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From Gun Owners of America . . .

Aidan Johnston, Director of Federal Affairs for Gun Owners of America (GOA), released the following statement today:

The Biden Administration’s failure to competently draw down American forces in Afghanistan has allowed the Taliban to acquire nearly 600,000 American weapons. But instead of triaging the catastrophe, and bringing Americans – military and civilian – home, the Biden State Department is trying to score political points.

Biden is once again trying to disarm the American people.

Biden unilaterally, and without a vote in Congress, decided to ban the import of all Russian made ammunition into the United States.

In the midst of an international embarrassment and humanitarian crisis of Biden’s own making, the Administration announced it would proceed with so-called ‘increased sanctions’ on the Russian Federation.

But, the proposed sanctions on firearm and ammunition exports affects less than 1% of the Russian economy.

It is clear that sanctioning Russia was never the Administration’s only goal. Rather, Americans are the target of Biden’s latest gun control push.

Gun owners are abhorred by President Biden’s direct assault on Americans’ ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

This administration should be laser focused on fixing the military, humanitarian, and moral disaster it caused in Afghanistan.

Gun Owners of America mourns for the loss of at least thirteen brave Marines who gave their lives in Afghanistan this week.


Gun Owners of America is a grassroots nonprofit which represents more than two million gun owners who are dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. For more information, visit GOA’s Press Center.

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  1. Even miner49er and dacian, brain damaged as he is, must be able to see that biden is not fit to be president. He must be, legally, removed as soon as possible.

    God help us. That means kameltoe hairyass will be president. Without some type of miracle we are all screwed.

    • You realize by now, surely, that Miner and Dacian, among others, are paid by the Soros and Bloomberg cartels to infest these sites with their treasonous rants. I ignore them. Just out of curiosity though, How do you know that Kameltoe’s ass is hairy? LOL

      • Thank you. Somebody here actually realizes this.

        Ignore them. Dunno about Soros or Bloomberg, but harassing/trolling the comment sections of gun blogs is part of the information/culture war.

        Stop arguing with them; they don’t care. You lose focus on what’s important when you’re pissed. Note the name/profile pic and immediately glaze over it. Assume its a fed/bot and move on.

        • Cannot speak for anyone else but I don’t get pissed off by the trolls only mildly amused at times. I never read their comments anymore just skim through them.

        • Not so much pissed off as saddened that Americans, at least I think that they are Americans, could be so full of hatred. As soon as I see the names I just scroll past. They have nothing worth reading or responding to. Thanks.

      • Yessir. But I get bored and feisty. As for the hairy ass? It’s as good a name as any for that person.

    • First off, surprise ,surprise I agree that Biden used the Russian problem as an excuse to ban ammo. Again it is a boon to U.S. ammo makers and it was something Trump always bragged about doing i.e bringing back American jobs but never did but Biden is doing. Am I happy about paying more for U.S. ammo, no I am not but I understand the good part of it as well since I am not a cheap ass skin flint like the Far Right who screams buy American and then they blasphemes themselves when they actually have to buy American. God what hypocrites. But hey its the hall mark of the Far Right.

      You bring up a good point JWM about what will happen when Biden passes away which is highly likely before the next 4 years are over simply because of his advanced age. If you think Biden was bad you ain’t seen nothin yet. Harris will do away with the filibuster and appoint 4 new far left Supreme Court Judges faster than a cat can scratch his ass. The only good thing is that under Harris we will absolutely get a Nation Health Care Act and affordable drugs and that alone is worth every one of my guns 100 times over. My guns do me no good if I am in the grave because I could not afford life saving drugs or an expensive operation. Its not rocket science except to the retarded far right. You would be shocked if you knew just how many of the 1,000 members of our gun club said the exact same thing because most are in their 70’s and 80’s. You cannot bullshit them on how important health care is in their lives.

      • You don’t belong to a gun club. And how is kameltoe supposed to give affordable health care when the nation is bankrupt and in ruins?

        • Stay out of politics and how much money the government has. You are only making a complete fool of yourself.

      • Nothing if substance will be passed under Harris, if she is allowed to advance. Her standing is low even among Democrats. She is just plain unlikable. By the time they give Joe the boot the Republicans will have control of one of the Houses fully. The pendulum historically swings this way.

        With all of the government programs out there, how can you not afford medications? If you have a good job with a good Healthcare package , you can afford them. The non union job I have has a decent package, maybe the unions have a better one with less copay. Mine is just fine, even though after the affordable care act made it more expensive with less return. If you don’t have a job, on welfare have a medical card, we subsidize your care. Very few people don’t have healthcare, and for many it is their own fault. You prioritize what is important.

