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Hahaha sounds about right!


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    • +1

      The ChiComs are threatening to shoot down her plane if she flies to Taiwan. Do you think they have the balls to do that?

      • “The ChiComs are threatening to shoot down her plane“

        Wait a minute, I thought the Democrats were all in league with the Chinese communist party?

        Darn, did the conservatives change the narrative again and I didn’t get the memo?

        It’s so hard to keep up with the conservative agi-prop, “ban all the Muslims!” but go ahead and elect one as the governor of Pennsylvania, etc.

        It’s just so hard to keep up with the propaganda.

        • You learned from goebbels, miner. We can’t even begin to match you for propaganda. You know, like how we all have to get shots and wear masks and shut the economy down because covid. But at the same time we’ll leave the southern border wide open and let any and all regardless of health status come on in.

        • You don’t have to bother with narratives when you have reality. It’s a one way street. China is allowed to do bad things to us without retaliation, while we only help them.

      • No. It’s saber rattling.

        IMHO, 99% of the “Taiwan” stuff is them testing out Joe.

        If Taiwan was an easy nut for the CCP to crack they’d have done it.

        Just the open source information indicates that the Taiwanese currently possess at ~$1 trillion just in high-end anti air and ship weaponry that the CCP has to get past to put a boot on Taiwanese soil. And the Taiwanese know how to use that stuff.

        Can China take Taiwan. Yes, if they’re smart.

        Can Taiwan completely shatter the PLA for decades to come? Yes, if they’re smart.

        China’s currently preventing bank runs with tanks and infantry because their economy is collapsing worse than the US’s is. Does that hold them back or make them look for an externality to focus public attention on? Dunno.

        Does it matter much? Not really, other than in the ultra short term.

        This ain’t Ukraine. Taipei has worked very hard to build defense in depth for decades using the best weaponry in the world and spared no expense to do it.

        • “Taipei has worked very hard to build defense in depth for decades using the best weaponry in the world and spared no expense to do it.”

          One thing I *hope* the Taiwanese do is install big-assed demolition charges on the delicate and *very* expensive chip tooling machinery so if they do invade, all they will capture is some very expensive scrap metal…

        • Here’s to hoping the Taiwanese also remembered to place nice little trays filled with thermite over the drives of all computing devices of said foundries.

          Without the lithography machines and advanced picker/placer bots is hurtful, that plus the loss of the designs is catastrophic. Can’t reverse engineer shit that way.

        • I should mention that the Chinese housing bubble is coming crashing down, which is the prime reason the run on the banks is desperately trying to be staved off. While, literally millions of people are refusing to pay mortgages on property they have never been able to take possession of, nor have had the houses they’ve been paying for built upon. Massive pyramid scheme by all of China’s largest developers, contractors, and financiers, this being the result. Est. $1.1T, yes trillion with a “T”, default looking incredibly likely.

          Communist Party is terrified right now.

        • Mr. Wallace elucidates what I was referring to.

          -40% MoM. Ouch.

          Using Covid passes to prevent in-person banking while shutting down online banking probably seemed like a good idea at the time to prevent bank runs. Now? Maybe not.

        • Taiwan has chemical, biological, quite possibly nuclear, and maybe even things I’m not going to speculate on. If backed into the corner the might show us who the tiger really is.

        • Aye Strych, they’re up the creek something fierce. Evergrande? Not even the tip of the iceberg, this more akin to the tip of Antarctica.

          So much once again for that commie paradise Dacian & Minor keep praising eh?

        • The Chinese aren’t testing Joe, or anyone in the US. The entirety of their saber rattling is aimed at their own population.

      • What exactly will anybody do about it?Anybody with the stones is simply going to shake their head in frustration and try to stay focused on the upsides.

  1. I know what you guys mean about cops shooting dogs. It sucks. I only had to do it once. The dog had mauled three. The owner siced him on me and the animal control officer upon arrival. I unlimbered a 1911 and solved the problem. I would have rather shot the owner. The dog was only doing what it was told.

    • Like the idiots who let their pitbull attack a horse in Sydney’s Centennial Park. Not only did the dog nearly get kicked by the horse but so did the people trying to stop the dog.

      If you have a dangerous dog, dont walk it off the lead. They can and will attack anything or anyone. You might think you’re MAN ENOUGH to control the dog. The dog says otherwise.

      • Understanding the dog and then training that dog is the key and it’s where most people fall on their face.

