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This scourge has plagued the entire U.S., which has seen a dramatic reversal from two decades of relative declines in murders. In 2020, homicides rose 30 per cent countrywide. Analyses by criminologists showed further increases in most large U.S. cities in 2021.

Community leaders, police and scholars are struggling to understand why. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic threw people out of work, shut down social networks and caused immense personal stress. In 2021, the economy was roaring, wages for entry-level jobs were climbing and most pandemic restrictions had been lifted. Yet the violence worsened.

Some blame the lingering effects of the pandemic, which disrupted work and school, and diverted resources from social programs. Others point to the country’s reckoning over police brutality, contending that officers have eased up on enforcement out of fear of committing misconduct. And increased mistrust of police in marginalized communities has made it harder to solve crimes.

To many, the immediate trend is just the heightened outcome of long-running structural problems: the U.S.’s plentiful supply of guns and lax laws controlling them, and pervasive racial and economic inequalities. No other wealthy country, after all, is this bad. The U.S.’s homicide rate – 7.5 per 100,000 people – is nearly four times Canada’s rate, more than six times Britain’s and 25 times that of Japan. Black Americans are 10 times more likely to die from gun homicide than whites.

To Ms. Anderson, president of Thrive Chicago, a group that designs programs to help disadvantaged youth across the city, her stepson’s killing and the wave of shootings of which it is part are wakeup calls to a country that has for too long avoided addressing the root causes of gun violence.

“It shows our fates are deeply intertwined. You can’t quote-unquote outrun this, because it impacts every single one of us,” she says. “All the pandemic did was shine a bright light on the cleavages that already existed in our society.”

— Adrian Morrow and Nathan VanderKlippe in Deadly surge in U.S. gun violence brings inequities of the pandemic, police violence and firearms laws into sharp focus

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  1. They “struggled” to understand why?? Bulls!!t! They caused it…..intentionally, all part of their agenda!

      • Never mind covid, yada, yada, yada…When you have a portion of America that can be duped by trinket promises into teaming up with the party of their slave masters you get dumb and dumber. And when an individual attempts to escape the democRat plantation they are vilified and in some cases talk of making an exit can get them killed.

        When the party of slavery, nooses, Jim Crow, the kkk, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities first sensed the threat of losing a voting block to POTUS DJT they used the same sleazy slander and libel Jim Crow/KKK tactics to stop POTUS DJT the party used to stop Black Americans from running or holding public. The democRat Party has never stopped being what they really are and what they did to POTUS DJT along with help from the marxist media proves it.

        So with such a sleazy democRat Party leading Black Americans around and around until they are stupid dizzy you can expect no real good to ever come. The goose that laid the golden eggs was replaced by votes of unknown origin all on the behalf of a scumbag who for the past 47 years has only laid rotten democRat Party eggs.

        Even when CA had the chance to recall their worthless gov. and replace him with a very wise Black American CA went for the worthless gov. Some people are clearly stuck on stupid and along with stupid comes unemployment, violence, etc. Black Americans and others have been played Big Time by the democRat Party and the results of being played are in their homes, streets, morgues, courtrooms, jails and prisons.

      • Explanation needed. Are you suggesting that the DNC didn’t support treasonous secession from the US in Seattle? That the DNC didn’t post bond for rioters in Portland? That the DNC did not get district attorneys elected who intentionally and methodically dismiss charges against criminals, instead filing charges against innocent homeowners for defending themselves, and their homes?

    • Yes, their agenda is to destroy America and they have tens of millions of “useful idiots” (as Lenin put it) to tear everything down.

  2. The pandemic did none of those things.
    Power grabbing politicians suffering from terminal Trump derangement syndrome did.

    • Nonsense. The more a mass of people are stressed the more violence and crime there will be. This has been true since we humans crawled out of our caves and down from the trees.

      • And what caused the stress? Not a virus with a <1% fatality rate. It was the fear mongering media, the enforced shutdown of the economy, the government diktats, and the jack-booted thugs enforcing said diktats.

