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Spoiler alert: all of the memes this week will be on this same topic. Why?…

Image from NY Times

That’s what we left behind (that we know of and admit to). I guess one of our chief advantages in the region — the ability to operate at night as the only ones on the ground who could see in the dark — is now gone. Then again, so are we.


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  1. He thinks he’s holding a shotgun. He also thinks he’s a senator. Some morons think he’s our President.

  2. Some Taliban had access to captured NV equipment as early as 2010. ANA personnel imbedded with US forces would intercept Taliban comms talking about being able to see IR beacons on our guys at night.

  3. I love the “not to scale” message below the aircraft. It makes me channel Derek Zoolander. What are these? Planes for ants? How can they fly, if they can’t even fit inside the aircraft?

    • Thought the movie was kinda dumb when I first watched it, but somehow loved it the second time and often recite from it. Just like with Napoleon Dynamite.

      • Sometimes dumb stuff is funny. I couldn’t help but think of that scene. What’s even more ridiculous is someone at The NY Times thought they needed the not to scale caveat, they know their readers well.

  4. Wow. The ANA didn’t even attempt a resistance. They just ran.

    biden would be embarrassed. But he forgot about it after his afternoon pudding cup and nap.

    • Jel-o cup.

      They can’t trust he won’t asphyxiate on the yummy Bill Cosby rapist pudding… 😉

  5. But at least they had to go through a background check first right?

    In other news, I hear burkas are in pretty high demand.

  6. So when the Taliban starts hosting Muslim Jihadi strikes against American targets around the world and here at home, what is Biden gonna do about it? NOTHING! I expect within the next year he will have degenerated to the point that they won’t even be able to pretend he is running the government.

    God help us!

  7. Without maintenance and spares, most of the vehicles, and especially the air assets, will be nonfunctional within a few months to years. That’s if the Taliban don’t start flying lessons with the helicopters.

    The Hummers, pickups, and trucks might be working for a few years with minimal maintenance.

    • Surely the Russians or Chinese will step in to provide spare parts and maintence training. I wouldn’t underestimate the enemy or those willing to help them destroy us.

      • “Surely the Russians or Chinese will step in to provide spare parts and maintence training…”

        Especially since there are already quite a few Chinese parts built into these vehicle anyway.

    • The Taliban will use most of the aircraft and sophisticated weapons for collateral and sell them to the highest bidder. If there’s anything they need to maintain, the Red Chinese or Russians will be happy to supply technicians. Batteries for such things as NVGs can be reverse engineered by the Red Chinese. They apparently have at least some turncoat pilots willing to fly their Blackhawks:

      One way or another, leaving these weapons behind will come back to haunt us.

        • Depending on the model some of the batteries are AA so I would assume it will not be batteries that break down nightvision in Afghanistan. And yes pretty much anything I worked with is stuff that is commonly made in china and sold in Walmart or Amazon at worst.

    • So many of our “friends” are already pledging support. China and Russia will be able to provide support for the equipment and training to operate it. Of course the comsec, is compromised and will be very valuable to our enemies. That is more lethal in the long run that the weapons left behind.

      • COMSEC isn’t a part of comms equipment, crypto is. COMSEC involves not processing/discussing classified material over unclassified systems.

        Crypto changes daily and is set digitally, there are no code books to be compromised. If equipment is stolen, lost or lost in combat, crypto keys are changed. Any equipment ‘acquired’ by the enemy is useless. There are no longer any crypto custodians in Afghanistan that will have access to US crypto.

        • Supposedly the taliban is flying U.S helicopters. I reckon if they can get a helicopter in the air it wouldn’t be to hard to figure out the other stuff.

        • Cato pretty much covered my experience with comms, we had to redo all of our crypto keys when Snowden went to Russia I know a few buddies of mine stopped missions for 2 to 3 days until they got new crypto keys. This doesn’t even cover frequency hopping which while a pain in the ass to get right does wonders for limiting signal intercepts for later analysis. Thank you for bringing this topic up I remember enjoying figuring out how to get the harris running.

        • In my day we had tape and tape readers then progressed to Sincgars. I remember there was other equipment that created the keys. Did we leave the equipment that generates the key? Could the Chinese or Russians study that equipment, see how it works? If a low level criminal can use a device to steal your cars key fob data, could either of them create a device to capture the key after some study?

        • I remember paper tape too. We’d have to create the tapes in our SCIF and take them to the plane before each mission. It was a royal bitch if you accidentally ripped the tape.

          The new digital crypto loaders are nothing more than storage devices, they are useless alone. Depending on the comms equipment, the keys are created somewhere like NSA and sent out to crypto custodians on a secure network.

        • Cato, interesting. I remember the smell of the tapes when we would burn them.

          Then hopefully our devices won’t be compromised.