        “Poopsikins would never…” is way, way too common. People are stupid and think that the way the dog acts around you is the way it acts when you’re not around. That’s silly. You act as a check on the dog because you’re the leader. Without you that leadership devolves to the next rank in the pack.

        Dogs, especially larger ones, are not toys. They’re the product of several billion years of uninterrupted evolutionary wins, something we as people have intervened in for our own purposes and specialized various breeds for certain things. Owners should know this and understand it before they even think about getting a dog. Mostly, they don’t. With such an animal mistakes don’t tend to be “minor”.

        Alternatively there’s a segment of society that wants that “junkyard dog” because it’s cool or something. The way they go about creating an aggressive mentality in the dog is entirely uncontrolled, which is obviously unwise.

        I’ve owned numerous members of one of the most stubborn (they don’t listen) dog breeds known, aggressive hunting animals that will actively seek to kill boar, bear, large cat and even other canids.

        Yet, I’ve never had a problem with them even with hundreds of opportunities for them to do something.

        Strange, huh? Maybe because I took the time to learn how to train dogs? Or maybe that’s just mumbo jumbo and I should follow the science or something.

        Can I walk them off the leash? Yup. Do I? No, not in public. Not because I don’t trust them. I don’t trust other people or their pets not to create a problem.

        • Junkyard dog is a common issue around Albany where there is a trend of getting a pitbull, putting no effort into training it, then having it put down (best outcome) or “released into the wild” (nearby parks) when they maul someone. Actually had similar issues around Philadelphia and Wilmington for a while. Either way I don’t go hiking without a pistol.

        • Didn’t Albany have that violent felon drug dealer dude who had something like four mean-as-shit pitts that eventually tore him apart?

        • Huntmaster,

          I will concede that there are SOME “bad dogs” – bad breeding practices, and cumulative genetic issues, have adversely impacted some breeds, particularly (and ALL breeds, to some extent). I submit that the number of actual “bad dogs”, who are not susceptible of good training, is VERY small.

          Most “bad dogs” are simply the result of “bad owners”. Training a dog is work. It requires patience and commitment. I’ve had dogs I wished were “better” (and those may very well have been my fault), but I’ve NEVER had a “bad dog”. A dog will, 99.99% of the time, be about as good as the training and care it received.

      • Dogs are like people in that regard. Some are just batshit crazy. They need to be put down. Nobody has a love of dogs more than mine.

      • i’ve oft repeated that. the sentiment is correct overall, but like all creatures some just get wired wrong and serve no purpose.
        it takes some effort for a pooch not to become neurotic; consistency is less confusing.

      • Manse,

        There are a VERY few “bad dogs”. Modern breeding methods, cumulative genetic issues, have resulted in a FEW flat-out dangerous and untrainable dogs. Maybe .01%, probably less.

        The remining 99.99% of dogs are about as good as their training and care. Blaming YOUR lack of patience, ability, or training skills on a “bad dog” is bullshit. If you aren’t prepared to educate yourself, and dedicate the time, and effort needed to train your dog? Don’t get one.

        “Blaming the dog” makes exactly as much sense as “blaming the gun”. It ain’t the dog’s fault, and it ain’t the gun’s fault. But in general, I totally agree with your point (even if you got a dog with actual genetic defects, if you’re the owner, it’s on YOU to acknowledge your f***up, and do the right thing and have the dog put down).

    • Years ago, a couple cop pals and I pushed a 15′ john boat through the normal Mississippi flood waters below Davenport, IA, where I grew up. We shot spawning carp with handguns. Close in, sometimes you could get a pair with one shot. Great action on a hot sunny day when the frenzy begins. I had a Model 28 S&W shooting .357 mags, one cop had a Model 10 with .38 Spl and the other a 1911 in .45. Scales all over the place. A lot of fun.

      There’s also another friend way farther downstream who was taking flying carp safaris on the Mississippi, a couple guys up front with shotguns blasting the jumping carp as they come up. I’ve got to get down there and do that.

      • Try shooting carp. You have to wait until they are almost at the surface and they disappear fast when they get hit.

        • Cross, I’ve heard of shooting carp. We don’t have them here except to control vegetation in private ponds and lakes. Shooting them is kind of like shooting gold fish. Why not shoot kittens and puppies? It’s almost as difficult.

      • Bowfishing is a thing. Also doesn’t tear up the meat or have the ricochet danger of bullets.

        Or do it grizzly bear style. Wait in the shallows and slap ’em onto the bank.

      • Not with the Asian carp. Invasive species, any kind of mass harvest and turn them into cat food or fertilizer is a good thing.

