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…If I worked at Hobby Lobby…


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  1. That’s the best sign with a good idea I’ve seen all day.
    In short, just an excellent idea.

    • LoL That’s almost better than when my wife made it say EAT ME. What fun you can have at HL

  2. New Statistical Evidence Supports the “Minneapolis Effect” as an Explanation for Increases in Homicides

    “A recently published statistical analysis of homicide rates in New York City finds strong support for the hypothesis that de-policing resulting from the George Floyd protests caused the 2020 homicide spikes.” —

    Remember, before George Floyd, when it was called the “Ferguson Effect?”

    • Proven facts:

      1. The more de-policing occurs the more crime increases. When graphed there is a near identical correlation, for example, take a look at the recent report released for Washington state.

      2. The more a law abiding population is disarmed of firearms (e.g. through bans, restrictive carry laws, onerous permitting schemes, burdensome laws, etc…) the more crime increases.

      3. The more liberal left-wing a government is the more crime increases.

      4. The more liberal a society becomes ‘politically’ and ‘in reality’ the more crime increases.

  3. I’ve always subscribed to the rather conflicted notion that the BATFE is proof that guns and booze don’t mix yet BATFE should be a chain of convenience stores rather than a law enforcement agency .

  4. Put BATFE back under treasury as the tax collectors they started as. FBI can handle the forensic lab work and the US Marshall’s Service can serve the warrants and make the arrests.
    FBI does the investigative work and applies for the warrants. US Marshall’s make the arrests. PERIOD!
    Too damn many fed agencies have too much authority to enforce laws and make up their own regulations. Force the Legislative Branch to do their job instead of allowing Executive Branch agencies do it for them.

    • Take all the ATF firearms away and give to a more appropriate fed agency. Perhaps Postal Service, Amtrak, CDC

  5. The BATFE have declared war on Americas legal gunm owners.
    What is it going to take?
    Well I’m too worried about the price of a loaf of bread to do anything about a regime taking over the United States of America.
    President Biden is the greatest president America has or ever will have
    President Biden is the greatest president America has or ever will have
    President Biden is the greatest president America has or ever will have
    President Biden is the greatest president America has or ever will have
    Holy Holy Holy
    Forever and ever

  6. There have been a bunch of these.

    “End the Fed”, “Abolish the IRS/ATF” and “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” spelled out in these letters have all made the rounds on Twitter in the past year.

    I sort of wonder how long the store leaves the letters in that order.

    • store closing check list, most jr employee gets to clean the toilets and rescramble the craft letters.

  7. The new age more the likely confuse the word abolish with the would absolutist and since they’ve went into colliesges they now everyone absolutely hates gunms. So theyll raly round and 75 peeps will show up, media will make it look like 75,000 and peaceful riots will break out across the nation just in time for theBidens visit to Kattookistan and a nap.
    Mayor Cookies will defund the police and we all can be ” Dancining in The Streets, along with helping people pay off their car loan buy stting fire to them.
    Cookies anyone?
    Now say that JRB is better, the last time he fell up stairs he did a hell of an impersonation of a drunk Dean Martin.

    • does it reverse the effects of the jab?
      i’m guessing johnny drum is not one of the ingredients.
      whatever’s in there, it’d be better w/ bokka.

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