        • Indeed. A corrected version from the article would read:

          Community leaders, police and scholars are struggling to understand why. In 2020, the Democrats COVID-19 pandemic threw people out of work, shut down social networks and caused immense personal stress.

        • The author lost me with the roaring economy in 2021. Yes roaring about firing non vaccinated employees and wearing masks 24/7.

      • “Nonsense. The more a mass of people are stressed the more violence and crime there will be.”

        For 20-odd years, tens of *millions* new guns were sold annually, and violent crime dropped.

        Let that sink in – The number of guns in America approximately doubled in two decades, and murders dropped by about 50 percent.

        Rather stark proof more guns don’t cause more murders.

        But then, the Leftist Scum went into full panic mode on a mildly-lethal flu virus, severely disrupting the economy and forcing family units to be in close quarters for extended periods of time. Even people that love each other get stressed out being trapped in together…

        • I’m not arguing anything you said….
          but when they kick around that ~350-400 million guns number… I always chuckle to myself because I know it’s a 20 year old “estimate” for a country that sold 15-20 million a year since then. Then i get up to get a beer and trip over another gun i’m working on.

        • The reason crime dropped over those two decades is because we finally got serious and started putting career criminals away for good. Three strikes laws were responsible. Allowing tens of thousands of these same guys out because of COVID is why crime is spiking.

      • As Jimmy Beam states, COVID, in and of itself, causes pretty minimal stress. The real stress has been introduced by the liberal/socialist/Marxist/fascist Democrat party, and their purported “health experts” imposing lockdowns that accomplish nothing.

      • Stressed?

        Many of the people you describe simply stopped working and took a government handout. Most I encountered were relieved at not having to work.

        Look around – labor shortages everywhere. This wasn’t caused by financially stressed people looking for work:


        Our grandparents liberated Europe at the barrel of a gun and at great personal expense. We’ve lost sight of what real stress is.

      • The more opportunity and impunity they perceive, the more criminals are predisposed to committing crimes. FIFY.

  3. Hey! I have a GREAT idea! Let’s shut down the most powerful economy in the world for a virus with a <1% fatality rate!

    • “Let’s shut down the most powerful economy in the world for a virus with a <1% fatality rate!"

      Makes little sense, considering how the Leftist Scum keep yammering on about how global over-population is 'un-sustainable' for planet Earth…

      • Quote: ““Let’s shut down the most powerful economy in the world for a virus with a <1% fatality rate!"

        Makes little sense, considering how the Leftist Scum keep yammering on about how global over-population is 'un-sustainable' for planet Earth…"

        How about a nice, friendly nuclear war to thin out the population a bit. Drop them on all the big cities around the world. That would reduce the over population where it occurs. /sar

      • Now that no one believes their lies about COVID (or the “Climate Emergency”), and now that they’ve failed to distract people with the UFO nonsense, TPTB are fearmongering “right wing insurrection.”


        It seems this isn’t going to work, either.

        • I’m sure that’s their strategy for winning, or not losing too bad, in the midterms this year. They’ve given up on trying to gain support for having the best policy ideas. That’s like too hard.

        • They *can’t* gain widespread support based on their policy ideas, because their policies are fucking stupid. No one who knows the true purpose and real outcomes of their policies would vote for them.

          Without election fraud and 24/7 propaganda support from the legacy media, they’d be goners.

  4. “Black Americans are 10 times more likely to die from gun homicide than whites.”

    Lets put this in some more context. According to the FBI; more than 70% of ‘Black Americans’ homicides are committed by blacks with only 15% being committed by whites, and over 60% of all crime in the country including homicide is committed by blacks yet blacks only make up around 13% of the population, and blacks commit homicide at a rate three times greater than that of whites despite blacks making up only around 13% of the U.S. population.

    A black person is literally, statistically, safer around white people and in white communities than they are in black communities.