        I know you think it is cruel to expect people to earn their way. I think it more cruel to make people dependent. The exception are those born with special needs, they should be protected and given the best care to increase their quality of life. And the elderly who have worked their whole lives, they need the same protection. The able bodied need to warn their way.

        • quote—————-With all of the government programs out there, how can you not afford medications?————quote

          Sorry Paratrooper but you sure must not watch the news. At least accredited news programs. I have watched a crying mother tell of her son rationing the old fashioned drug insulin and dying because of it. He simply could not afford to buy and use a full dose at a time and no he was not eligible for any government programs.

          I have seen news programs where people were forced to make dangerous trips into Mexico and buy up as much insulin as they could afford because of the outrageous rip off prices of insulin in the U.S. The last I heard and this is dated the price over time has gone from just $50 a vile to over $550 dollars with zero justification. And people scream about North Korea killing innocent people (they do) but the far right like Paratrooper ignore the people murdered daily by the out of control gangster criminals in the drug companies.

          And I personally because of my advanced age fought a drug company for over a year to get eye medication that was so outrageous it was a joke with one little vile costing $650.00 on a drug that I found out cost them less than 3 pennies to use in one vile. If I had not accidentally found a little known loophole in the law I never would have gotten any and no there was no government programs that were there to help me, they did not exist.

        • Try purchasing Healthcare if you’re self employed. No one can afford even the basic of basic “robbery” plans. I.E. $10-15k deductibles. Look it up. Don’t trust my word for it. And I’ve been missing 7N6 for a very long time.

        • I see the occasional stories about people you describe, most of which is over stated by the news. The drug Companies are not murdering people, that is hyperbole.

          The unemployed and underemployed qualify for many programs. There are many discount programs out there, a majority of employers offer some sort of insurance. The self employed do have have a harder time as another noted, and there are now ways they can join in larger pools now too.

          You say it cost 3 cents for the medication you needed for your eyes, but you only looked at the material cost. How much did it cost to develop? What is the cost to for the labor and logistics to bring the materials to the manufacturer then to the distribution center to the pharmacy? What is the labor cost of those who maintain the logistics system? How much of that particular medication is needed in the population? What is the cost of the associated insurances that cover all of those involved?
          How much does government add to the cost of medication? How much medication have these companies donated for humanitarian efforts? Who really pays for these donations? Then there are political donations.

          The entire system has costs.

          If there are loopholes that make it less cost to the end user, then you should be putting that information out there, maybe on an accredited news channel.

          I also am a realist and understand there are some who fall thru the cracks. That is not the fault of drug companies, that fault is with the government. And if you feel nationalizing the entire healthcare system will remedy the situation, you haven’t paid attention to other programs the government controls. Give the government control and soon you will think todays prices are a bargain.

        • Ok Paratrooper try and lie your way out of this one. The cost of developing insulin was done decades ago. Please try and explain why in a short period of time the greed mongers in the drug industry raised the price from $50 to $550 and when asked one of their employees said we raised it “because everyone else is raising prices so do not pick on us”

          The drug companies are good at crying poor boy and have the audacity to do so when most of the time the Federal Government gives wheel barrels full of money to them for drug development. Please explain this Paratrooper. The subsidies alone pay their development costs not even speaking of all the tax loopholes they have so they usually end up paying zero taxes. And then you scream about “their costs” when many of their employees are actually on welfare because they pay them to little.

          Paratrooper do you really believe this stuff you post or are you heavily invested in the drug companies. The latter I am sure.

        • quote—————-I see the occasional stories about people you describe, most of which is over stated by the news. ——-quote

          Typical Far Right response, a mothers loses her son because of the blind greed of the drug companies and Paratrooper with a wave of the hand says “Who the fuck cares” do not confuse me with sob stories I could not care less.

        • The reason why insulin in particular has seen cost rise is more than the manufacturers. And you know this. There is a complicated chain that gets insulin from the manufacturer to the patient. The price of insulin, and I am speaking solely of insulin, is the result of this chain.

          Do you know how insulin is made? Do you know there are no generic makes of insulin? How about the government regulations that add cost throughout the chain to the patient?

          What if the FDA allowed more competitors to develop insulin? You do know the FDA regulations make all but impossible to develop a generic insulin? Even though the cost of a generic would only be about 20% less.

          I know you knew this already. So to blame just the drug manufacturers for the costs is intellectually dishonest. You and I both know the increase is mostly in the supply chain with the complicated billing, subsidies and taxes.

          And as my disclaimer, part of my 401k has some pharmaceutical company assets. Maybe .00005%? My other investments are not tied to drug makers or distributors.

        • quote—————The reason why insulin in particular has seen cost rise is more than the manufacturers—————quote

          Sorry crying poor boy is the same bullshit all the drug companies use and your statement about their cost going up for an old fashioned drug like insulin which they have been pumping out by the billions of tons for decades is so full of bullshit it makes me foam at the mouth. Sorry you will have to come up with more Capitalvanian propaganda than that to keep us all from rolling in the isles with laughter.

