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Not a bad idea!


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  1. I wouldn’t need to go far, about the year 2000 would do it. Buy a few thousand BitCoins when they were dirt cheap, and a few shares of F-book would do it…

    • A time machine and all you want is personal wealth? I would go back and convince certain women to have abortions. bidens mother. barry’s mother. The clintons. It’s a long list. But you get the drift.

      The fact that we’re still alive convinces me that time travel has not been possible.

      • Money isn’t everything, but enough of it goes a long ways towards it… πŸ™‚

        • Hush,
          A young lady I used to date always said,” Those who say money can’t buy happiness just don’t know where to shop.”
          Or as I like to say, Money may not buy happiness but a lack of money can buy a lot of misery.

        • Money ain’t everything. Until you don’t have any. Then it is the ONLY thing.

          Is the way l heard it.

      • Go back and stop Washington from marching against the Whiskey Rebellion…

        Go back further and stop the constitution from being written and stick with the articles of confederation

    • l read that 100$ in bitcoin bought in 2011 was worth 72$ million. That was when it was trading for a mere 2000$ per.

      You do the math. }:D

    • BTC was invented several years after that, Geoff, lol. But I get it. I scrolled down to the comments to say boys would go back a week and buy a ticket with the winning Powerball numbers.

  2. I read a novel about the Civil War where a man from the future brought AK47s to help with the Confederate cause: “The Guns of the South” by Harry Turtledove

    • There was another one about time travel and Gettysburg, it was mildly amusing…

    • I wondered if someone would reference that book.

      And the Confederates even got the guns to work with black powder loads. And started making analog copies of the guns too.

    • I read Guns of the South. The South Africans time traveled to assist the CSA so that they would have an ally in the present day. Turtledove specializes in writing alternative history.

      • Gen Sorrel in “Recollections of a Confederate General” states that mid-war he had a man barred from camp (Army of North Virginia. iirc) who taking donations from his troops to build mechanical birds to drop bombs on the enemy.

        Great read.

    • I seemed like a great book until Turtledove went full woke gun control activist. I have refused to read anything more by that author.

  3. I’d rather take a time machine back and show AK’s, AR’s, MP5’s, Deagles, etc. to a different JMB β€” John Moses Browning (PBUH).

    And then see what he could come up with.

        • And every single southern slave owner was a devoted democrap, just like isles.
          Prove me wrong, trannies.

      • Its the headline that is wrong – shouldn’t be JMB, should be JB. The picture is of John Brown, not John Moses Browning.

    • jsled,

      Whatsamatta, did MajorRetard and dacian the demented exclude your from their afternoon circle jerk???? Boohoo, poor baby. The racists on this board are the Leftist/fascists (y’all love them darkies, as long as they vote how you want them to – how you racist f**ks treated Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Tim Scott, Winsome Sears, et. al. PROVE what racist f**ks you are. Osculate my anal sphincter, KKK motherf**ker.

    • He belongs to the Radical Republicans, just like Thaddeus Stevens. Therefore he one of ours, not of the Left.

  4. Would love to take a recording device or video camera back in time and get the truth of what was said by so many people.
    Get a video of people from the Bible, Perhaps Mohamid, Maybe some of the ancient Greek philosophers, or Roman writers or Ceasars. Some of the European Kings and Queens. Most of our own founders here in the US.
    Not interested in trying to change history. Who knows, if someone went back and killed Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao, the world could be either better or worse. Go back a couple generations and accidently kill someone, or discourage certain actions or events and you may not exist. Or someone dear to you would not exist.

        • Me,

          And, according to the best historical sources, he actually poured the hemlock in his ear, but yes, it was Socrates. Socrates was Plato’s student, so it’s a reasonable mistake.

        • Lamp:

          Socrates was the one executed via hemlock.
          Plato was the student of Socrates.
          Aristotle was the student of Plato.
          Alexander the Great and Ptolemy were students of Arisotle.

  5. Kalashnikovs, Makarovs, and Moltovs. The holy Trinity will prevail over any and all tyrannies.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis.

    We don’t need no MF-ing 15’s!

  6. Ignoring the obvious controversy around John Brown’s behavior (like murdering random people because they lived in a slave-owning area), I think the better version of is the one this where the guy threatens Marx with an AK (or sometimes a 249).

    “Remember, if you publish that, I’ll know and I’ll come back Karl”.

    But outside this stock meme, there are a ton of really good gun memes on Twitter, somehow TTAG misses them… all.

    • shout out to the mememeister at every weekend open thread is a compilation. little 2a stuff, topical and whimsical for sure.
      some i never understand, but i’m learnin’.

  7. John Brown was a deadbeat terrorist who was attempting to emulate the Haitian slave rebellion that culminated with the systematic extermination of white people.

  8. Sunshine beats on the good times
    Moonlight it rises from the grave
    Some people dying getting freedom
    But we still be them slaves
    Hey darling working them legs off
    Hey darling money to be made
    Hey darling I’ma coming back for more
    Just as soon as I get paid

    • High heel lady spitting at the nickajack
      Business man with a needle and a spoon
      Coyote chewing on a cigarette
      Pack o’ young boys going howlin’ at the moon

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