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Just another day at the salt mines!


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  1. More like:

    The pile of endless work I have to slog through at my desk, and…

    Me and how much effect I’m really having on it.

  2. I have several on my list I want before I check out. Work not only being a money thing is a joy sucking, soul stealing hell. No matter how much I enjoy parts of the pain the stupid people at work make it worse. Although it is cheap entertainment.

    Yep, have a list so gotta keep trudging along.

    • worker bees and no- loads.
      the extent some will strain towards avoidance is more effort than just doing the task at hand.

    • Hahahah, now that made me laff, fck that lol sht.
      actually hi points ain’t that bad, the safety and ergonomics(brick) could be improved but they always seem to go bang. Accuracy is dang good for what sights and trigger your working with. I wouldn’t say HiPoints are the high point of pistols

  3. You want H and Ks,
    Another Glock clone and
    more holes in your wallet.
    Saint Cooper, don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go.
    I owe my soul to the local gun sto’…

    • I’m not rolling in cash but I’ve managed to assemble what the lamesteam media would call an “arsenal”. It ain’t but leagues better than 5 years ago. Re:bugging out. Not happening.

      • It was back in the 60’s around the time of the SLA, Patty Hearst, the media showed what it titled ” A Terorist Arsenal ” it constided of a .30M1 carbine, a sawed off shotgunm, two revolvers and two pipe bombs.
        Just as a science experiment or 5 or six. Pipe bombs ain’t all that much if you just fill a pipe with powder, usually the pipe just splits or the end caps blow off..Just as a science experiment I’ve had better luck gluing ball bearings to the outside of a PVC pipe, inside ain’t all that great either.

        • the ticktocque kids shook and rattled my van as i was parking. three yoots scrambling down the alley. 911 said a transformer blew… walked around with cfd found nothing. next day local feed cwb suggested the bomb challenge. not kidding, drain cleaner and “aluminum foil joints” stuffed into 2liter pop bottles rock a neighborhood.

        • For maximum cheap fun, drop a handfull of dry-ice chunks inside of a 2 liter popbottle, tightly cap it, and throw outside in the yard ( or in your barking -dog neighhbor’s yard). We did it outside of a 3M lab we were working at… 4 security vehicles responded to the VERY loud noise outside of one of the service doors. 😅

  4. While I never quite made it to fifty I’m ok with that. It’s ammo people,buy ammo now. Spend your disposable income on ammo not more firearms. It’s not going to be an option in the future.

      • Prices here are about 7.5 cents each, small pistol, still double what they were pre-virus… 🙁

      • Even though I still have a list I’m working on, the bulk of the money is going for ammo, reloading, and certain accessories. But every shopping trip at this point focuses on very specific things.

  5. It isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. After Jerry Seinfeld sold off some of his super impressive car collection, he mentioned that the hunt for a car and planning the purchase was sometimes just as fun as owning it.

    When you have too much, it doesn’t mean as much to you. Yankee Marshal put out a video some time back about buying a cool gun. He showed off the gun. Then he said he realized that he already owned the exact same gun! Obviously, it didn’t mean much to him, if he forgot that he owned it.

      • Not sure where you got that idea that being a Yankee would make them forget which guns they own. IIRC, NY’ers have to register and have a permit for *each individual handgun*.

  6. Damn thatd suck. That ship really plowed her in there.
    I dont think that trak hoe is going to be enough. I dont know what the plan is. I think I’d have hired a few dozers built a levee then pump water till the boat floats. Maybe the trak hoe is just the start?
    Could you drag a big boat like that out of the mud with some other boats after you got her loosened up with the trak hoe, I dont know?

    • good friend born in kerala. the malabar coast; says they have industry beaching ships to be scavenged. fun job for the pilot.

  7. I don’t understand this logic much anymore – looking back to my 20s I absolutely would relate as I was on a binge of affordable (though not bottom barrel) gear. That shiny new high exists I suppose.

    Me, today? I wish I had been smarter with my money and had fewer better things. I have some desire for better optics for some things, and other than that ammo, ammo, ammo.

  8. *** Breaking ***

    Overnight, the 9th ‘circus’ remanded ‘Miller v. Bonta’ to the circuit court it came from, and is now in St. Benitz’s chambers in-basket :

  9. It’s really inflation that’s forcefully sodomizing us all. I personally make a decent income and just about everyone I know has a job and makes money that would’ve been fantastic 2 years ago.

    But now our money is worthless.

    Inflation is ultimate tool of the elitist leftists that keep the working class on their knees where they belong.

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