    Sure, there are lots of sources of crime from all different races and it needs to be addressed. And, all Black Americans are not bad people. But its kinda time for the black community and the government to get away from this idea that its wrong to point to the black community as being a source of the majority of crime and admit the reality because its literally killing the black community and others.

    • Further, the blacks committing these homicides are just a percentage of a percentage. As I recall, Blacks constituting 4% of the overall population are responsible for 90% of the black on black homicides. In short, the issue is not blacks, but gangs, gangs vying for territory, gangs killing people who stole from them, gangs shooting back at gangs who shot at them (i.e. retribution/revenge). The rest are the typical domestic violence and by idiots who get kicked out of a bar for getting too drunk and come back with a gun.

    • “A black person is literally, statistically, safer around white people and in white communities than they are in black communities.”

      The $64,000 question, then, is WHY. But nobody’s really allowed to talk about that, so the only public answers we get are stupid (racial inferiority) and wrong (systemic racism).

  5. I don’t think it’s covid or guns or our politicians. It think it’s a cultural cycle inherent in any world power. Especially one that doesn’t have a unified and shared set of cultural values. Rome fell, largely after it expanded and became rich. So did the UK. So did a host of empires in the middle and near east- the names of which most people wouldn’t even recognize. It’s a bummer to admit, but the US isn’t special or unusual in terms of how it has reacted. Expand, power, wealth, stagnation, concentration of wealth, deterioration, pulling in of borders (literal or figurative), eclipse by competing growing powers, and then (hopefully) some stabilization. I worry, though, that unlike Rome or the UK, the US is big and diverse. I don’t think there’s a history and shared cultural identity and ability to focus on a core population that will soften the fall nearly as much. It’s a real bummer.

    • Quote: “I don’t think it’s covid or guns or our politicians. It think it’s a cultural cycle inherent in any world power. ”

      I don’t think you are paying attention. Where is 99% of the violence occurring? In big cities controlled by democrats (communist party USA). They are creating the situation and encouraging the violence. It is part of their plan to destroy America and they are succeeding.

      Be Prepared !!!

  6. I blame the education system for not teaching what is right and wrong in the classrom. I blame the dumbasses for ruining the justice system. Last, I blame the media for glorified the violence.

    • Teaching right from wrong isn’t the school’s responsibility. That’s the domain of the parents raising the children…

    • That’s part of it, for sure. The other thing I’d think is that the lack of knowing “right and wrong” is a problem that’s plagued most societies. And it isn’t in the perception of what is or isn’t right or wrong — it’s in seeing the person to whom the wrong is done as being akin to yourself. I think that shared religious values (I’m not religious, just fyi) served a purpose for a long time in controlling crime, as well as having smaller communities where you had direct, close, and known relationships with the people you encountered, too. But once religion retreated in the US, I think you lost a substantial shared value for Americans — and without shared values, others are all that much more other. Plus, unquestionably, within a lot of communities, a culture of violence is the norm. Of course, I’m probably wrong about religion, come to think of it, given that crime has been falling like crazy since the early 90s, which is about the same time we really saw religion lose its place as something shared in our culture. But I’d bet money that without it, for most people not capable of learning right from wrong at an independent and self-directed level, the absence of religion or rigorous instruction in school on what is and isn’t permissible and why (not merely a “don’t do this or you get punished” methodology) you’re going to see increased crime.

    • “I blame the dumbasses for ruining the justice system.”

      I love how they mention in the article that more arrests aren’t making a difference. (Get it? More cops aren’t the solution!) They never address what happens to a criminal after the arrest. Arrests do no good if the criminal walks or gets a slap on the wrist. The people that believe this propaganda are ignorant fools.