          And by the way your excuses for the blind greed of the company making insulin rings hollow when right north of the border in Canada and south of the border in the very poor country of Mexico that they have no supply or manufacturing problems that is why their drugs are so cheap besides government intervention in preventing them from raping their consumers as our companies do in the out of control Capitalvanian corruption and blind greed that has killed thousands in the U.S. I am sure North Korea is saying quit pointing your finger at us when you too murder your own people.

          The 3 main reasons cited by pharmaceutical companies for the high cost of new prescription drugs do not apply to insulin. First, the “high cost of development” is not relevant for a drug that is more than 100 years old; even the latest and most commonly used analog insulin products are all over 20 years old.8 Second, the pricing is not the product of a free market economy. Free market forces are clearly not operational; there is limited competition on price, the person who needs the product is not in a position to negotiate the price, and there is no relationship of price increases over time compared with overall market inflation. The price of insulin has risen inexplicably over the past 20 years at a rate far higher than the rate of inflation.9 One vial of Humalog (insulin lispro), which used to cost $21 in 1999, costs $332 in 2019, reflecting a price increase of more than 1000%.10, 11, 12 In contrast, insulin prices in other developed countries, including neighboring Canada, have stayed the same. Insulin pricing in the United States is the consequence of the exact opposite of a free market: extended monopoly on a lifesaving product in which prices can be increased at will, taking advantage of regulatory and legal restrictions on market entry and importation. Third, the arguments that high costs are needed for continued innovation and that attempts to lower or regulate the prices will hamper innovation are not a valid excuse.13 There is limited innovation when it comes to insulin; the more
          pressing need is affordability.

        • Canada and Mexico do not have our FDA regulations regarding biological medications. The FDA recently approved a biosimiliar insulin product. The FDA had numerous roadblocks for biosimilar medications. Nor are the insulin products they offer the same insulin approved in the US.

          With a new type of insulin coming to market, prices will go down. That is capitalism. Do you prefer a strict FDA regulation for medicines or a less strict?

          Competition has broken through, tbat is the free market as stifled by bureaucracy.

          Your still being intellectually dishonest.

        • When you quote someone, keep the quote in context. That is misrepresenting what was said. That is akin to lying.

      • 1000 gunm club members with one foot in the grave and none of them can afford an aspirin. Maybe they should quit the gunm stuff and save their money for pills?

      • Harris can’t remove the filibuster any more than Boden can. She can call for it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. It would all have to happen in the next 17 months. Historically, the party in power loses seats in the mid-term elections. The Dems have an 8 vote majority in the House. The number of Republican held state assemblies and shifts in populations means the redrawn districts will favor Republicans. Biden has proven himself to be a pathetic buffoon to people across the political spectrum, so his political capital is gone. Harris might get a temporary boost in popularity for being not Biden, but her VP performance has been an abject failure on the portions assigned to her, such as the southern border crisis, and is further Left than Biden. Add that inflation is now obvious and starting to have individual ramifications, and the Dems are trying to supercharge it with a $5T injection in spending, and people will be clamoring for change in November 2022.
        During that 17 months, nothing can happen to any Dem Senator from a state with a Republican governor. Otherwise, there will be a 1 seat majority for the Republicans, and the filibuster won’t matter. That means, no resignation, prolonged sickness, death from natural causes or accident, etc. If Elder wins the CA recall, DiFi’s seat isn’t safe if something happens to her.

        • Anymouse, former Naval Aviator by chance? I used t read the anymouse reports from NAVSafe

    • So based on the article above, what you’re saying is screw America, Buy Russian!

      How, um, ‘patriotic’ of you…

      The most patriotic thing American POTG could do is support the American arms and ammunition manufacturing companies, you know, the ones that employ your family, friends and neighbors.

      I can’t believe there’s even a question about this.

      Apparently, that whole right wing conservative ‘Buy American!’ thing is just bullshit, like most of the conservative ‘family values’ as represented by ‘Coach’ Dennis Hastert, ‘Frequent Flyer’ Larry Craig and ‘Sugardaddy’ Matt Gaetz.

      Hypocrisy, thy name is conservative Republican.

  2. Biden signed off on the Nordstream pipeline, which is way more lucrative for Russia than selling 7.62X39 and AKs to American gun owners.

    The fact of the matter is that Biden isn’t doing this to “punish” Putin, he is doing it to punish American gun owners.

    • Is Biden really punishing gun owners by making them buy American made ammo and creating more jobs and pumping millions of dollars more profit into the American ammo companies. Stop being such a cheap ass and hypocrite and buy American. You voted for Trump who promised to create more American jobs and never did and now that Biden is doing just that your screaming your head off. Again what hypocrisy.