    • We trained THOUSANDS of Afgahanis. Today many are wearing the same uniform, carrying the same rifle but working for the Tallis.

  8. Regardless whether you voted for him or not. He’s still OUR Problem and now he’s armed the largest terror organization in the world. Who still wants us Dead. With the best weapons Our tax dollars could provide.

    • Yes but theBiden cured coronavirus .
      Hes united America.
      The riots have stopped.
      Global warming is no more.
      Gunm violence is down.
      So just because he gave weapons to a foreign country that wants to destroy America now all of a sudden hes a bad president .

      • Now he will double down on domestic issues to keep the presidency. Watch for another big push on gun control.

  9. Honestly let’s be reasonable, it doesn’t matter what President is in office they would’ve got the blame. Biden is not responsible for that issue, hell we needed to get out of Afghanistan. And I thought we were to destroy or bring back our weapons or what not? Now if we gave them to the afghani military or police then it’s their issue. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

    • If you shove their head in the water long enough they’ll drink.
      Any other president?
      While presidents have always been a scapegoat this was a cluster fck from the git go.

    • Lots of places we’ve been since WW1 and after, why is Afghanistan any different? I spent two years on the DMZ in Korea. At the least we should have kept the airbase operational and under our control, used it to fly out terrorists to Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

      Creepy Joe and his administration are responsible for this unmitigated stupidity.

      • I’d have blowed all that stuff up before I let the enemy have.
        It’s a mess what to do? , and if that equipment was for the Afghan army the ARVN should have been a lesson. All those never shot only dropped once’s wind up being picked up by somebody you dont want picking stuff up.
        Then again you’ve got to consider the citizens, perhaps their tired of 20 years of war and would accept the Taliban and what it is , and what it may become, then the hell they’ve been living for 20 years?
        Afghanistan , russias Vietnam. Something to think about considering who’s taking control now.

        • I have to believe that, at present, a lot of the aircraft and vehicles are still pretty much in one or two locations. I guess my personal plan would be to donate to the Taliban some additional surplus munitions, dropped from a long line of B-52s, B-1s, B-2s, with a mop-up by some old F-111s to destroy Bagram AB and any other facility where the ordnance, vehicles and aircraft may be stored. It may already be too late to do this and without refueling bases it’d be tough, but would be a noble attempt.

  10. Anytime there are azzhats with a Gun Control mindset running the show it leads to one disaster after another. And expecting such azzhats to fix anything they screw up only adds fuel to the fire.

    America had a builder at the helm and now America has just the exact opposite. After Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk put mountains of munitions in the hands of terrorists do not ever ask me to lower myself to write the ATF about a damned thing again.
    At this point I really do not give a yippie yippie f what anyone connected directly or indirectly to the democRat Party says, does or thinks.

  11. In Hunter, Joe Biden essentially has Charlie Sheen as a son. A drug-induced sex addict. The exception being that Charlie is at least successful. Hunter is simply corrupt, just like his daddy.

  12. Honestly that Arsenal is pretty sad. Yeah I’m also pissed Biden and the democrats let them have tons of free American equipment yet again, but that’s kinda our thing now. Thanks to the democrats. We’ve been arming our opposition for decades now. But there’s little to no heavy weapons. 170ish pieces of artillery? Meh. That’s nothing. Really the issue is anything advanced they sell to China or Iran.

  13. 358,000 rifles deliberately put into the hands of people who want to kill us. From here on out, no gun control argument is valid in any context.
    If an enemy truly wanted to destroy America, I cant see anything they might think of that the democrats aren’t already doing.

  14. Who’s the Greatest Enemy of America? The Person Giving an Army of gear to Terrorists. Who is that? Oh, Our President. Giving guns away is ok overseas, but he wants to take them if they’re in the states. bah.

    • Maybe all that stuff is got a tracker on it , now we can find out what cave their hiding in and,,,,,well its theBiden. We can find out what cave their in and deliver food , water, medical supplies, cookies and toothpaste, and how about some USO belly dancers Bob?

    • How? Because we bought MI-8’s from Belarus or somewhere, refurbed them, taught them to fly them and left them there.

  15. I’ve NEVER followed man’s “laws” over natural, soveriegn law regarding self preservation. Imagine things NOW!

  16. While it is obviously egregious to give away full auto small arms, combat aircraft, armored combat vehicles and artillery to foreigners whilst telling citizens (specifically the law-abiding ones) that they’re evil, domestic terrorists and extremists, it is better than giving even more advanced variants of all of the above hardware in even greater quantities to Israel & Saudi Arabia. At least the Taliban has never killed American/European civilians on American/European soil.
    20 years of war, death and destruction all based on lies. Iraq never had WMDs (nor played any role in 9/11) and the neither did the Taliban. As for Israeli & Saudi intel agencies, well, need I say more?


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