      • The arrest isn’t supposed to be the punishment, they are supposed to be fact finding for the police and the perps. If the perps have a reasonable chance of appearing in court, that is when they are IDed and given a summons. If kept, they have a right to a speedy trial and a quick arraignment. Dirty tricks by the Sheriff in touring the jails, making them miss meals for no reason bus rides are abusive. The perp is detained because they might have a problem with identity, he/she needs hospitalization.
        Bail is security to be given to the court to make sure the perp shows. Bail has turned into an income generating fine by charging full amount for bail in order to be let out of jail. People do not understand this, normally bail was only asked for in a crime that was a felony(it costs money to keep people in jail). The punishment should start after the person in convicted.

  7. When you let Gangbanger Filth run Buck-Wild, in the name of……….Diversity Equity, Inclusion Social Justice…………what else can one expect?

    High Homicide Rate is the result of Institutionalized Urban Ghetto Culture, and thankfully, given the trend of their being increased gun ownership among minorities, to the tune of over 10 Million new gun owners, voices like “Thrive Chicago”, whom foster the Gangbanger Culture of the Ghetto are becoming nothing more than a mouse-squeak.

  8. Pass out more welfare $ (Chicom flu payola) and you get more welfare scum. That is hard for you to understand progtards?

  9. The easy availability of guns makes it all too convenient to commit crime and murder. Although it is true guns are not the root cause of crime it is true that they exacerbate it when it is caused by a lack of high paying jobs, a lack of retraining for better jobs, a lack of affordable higher education, and a break down of family life, a huge income disparity because of the stagnation of wages in the last 50 years and a dramatic rise in the income of the upper 1 per cent. All this was caused by the blind greed of the Capitalvanians and their Republican prostitutes that have prevented any sane gun reform or any aid to the working class of people to return America to the golden years of high paying jobs, strong Unions and the high wages and benefits they achieved for the working classes of people.

    The flooding of America’s markets with cheap foreign goods and the high tariffs placed on American goods sold abroad all contributed to the downfall of the American Worker and the corresponding stagnation of wages and in many cases the actual lowering of wages which resulted in high divorce rates and the break down of family life. The result was mass murder and violence never seen at this high a level and an increase in violence and insanity at an all time high.

    The U.S. Government was set up by the Corrupt Businessmen Founders to run on corruption which makes it all but impossible for the American people to demand their representatives solve America’s problems and provide a decent life and a safe civilized one for its citizens. The upper 1 percent regard the people as troglodyte worker slaves to be exploited and used as slave labor with no regard for their health or welfare or safety. It is an exact replay of the revolution that took place in Russia under the Czar and his corrupt government. It is not a wonder that the younger generation is embracing socialism more and more and to a greater degree, a fact overlooked recently by the Capitol riots by the older and ignorant back woodmen white generation that still thinks no Government is the best Government.

    Ancient Rome’s downfall also followed a similar course. The super corrupt rich bought up all the farm land and ran the farms with cheap slave labor throwing the majority of the population out of work so they were put on welfare which consisted of free bread and circus to try and keep them occupied. Rome itself went bankrupt from an economy with millions of people but no one able to afford to buy anything. Sound familiar?

    Rome further bankrupted itself with too many wars for rape, pillage and conquest which required huge expenditures for an over bloated army. Again sound familiar?

    Rome further worsened the economy by blaming immigrants which were the life blood of the economy through the trade and inventions they brought with them and when they were denied future citizenships they stopped coming and it made a sick economy now terminal. Again does all this sound familiar? It was immigrants who made America great not some power mad Moron in a red tie screaming racial epitaphs.

    The Roman people hated their own government and refused to serve in the military which forced Rome to higher a mercenary army to fight its wars and protect it and when the mercenary army turned on it the Roman people threw flowers at the invading army of Barbarians. The parallels of Rome’s downfall to the present day U.S. are impossible to ignore or miss. All Nations rise and fall and Rome endured for a thousand years but Capitalvania is now in the process of falling within a scant 245 years of its history.

