hands on one.

      Now I use some nice OTE protection just mowing the lawn. 🙂

  2. Shot a Desert Eagle .50 AE. Loved it.

    Thinking about getting a .50 Beowulf upper for one of my ARs. Nice thumper pew pew.

    Never shot a .50 BMG. Super illegal in CA. Because scary.

  3. First experience with 50BMG, blasting trash off the fantail of CV61 with Ma Duce in 85, still makes me grin from ear to ear.

    • “Ain’t that possums high school sweetheart?”

      That’s Possum’s ‘the morning after’ pic of “Doin’ it Possum Style”, tail around her neck… 🙂

  4. We have a 500 S&W Handyrifle. Never have fired full loads through it. When I bought it, I had in mind a subsonìc thumper. It works.

  5. Friend came out to my place had one of them Barretts, lived way out in the country. had a shooting bench set up by the house. Like back porch, shooting bench .
    Kaboom, there went the bathroom window. The concussion broke the glass. Son of a btch and fck yur muzzlebrake…. so I just stuffed some old clothes in the hole to keep the winter out. To hell with buying window glass.
    I believe the best was though, me and my son were in the yard shooting and we heard a gunshot, long way off, so we both spun around and returned fire. One of us clipped the the electric wire going to the house, man did the sparks fly when that wire hit the tin roof on the porch, zap zap, blowed the breaker on the pole. I got my pickup and put a ladder in the back got the two busted wires together and told Ty climb up there and fix that.
    I guess m2’s are thumpers, M102’s thump a little bit more

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