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Segregate your ammo to a different area. Double-check to verify an empty gun and magazine(s). Maintain a safe muzzle direction as much as is possible. Dry fire practice is great. Don’t Baldwin your girl.


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  1. Dry firing, reminds me of the time I blew a hole in the TV with my .300 Weatherby.
    Knew it was loaded, I was just lifting the bolt and dropping the hammer, for some reason I jacked one in the chamber???
    Don’t drink and drive.

    • Yep. There’s a 9mm hole in my kitchen wall from a “dry” fire. Constantly reminds me that even with 50 years shooting experience I can still screw up.

    • “There are 2 kinds of gun owners. those that have had a negligent discharge, and those who will.”
      Early on i had one on the range, accidentally double tapped during a slow-fire only concealed carry class. Instructor started to be mad, but saw i put both in the X and just told me to be more careful.
      Verrrryyyy nearly had one in my basement while working with a bad AR15 magazine that kept jamming the gun up. somehow the cartridge was jammed in hard enough that a couple cycles with the BCG hadn’t extracted it. As I was doing my final function check, after I had already tried pulling the trigger on “safe”, I had my finger on it again to drop the hammer for real (no eyes or ears on, pointed at a concrete wall 3 feet in front of me.). I suddenly got really nauseous and something inside me just about yelled to stop and check again, but use a light this time.
      I’m not saying angels are real… but…
      I cut the mag and tossed it out.

      Bought a lever action off an old timer who said it was unloaded when he handed it to me. yup, you flip the lever and see there’s nothing in the chamber. Unless you do the lever the ENTIRE way, then you find 4 or 5 cartridges in the tube. He went a few shades lighter when I told him he’d been storing it loaded for years and drove around with it that way (a serious crime in that jurisdiction). Yeah, that’s pretty much why he was getting rid of it in the first place – didn’t know it, didn’t use it, and didn’t want an accident to happen.

    • Sounds like a new chant to me.
      Hey Jeremy, you scored.
      Now we got , ” Let’s go Brandon ” and ” Dont Baldwin your girl.”

  2. A long time ago my brother’s best friend was working rounds through an old 03a3 while talking to his girlfriend on the phone with the butt sitting in his crotch in his parents basement. He hung up the phone and thinking he had closed the bolt on an empty chamber pulled the trigger, oops! When he recovered enough from the pain to go check out the other damage he found he was on the hook for a new water heater and a new freezer the slug then went through the back wall and stopped in the hill behind the house.

    That boy had a talent for destroying things, during his lifetime he totaled 15 cars and walked away from all but the last one. He was a kind and decent guy, but no one with an ounce of sense would get in a car he was driving.

    • “..old 03a3..”

      Butt plate is metal, not that wood would be any softer in that situation. Ok, that looks funny after writing it, but seriously the 1903A3 I have is a joy to shoot.

    • My brother and I were teens, around 1986 or 1987. It was the end of a hunting trip. Dad was unloading and stowing the rifles. Pointed in safe direction, working the bolts or levers multiple times and dropping the hammers on empty chambers, while giving the safety lecture for 10,000,000 time. My brother and I were nodding along and not really paying attention because we could recite the safety lecture word for word by then……….KABOOM!!!!!

      I still don’t know if it really was just a mistake or if dad did that on purpose to get our attention and wake us up. But neither of us will ever forget that and we are both double plus careful with firearms.

  3. Been using laser training inserts for dry fire practice. All the other rules for ammo separation apply but it is a chunk of metal in the chamber that will prevent any live rounds from being able to be loaded so remember to remove it after use or you have a paperweight in case of emergency.

  4. Never had a unintended discharge of a firearm. And guess I’ve been lucky to have range or sand pits available when I wanted to practice or just burn some gunpowder. Never used a dry fire system.

    • Great for follow through training as you will see how your hand shakes after the trigger is pressed. Only got to use it on my license qual so can’t speak to longer term use. The laser cartridge insert we use for 9mm fits any pistol my wife or I have and is a bit better on laser targets as it is a shorter laser on period after the trigger is pressed.

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