    We have now reached a point were our Democracy is in great and immediate peril and a Trumpite corrupt dictatorship is far more of a reality than sleeping America is aware of. All it would take is the backing of the military to end America’s great experiment with democracy and freedom and America will end up going down the road to another duplicate of Hitler’s Germany single party dictatorship with its repression. torture chambers and its gas chambers, something the Far Right White Trumpite jack booted Storm Troopers are salivating and cheering for.

    Beware the ides of November. The apocalypse will soon be upon us all.

    • “a dramatic rise in the income of the upper 1 per cent”

      Sorry, but your neighbor making more money than you do does not cause you to commit a crime. Envy is a nice distraction which is why the politicians and media push it so much. It’s like no one ever notices that every major crisis that involves major government intervention (aka spending) ends up benefiting the 1%. They’re playing you.

      • to Dud Brain

        You have the mind of a child. The gross disposable income is not infinite in a country and when the super rich take it all it leaves very little for the working class people. The above societal problems and causes of those problems were presented to you which you in your blind greed mentality ignored with the wave of the hand.

        Any sane person whose mind has not be warped and poisoned with blind greed and selfishness would realize that it is the super rich which have enslaved the country and impoverished a once happy and financial secure America that we older people lived in back in the day.

        Young far right people like yourself, which have never known America as it used to be are so easily brain washed by the prostitute Republican inhuman filth that you will never comprehend the truth of what has happened to our country.

        Strong Unions lost people killed by the Captialvanian inhuman greed monger monsters that enslaved the American workers. The most dramatic examples were the enslavement of West Virginia Coal Miners in the very early 1900’s who were living in unincorporated areas that were deliberately established so that there were no police departments or fire departments , only the thugs employed by the Mine owners who murdered unions men in front of their wives and children who tried to start Unions. They were even forbidden to leave the unincorporated areas to shop or visit relatives. They were captured and enslaves troglodytes slaves.

        Two Union Presidents were actually murdered on the steps of the Capitol in West Virginal in broad daylight in front of their wives by law enforcement stooges (who were prostitutes of the Mine Owners). This was Capitalvania in its worst nightmare time of history.

        Of course Dud Brain who either flunked history classes or never had any knows none of this as he exists in his own littlie myopic world of an imaginary Capitalvanian Utopia which gave him the usual Republican brain washing which he accepted because he has never learned even the basics of Critical thinking which again proves he never attended any accredited university.

        • A very long rant, yet you never explained how your neighbor making more than you do causes you to commit crimes. YOU cause you to commit crimes, no one else. It isn’t healthy or productive to be so envious of others. There’s nothing stopping you from getting a part-time job to supplement your retirement. There’s nothing stopping you from coming up with a product or service that people are willing to pay you for. We don’t have a finite amount of wealthy people and multi-millionaires in this country. That’s why everyone wants to come here. The sky’s the limit. Only Big Daddy Government in bed with the monopolies holds us back.

          What we DO have is an extremely inefficient and wasteful government. They throw money away on a daily basis with absolutely nothing to show for it. My own income and wealth would increase dramatically if the government would stop wasting money and increasing the debt and inflation. It’s disheartening when you bust your ass to save a little extra only to have government intervention come along and make it worth less, or tax me to death so they can make the inefficient government even larger.

        • to Dud Brain

          quote————-It’s disheartening when you bust your ass to save a little extra only to have government intervention come along and make it worth less, or tax me to death so they can make the inefficient government even larger.———-quote

          Dud Brain you are so ignorant you do not realize the reasons your taxes are higher is because the super rich pay no taxes and to add insult to injury steal your tax money in the form of free wheel barrows full of money called Corporate Subsidies.

          Studies show if the upper 1% were required to pay taxes and be denied all the free money they get that the entire National Debt could be paid off in one year. Guess what, your taxes would not only be lower but there would also be enough money for a decent National Health Care program as well.

        • I completely agree with you about the corporate subsidies. I’m for ending all of them. The super wealthy also pay off politicians to write very specific tax loopholes they can use. If every business can’t utilize a tax deduction, then it should be illegal. I’m for equality across the board.

