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Rifle identity is an infinite spectrum. I’m not a rifle though so I can’t define it.


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  1. That “Weapon of War” and “Mass killing machine” turns into a legal police weapon in the hands of police. Also, if our MSRs are weapons of war, why do police have them? Are they waging war on us citizens or are they using the most effective tool for the job?

  2. My rifle is legal fluid.
    Just like people putting on a pink or blue plastic bead bracelet for gender I can slap on a chintsy piece of plastic milk jug around my pistol grip after a home defense shooting and suddenly be legal.

  3. Interesting photograph. From the shop signs, an english speaking country. The shoulder patch has a crown at it’s top. A Commonwealth country? England? Canada? Australia? New Zealand? Anyone recognize the badge?

    • I’m not so sure it’s rcmp, bless their little hearts. Usually you can see those letters of benevolent tyranny on the insignia. Might be a metro badge or maybe a different country.

      • I thought so also, but after doing a reverse image search it came back from Toronto. They are standing outside a E3 church. That is the logo in the background. There has been some protesting going on around their churches lately, Because of their stances on social issues.

        • So Toronto Municipal Lawbreakers. Oops! Damn spellchecker, I meant LawbrIngers!! I’ve had many closeups of the rcmp logos, they like you to know exactly who is in charge.

  4. Rodent Rifle.
    Not only is an AR-15 designed for hunting rodents, the recoil is so inconsequential that even rodents as well as little girls can shoot it.

  5. I am a fan of the idea of federal legislation that police should be no better armed than the people within their states are allowed to be. No carve outs for POs at any level. No “military surplus” no third pin ARs no MP5s with burst, no high cap mags if you’re in NY/CA/etc and certainly no hand guns off the roster if you’re in CA. Unless it’s duty ammo a PO should be passing a background check every time as well. They can suffer with the rest of us.

    • “They can suffer with the rest of us.”

      Or, we can have whatever they can have. No second class citizens.

    • It’s almost like you believe that LE is there to protect you.

      LE is not there to protect you. It’s there to protect the State’s interests. In yesteryear perhaps those interests mostly aligned with yours and the system worked reasonably well.

      But if you still believe that after the last couple of years you must be smoking some really good shit.

      • It’s an orchestrated, behind the scenes attempt by our mostly benevolent overlords to return to the days of aristocratic rule, with them as the c-rats d’jour. Make no mistake on that. And Diversity and Common Sense Gun Controlβ„’ is their strength.

    • Yes, I was wondering who thought it was a good idea (in their own terms) to let police have weapons of war designed solely to spray and pray, from the hip, with one hundred round bullet clips and shoulder things that go up. On duty or off duty. No exceptions for duty weapons, a crime only weapon is only for crime.

    • I think you guys are missing the point. It’s one of those laws that there’s no way in hell it would get passed but it illustrates the hypocritical nature of pols and the way we regard the police.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing for decades.
      Since police officers are (supposed to be) “civilians”, no better than the rest of us, either eliminate their immunity or grant the same immunity to us law-abiding citizens as well as “carve-outs” that grant police officers “special privileges” not available to us “mere mundanes”.
      Let’s compare the way police officers are treated after a defensive firearms use to that of non-police officer citizens.
      The police officer will be granted 72 hours in which to “get his story straight”, a union-supplied attorney and a compliant police-friendly prosecutor will make the decision on whether to prosecute. He will either be put on “desk duty” or more than likely be given a taxpayer-paid “vacation” until the situation is resolved.
      The ordinary citizen who uses a firearm is a self-defense situation will not have any immunity from prosecution, in most cases will be immediately arrested, questioned and treated harshly by the police officers who will lie to him to attempt to “trip him up”. (Yes, lying to citizens by police is OK). He will have to retain an attorney at considerable expense to himself. If he is incarcerated he will have to provide bail if the judge decides to grant bail. Quite often, job loss can also ensue due to incarceration. In most urban areas, the “police-friendly” prosecutor is usually not so “friendly” to those citizens who dare to defend their own lives. You see, police officers and prosecutors have a symbiotic relationship that is disturbed when citizens utilize self-defense on their own.
      In addition, police lives have greater value than ordinary citizens due to enhanced punishments meted out to those who defend themselves against rogue police officers.
      The disparity between police officers and the “rest of us” is a massive disconnect that does nothing to foster good police / citizen relations.
      Sheriff’s departments are somewhat better, but still suffer from the “us v.s them” attitude that pervades the “thin blue line”…

  6. Officer appears to have a boo boo on his trigger finger or maybe its so he wont get a blister during rapid fire.

    • Maybe it’s to remind him to tie a string around his finger as a reminder to write himself a note to remind him of something he has now totally forgotten.

  7. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force. This country has been taken over by corrupt politicians for over 45 years. Everyone one that in government from the past 45 years has baggage. They all need to be put on trial and investigated.i do home work ….. 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐀𝐬𝐜π₯𝐒𝐜𝐀.𝐜𝐨𝐦


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