        • In a way you are right.

          I think basically it started way back when Walmart announced that it was not going to sell a lot of common calibers anymore. The panic started right away and when the dems got in power the rush to buy guns went to its highest levels in history. When you buy a gun especially for the first time you need ammo and even if every new gun owner just bought 1 box the amount of extra ammo sales was astronomical.

          I just read that one ammo company said they are now 2 years backordered.

          I have not bin able to buy primers now for a 1 1/2 years except at astronomical black market outrageous prices often 4 times over normal prices.

          During the last ammo shortage I had no trouble buying high end .22 rimfire target ammo like Eley match Red Box and Black box because the Walmart Crowd would not pay $20 a box for rimfire ammo when they were used to paying $2.60 a box for Remington Thunder Bolt ammo on sale at Walmart.

          You have not lived until you shoot Thunderbolt ammo (sarcasm) Honestly I do use it for breaking in some .22 guns or plinking but not match shooting. Its so out of spec it does not even go into a match chamber it is so oversize.

          This ammo shortage was like nothing I have ever seen and I am 73 years old. I could not even get any of the high priced Eley ammo. Lately I have seen a trickle of match ammo coming in and of course at scalpers prices.

          I think this all proves that the nut cases that scream we will start a revolution do not realize how fast ammo dries up when a lot of people are all buying ammo at the same time even in minimal amounts.

          I do remember back in the 1960’s when during the Cuban missile crisis the U.S. soldiers started to set up barb wire on some of the Florida beaches and the people bought out the Florida gun stores and all their ammo in just days when they went into a panic about possible suicide invaders from Castro’s Cuba.

        • 73? They recruit neo nazis into the antifa/SS at that age? Or are you just lying again?

          You have a vivid fantasy life.

  3. I find it amusing yet alarming that this admin is putting more effort into crippling ammo availability than actually evacuating Americans to safety.

    I can’t help but feel armed conflict and infrastructural collapse is coming.

      • Considering how Biden and his military officer acolytes left the grunts on the ground with their asses hanging out unprotected in the midst of a surrender. SNAFU…The idea that regular boots would follow their orders to participate in Marshal Law operations. Most likely against their own family members is unlikely. While they have been more than willing to fight sworn enemies. Fighting people they know and love is another story. Especially when those very loved ones risk being casualties. If SHTF their loyalty will be to family before orders that may get their family killed. Fighting over there is a whole different game than fighting at home for a Commander in Chief that left you hanging.

      • The Kraken, Sidney Powell, talks martial law:

        “Trump and Powell met in the Oval Office Friday night, ABC News has confirmed, and were joined by Trump’s former national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who has been publicly prodding Trump to take unprecedented steps to seize a second term — including declaring martial law and ordering the military to oversee new elections in the battleground states that Trump lost.“

        Do you find that disturbing?

        • ABC News? That paragon of unbiased media “reporting”? Nobody else? Oh. OK.

          Your post is right up (down, actually) there with the breathless Left’s story after 9/11 that George W. Bush directed Halliburton to set up camps in the Southwest for brave and selfless dissenters.

          So no, I, and many others, do not find this disturbing.

  4. I see the GOA has no plans to try to rectify this situation aside from issuing a press release. I guess it’s out of their hands.

  5. Perhaps….if the U.S. had trained the Afghan women instead of the “Afghan cowardly men”, they (“the women”) might have fought instead of running and leaving their weapons and equipment for the Taliban.
    The women have much, much, more to lose!

    • There are a group of men, led by the VP of the former Afghanistan, in Panjshir. That area is Taliban free and has had a interesting history. We would be best served to watch them and see what they do and see if they have what it takes to be supported.

        • Feet and Knees brother.

          That is not the link specifically, but it is interesting. I have read some reports in several places about what was going on in Panjshir. Panjshir is the lions den where we gained a foothold in Afghanistan, and the inhabitants of the region have fought the Soviets and Taliban. They are the true Mujahideen and since the Taliban takeover in the 80s and 90s they were against them.

  6. Biden is “punishing” Russia by preventing small arms imports, but he’s letting the Nord Stream 2 pipeline continue, despite having Congressionally approved sanctions that he isn’t enforcing. The pipeline will give Russia billions of dollars, and put countless tons of CO2 in the atmosphere. If he were to reimpose the sanctions, he’d have to explain why he removed them at the beginning of his term. It’s like sending your son to his room without dinner, and then giving him your credit card and telling him to order whatever he wants from Doordash.

  7. TTAG doesn’t make it clear, but is this a sanction against a particular owner of a Russian ammo fab or russian ammo in general?

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