        • Quote: “Young far right people like yourself, which have never known America as it used to be are so easily brain washed by the prostitute Republican inhuman filth that you will never comprehend the truth of what has happened to our country.” “Never known America as it used to be…” so you are claiming to predate the Democrat and Republican parties? What about all the years that Democrats have been in charge – were there no changes then?

      • P.S. Dud Brain

        Go out and get a job. No one who spends the time you do on this forum is spending much time working, if you work at all. Either that or you are screwing your employer by spending time on the company computer playing instead of working on it. I have an excuse I am retired.

        • “Two Union Presidents were actually murdered”

          Whoa, whoa! Hold up now. You just told me the other day that crime is only caused by poverty. Now you’re telling me that mine owners in engage in criminal behavior as well? I assume the mine owners were living above the poverty line. Interesting.

        • Dud brain your posts get more bizarre by the day. I never said that there was not corporate crime by the super rich. As a matter of fact my posts speak of it constantly.

        • dacian, it couldn’t have been more than two or three days ago. You can go back and check if you like. I said crime wasn’t caused by poverty. It was caused by immoral behavior. Then you said something like that isn’t what is taught in college. I wasn’t a criminal justice major by the way. I was on more of a technology track. I don’t recall discussing crime at all in college. I took one sociology class.

    • What is “sane gun reform”? I will agree with you that there are many people whom misuse firearms. The laws should be directed at these people and the people that use firearms in crimes. Use of a firearm in a crime should be the “main” offense and it should NEVER be plea bargained away. Misuse of a firearm is that grievous. Firearms in the public’s hands are not primarily offensive weapons, but kept for defensive purposes if (God forbid) they do need them. Other uses are for security work, collecting for historical and other reasons, hunting, drills and sport shooting.
      There are laws against violent criminals using/possessing/brandishing these. Making more laws just clog up the books. Maybe superseding these laws with better written laws and rewriting code. Responsible firearm owners will act to make their hobby more safe so that things are safe for all. We need a society where it is safe for all, not just first responders, not just for landlords, store owners, people with RV buses and other rich people. All people that want to protect themselves and their families should be able to do so. Just because all you can afford is a HiPoint or other cheap firearm, does NOT make you bad person, it makes you a responsible firearms owner in training. You should then take advantage of the info out there and learn to handle/store/clean/shoot your firearm safely. You also do not need a $1k safe to store the firearm safely

  10. Typical liberal propaganda nonsense. I’ve read countless articles in the past two years just like this one. They always make sure to leave you thinking that it has nothing to do with BLM or Democrat policy. Our dear leaders sure are going to miss the pandemic. Covid is the most convenient excuse for everything under the sun.

    Why did violent crime increase after 2014? Because of BLM with a major assist from the media and the ruling class. Why did it increase after the Floyd incident? I’ll give you three guesses.

    The article starts out with a fearmongering story about some young man being gunned down for no reason. No one is safe! It could happen to anyone! Why doesn’t it say what he did before he got to his dad’s house?

    “He told his dad that he would spend time with friends first and then make his way to the house…The offenders reportedly entered his vehicle and possibly took something out of his trunk (after they killed him).”


    The entire article is a propaganda piece pushing to fund more social programs while simultaneously telling people not to believe their lying eyes about BLM and Democrat policy. And what do these social programs do??? They take the place of parents and family (Big Daddy Government please save us). Yet, we never see a zillion articles about the decline of the family. Now why is that? Root cause anyone? Hint: it isn’t guns or Covid.

  11. Take Chicago out of the equation and the USA becomes much safer. Remove all Democrat controlled cities and the USA becomes one of the safest countries.

    This article almost makes this point.

    • The USA is one of the safest countries. The fact that there are pockets in the country where these gangbangers live and thrive just makes it worse. We are already a safe country. Being able to properly control these “pockets” would make us that much safer, but the liberal powers that want control want these “black eyes” to show up so they can point to the failed policies.