        • We’ve got European carp as an invasive species. No idea what the enlightened Europeans did with them.

        • europe still continues to consider carp sporting fish. the imported gifts that keeps on giving, kudzu, english sparrows, asian beetles, gobies, zebra mussels, buckthorn, starlings, obama.
          oh, and canadian socialist moderation.

      • if we call them prairie dogs of the river, freshwater lake boar or pond pigeons does it help? fish in a barrel, ducks on a pond- it’s not particularly sporting. big ones are fun on ultralight tackle. one of a handful of fish species to do with as necessary. bow, trident, damn, sitting here for hours and i spaced on the only sturgeon to surface.
        peanut butter and a #2 eagle claw maybe i’ll get a chipgopher.

      • Carp and gar??? In IA, you risk a $500 fine for returning either to the water if you hook one.

        Shooting carp is not meant to be sporting. Just reducing an invasive species.

  2. I had to put a bad dog down once, he bit a neighbors kid, me and when he bit my daughter that was all she wrote.

  3. Image doesn’t indicate the level of panic fire I’d expect from the ATF.

    But it’s a good meme regardless.

  4. I’ve had to put a couple dogs down because they’d been hit by vehicles and were to injured for the vet to help. Shot a couple dogs that were attacking livestock. Killing the neighbors’ cattle or sheep does not make your dog a favorite in the neighborhood. The old Colt AR strikes again.
    Seriously considered shooting a couple ankle biters my sister had years ago. Always hated the yappy, snappy little rat dogs.
    Never tried shooting fish. Have done a little bowfishing, and spear fishing. Wished I had a heavy rifle 1 time on a charter fishing trip from Hawaii. Damn Great White shark was nearly as big as the boat.

    • It’s been decades since I lived in WV. But the law then was that it was okay to shoot dogs that were chasing livestock or deer.

      I have had to kill dogs. I hated it. I really like dogs. But sometimes it has to be done.

      • visiting aunt molly near toledo i was ten, she was in her 90’s. the shepdog got after a chicken, she dropped him. “once they get that blood taste they won’t stop.”
        loved that pooch. tough day, sorta too young to understand life on the farm then.
        she had a swiss cheesed galvy bucket that looked like junk to me… it was after i got finished throwing rocks at it. i didn’t get supper that night.

  5. Store Clerk Shoots Man After Being Attacked With Knife

    Sadly, this is pretty normal in the U.S. . ~1,300 victims daily in the U.S. are attacked by violent criminals who use knives for the attack – over 470,000 victims annually. 75% of the victims are not armed and are seriously injured or killed (later death after the attack), 18% of the victims are armed and are not seriously injured or killed (sometimes there are minor injuries), 2% of the victims are armed and are seriously injured or killed, 3% of the victims are not armed and are killed immediately, 2% of the victims are not armed but the criminal does not proceed with the attack for some reason. Its extremely rare for knife attacks to make the news.

    • annually, nationwide, there are over 52,000 victims of knife (or other sharpened edged or pointed weapons) attacks in school buildings or on school grounds. There are hundreds of serious injuries and deaths as a result. Less than 0.2% make the news and when it does make the news its local news, less then 1% involve police – this is because the schools try to handle it as a ‘mental health’ crisis and keep it quiet and don’t call the police.

  6. While we are distracted by the democrats weapons ban that passed the house…. something else also needs attention

    “Senator Rand Paul Has an URGENT Message About The UN Small Arms Treaty”

    Once a nation signs on, the UN’s goal is to quickly impose “International Small Arms Control Standards” (ISACS) on them. Introductory language already includes:

    *** Mandated national “screening” for those seeking to own guns, giving bureaucrats the final say if you’re “competent” enough to own a gun;

    *** Restrictive licensing for gun and ammo sales, and perhaps even bans on anything from semi-auto rifles to shotguns and handguns;

    *** Restrictions on the number of guns and amount of ammo any “properly-licensed” individual may legally own;

    *** Bans on magazines holding more than ten rounds; and

    *** Bans on owning a firearm for self-defense — unless a citizen can somehow get government approval.

    • “Senator Rand Paul Has an URGENT Message About The UN Small Arms Treaty”

      You’ve left out the parts concerning ammo. We got a briefing on that last Jan. Mandated micro stamping on cases and projectiles, powder tagging, banning of military calibers to citizenry, which already exists in countries below our southern border, on and on. It would also prohibit handloading, of course.

      OTOH- not watching video. Is there a place at the end where RP is asking for contributions? Asking for a friend…

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