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I mean, unless the sign’s physically in your way I guess maybe you just didn’t see it 🤷‍♂️


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    • “Safe places for murderers to operate.”

      If sex workers have a constitutional right to ply their trade in a safe environment, then
      murder workers have a right to ply their trade in a safe and nurturing environment, don’tca know? 🙁

      • Don’t knock sex workers. kamala got elected to the vice presindency. She done real good for an old pro.

        • This is what happens to sex workers in the Democrat Party when they’re ready to be sent out to pasture – they make them vice president.

  1. I miss signs saying all sorts of idiotic things all the time. Just don’t miss the ones that say free beer or wrong way or traffic speed cameras in use.

    • Only free beer signs I ever see are only good for tomorrow. As to the rest of they don’t want me armed they don’t want my money and I often find better alternatives that dgaf.

    • Signs don’t even stop half the good people, and stop none of the predators.

      In my state, the signs don’t have the force of law, so I usually ignore them.

  2. meh, these signs only give naïve people the feeling of safety. All they want is to ‘feel’ safe whether it’s reality or not.

    I want to ‘feel’ safe too! The added weight on my right side around 3:00 contributes more so than some sign.

      • Those “follow the science” democrats will fall for that one every time. Better be a deep hole–will take longer to fill up.

        • Lemmings… cliff. Sheep… pens. Mindless moths zeroing in on the brightest light currently being held in front of them. Pretty pathetic bunch. “Whumpf” 😉.

      • We all did. So much great old music and so much of it still relevant. Nothing new under the sun I guess.

        • i enjoy ecclesiastes more than any other. it’s jaw dropping to think how much “it” stays the same.

    • Great music and still relevant…

      “And the sign said anybody caught trespassin’ would be shot on sight
      So I jumped on the fence and-a yelled at the house, “Hey! What gives you
      “To put up a fence to keep me out or to keep mother nature in”
      “If God was here he’d tell you to your face, Man, you’re some kinda sinner”

    • I think it was written by the “5 man electric band”

      I remember the song from a long time ago, but don’t necessarily agree with the sentiments.

        • You bet it’s bang on, this song speaks directly against trespassers being shot.

          I’m glad to see you did some on here I think the Texas laws authorizing shooting trespassers are indeed wrong.

        • i very much identified with, “ha, me workin’ for you…”
          i had all the hair then.

        • “You bet it’s bang on, this song speaks directly against trespassers being shot.”

          And yet the singer didn’t trespass. The sign worked.

          “I think the Texas laws authorizing shooting trespassers are indeed wrong.”

          So go to Texas and get the laws changed. I’m sure that many Lone Star staters will be happy for your assistance.

  3. I cant read so whenever I see a circle with a line drawn threw a Beretta I go back and get something else.

    • It’s an unfavourable comment on our entire species that 90% of our officials, elected and otherwise, are not as well grounded as this man, instead of being exactly the opposite. We have let the new age mafia take over. Globally.

    • I’m sure Justice Thomas appreciates the power of his position allowing him to conceal his wife’s seditious texts to the White House chief of staff.

      Unfortunately for him, his attempt to hide those texts from the congressional investigation were thwarted by Donald Trump’s appointees to the Supreme Court.

      And now that the DOJ has requested evidence gathered by the congressional 1/6 investigation committee we’ll learn more about the seditious conspiracy that Justice Thomas and his wife were a part of.

      Personally, my problems with Clarence Thomas began when he was a corporate attorney for Monsanto, shielding the producer of Agent Orange from liability for all the American soldiers they maimed and killed during the defoliation operations in Southeast Asia.

      And his work to conceal the illegal dumping of dioxin from their Agent Orange production in Manila and Hetzer creek here in West Virginia is particularly sad.

      If you know any veterans who died of cancer from their exposure to Agent Orange, send a ‘thank you’ card to Clarence Thomas.

      • “man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do” is a phrase you needn’t concern yourself with.

        • False equivalence.

          Clarence Thomas stepped forward to be a well-paid shill for Monsanto, defending a corporate polluter who was poisoning American soldiers and civilians.

          On the other hand, most of the American soldiers suffering from Agent Orange dioxin poisoning were drafted, answering the call of their country during wartime.

      • I don’t need to sit when I pee!!

        Miner”49″er is packing a whopping 49mm of fury!

        How do y all think I ‘earned’ my handle?

      • “Geoff, a Mediaite link? Please.“

        Do you have a specific complaint about the article in the link, or just generalized discomfort?

        Do you doubt the accuracy of the story?

    • had one at my daughter’s spring commencement ceremony saturday. posted graphics about allowable clear bags and containers and whatnot. no weapons.
      it would have been a long walk back to the van.

  4. Why would people respect your 2nd amendment rights if you refuse to respect their property rights?

    • Fake Miner, your post doesn’t really make sense. If you are going to post inarticulate thoughts, please use your own name rather than my TTAG handle.

      Thank you for your consideration.

      • Fake Miner, Please don’t steal my handle. Even a fake troll like you should understand people have the right to not allow guns on their property.

      • Yeah you have to make sense. People really don’t understand the work involved.

        Crafting propaganda, especially for a professional agitprop such as myself, is an art form.

        You need a finely blended mix of truth-twisting, lies, falsehoods, and misinformation for the Democrats (they reward this behavior) if you are going to be successful.

        Oh yeah, almost forgot, you will need mad Cut And Paste skills from Far Leftist Disinformation sites. NYT, WaPo, Vox, Salon, anything Media Matters… You get the drift.

        Do all that correctly, and you too can be a real Miner49er! A union hating, chicken lovn’in, God in heaven fearing, proud card carrying Marxist…. Accept no substitutes.

        Can I get a Hallelujah..

    • So you think a business owner or property owner should have the right to put up a sign saying ‘No Blacks?’. ‘No Jews?”

      Saying no guns is the same. Equal rights under the law is settled civil rights doctrine and the 2a is a civil and a human right.

      But you fascists already know that.

      • No it would most certainly not.

        In the immortal words of the Highlander “There can be only one.”

        Just kidding, but see my post above on what makes a ‘Real Miner49er’.

        You you have what it takes?

        • Sure we do, socialistminer. We can lie, obfuscate, take things out of context and cut n paste with the best of em. The difference is that we don’t.

        • Right on! I’m in for moderation reducation three times in four comments now! Excellent, dude! It’s like a badge of honor at this point. How to go, ttag; let Freedom ring!

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