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LOL, cleaning.


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  1. “LOL, cleaning.”

    I’m not exactly laughing thinking what the inside of that guy’s lungs look like.

    ‘Black Lung’ is a really shit way to die… 🙁

  2. Use a gun. Clean a gun. I had 3 to clean last weekend. Cleaned them in front of the TV when I got home.

    • For me, it’s a part of the wrap-up after a day shooting. Sometimes with the folks I was shooting with…

      • Not regular free-to-air or cable TV. YouTube and other downloads on the PC which my media player box streams from.

        Modern TV is just so bad. I watch single-digit hours of FTA TV in a year.

        • Truly. I can say with pride (no homo, bro) that I haven’t turned my Tell A Vision on even once in over 20yrs nor suffered watching any other if it was within my power to walk out of the room. An insidious poison for sure, currently in all the wrong hands. Back room cowards, conspirators and thieves the entire lot of them.

        • And once again ttag: fuck off with your moderation bullshit. Seriously, wtf are you thinking with this constant crap?

    • I don’t permit my guns to watch TV. As we all know, impulsive young guns tend to go out, and get in trouble. I don’t want any of my guns to get ideas.

      • “As we all know, impulsive young guns tend to go out, and get in trouble.”

        Mine are very obedient, they sit perfectly still until I touch them again.

        Now my ammo cans, on the other hand, every time I look inside, I see less and less ammo every time…

        *sobbing* 🙁

        • I’ve been having the same problem. I keep buying or reloading ammo, but the stockpile never seems to grow. Begining to think I have a rat getting into the supply. I think I remember a book I read as a kid called “The Stainless Steel Rat.” Might be what is eating up the ammo supply.

    • Part of the ritual. Not cleaning your guns after a trip to the range would be like going to mass and not getting a cookie.

    • I use to be so good about cleaning guns back when I had one or two. Now that I have a LOT more,. I’m not quite as good about cleaning. That’s especially the case with my 22 plinking guns. They sometimes wait a while to get cleaned 🙄

  3. Unburnt carbon is just dry lube! 🙂

    Until you get oil in it, then it’s a gummy, gritty mess. 🙁

  4. Well, Smack my Grips and Don’t be a fool. My carry guns get the Navel fuzz, Shirt Fuzz, Lint, Dust, Dirt, dry lips just as well. You’d be a fool to NOT clean them also, Your life may depend on it, Duh…Mine get a good cleaning every so often and at least a few Range days a year…

  5. An old guy was showing me his Remington auto shotgunm, it was getting a little rust on the barrel and I offered to clean it up for him. Took the barrel off and couldn’t see through it, took a cleaning rod and ran it down the barrel and a mouse carcass came out. He was one of them guys who always locked the bolt open, he kept the gunm under his bed. Evidently the mouse had ran down the barrel and got stuck in the choke constriction.
    When I was a kid I thought itd be cool to hide my money in a shotgunm shell, I didn’t take the wad or powder out. Gerard showed up one morning wanting to go hunting, I grabbed a hand full of shells and really blew my money that day.
    STP oil treatment will really make an action work faster but after a bit the gunm starts smoking.
    I dont mind cleaning a break open single shot.

  6. Well, since I don’t like getting dressed up and listening to some preacher telling me what a horrible sinner I am while begging for money, I usually do my gun cleaning on Sunday mornings when the kids go to church. Getting where the smell of Hoppe’s is better than the smell of the incense they use at church.

    • Oldmanimal, that’s an apt, concise and entirely appropriate description of all organized religion. Funny how similar they are to our politicians. Grifters all.


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