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That seems a little harsh on Santa’s part. Previous Saint Edge ATC meme HERE.


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  1. I took a class and there were 3 people with Springfield Saint AR pistols. 2 of the pistols jammed constantly. 1 seemed to have a tight chamber, ammo would get stuck and would not extract reliably (this was bulk brass ammo from a reputable manufacturer not weird reloads or steel). I can’t remember what caused the other Saint Pistols problems, possibly the same issue as the 1st.

  2. I just bet my mentally-ill demented troll’s parents had to stifle an urge to do just that to him on more than one occasion… 😉

    • Or, perhaps they quit a trifle early and the clear mental and psychological effects are what we witness.

      • Either way, it’s both laugh out-loud hilarious and profoundly sad to see at the same time.

        It sure sucks to be him, being an outcast that refuses to get the hint to just leave.

        Until then, feel free to give him a swift kick right in the nads whenever the urge strikes you.

        He really does deserve to live in New Jersey… 🙂

        • Baaaahahaha. Geoff, you are a bitch made coward/boomer who is tolerated, not accepted. Get the hint that *no one* likes you, whether it’s here, one of the many other websites you pollute, or face to face. This fact explains why, despite your many pathetic attempts, you’ve never known the pleasures of a woman.

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