  12. “to a country that has for too long avoided addressing the root causes of gun violence.”

    I’ll give you a hint. The root cause isn’t guns or their availability. Not only is there no causality, there’s not even correspondence. Otherwise, states with the most restrictive laws would have the least violence, and the free-est the highest. This isn’t what is seen. In areas where there are many legal gun owners, there isn’t much violence. Violence is where there is a leftist government lowering of standards in the name of racial justice. By pretending minorities “can’t”, they don’t enforce the law as harshly, don’t push education as strongly, and yield generations of children who are unprepared to take care of themselves, outside of crime and government subsistence. By not enforcing the laws, governments turn the criminals loose, where they continue to victimize their communities. The hopelessness leads to a culture where life isn’t valued — not even their own.

  13. The politicians and community organizers wonder at what has been the cause of the violence in the cities? Try 60 years of being told your poverty is someone else’s fault, your the perpetual victim, glorifying the Ghetto thug mentality, no emphesis on education, no need for self control or restraint and encouraging irresposible sexual habits. More kids for generations meant more welfare. Add into the mix the idea that prison time, or a criminal record was somehow a rite of passage, or bragging rights. Along with the constant drumbeat of how the police are out to get you and are out to either kill you or ruin your life.
    Unless and until there’s a cultural shift in the urban poor and lower working classes, and promoting the idea of doing better and doing something for yourself to move up the socio-economic ladder, things in the ‘hood are only going to get ever worse and more violent.
    A number of local politicians complain about how guns are brought in from outside the city. Yeah, and? Those who are intent on getting weapons and committing crimes, are going to find a supply somewhere. Might be in the next county, the next state, or from outside the country. But, they will find them so long as there is a market for firearms with no paper trail or government control.
    There are no government programs or solutions to this problem of urban violence beyond education and encouragement of local businesses to locate close enough to those urban areas to provide employment. Which is another claim made by the politicians and community organizers. A lack of good paying jobs. Well, people might have to do what their gradparents or other ancesters did. Pick up and go where the jobs are. And then, actually show up for that job and do whatever the job demands. no sit around broke and miserable waiting for the next handout.

    • Teach a man that the welfare payment clears on the first of the month, I’ll fucking well guarantee the account will be broke-ass by the last week of the month.

  14. “The U.S.’s homicide rate – 7.5 per 100,000 people – is nearly four times Canada’s rate, more than six times Britain’s and 25 times that of Japan. Black Americans are 10 times more likely to die from gun homicide than whites.”

    Maybe the answer is in the demographics. Or is that the thing that shall not be named?

  15. FYI, homicides in England are not counted as homicide’s until someone is captured, tried and convicted. Also, if that person kills three people at the same time, they count it as one homicide

    • The British Home Office. Fudging crime statistics since the 1960s, and they’ve openly admitted it.

  16. Take away the guns and they’ll just find something else to kill with. Be it a knife or a fecking pointed stick or a rock.
    LBJ started his Great Society Bull Scheiße to put the Blacks right back on the Plantation. No need for Nuclear Family with a Dad, Uncle Sam will be your Baby Daddy, and now we’re seeing the results of Johnson’s Feckup. Blacks are killing their fellow Blacks at a rate way out of proportion to their Demographic. A lot of the killing is turf wars, whether it be keeping tbeir area free of rivals, their Hos in line, or just because they hate that other n***a cause he looked at his sister.
    Used to be, when you pulled some janky schitt in the hood, the hood itself would take care of the problem. Now, the Janky Schitt Pullers are controlling the hood. Then the Democrat’s come along and elevate the meanest Janky Schitt Pullers into Ward Representatives, Borough and City Council seats. Then they wonder why the Janky Schitt still goes on.
    Until Black Americans say enough and start taking care of the real problems in their communities, nothing will change, and it will keep getting worse.

  17. Shone, not shined. It cast a light, it didn’t polish a shiny thing.
    -Your friendly neighborhood grammar Nazi

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