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Probably pretty accurate during one’s obligatory “Walmart Walk.” The second time, too. Takes a while, eh?


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  1. Pretty accurate indeed, especially considering I carry a FN57…😂😅😅🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣

  2. Uh, no. I carried concealed since I was a young adult before Florida had a CCW. It was a felony. I carried a Colt Series 70 Government Model. Sometimes, if I was dressed up a bit, with a date I would carry a Walther PPK/s. To this day I don’t have a CCW. I don’t even have that stupid little H.B. 218 qualifying card that I’m supposed to have for CCW in all fifty states. Every day I wake up, prepare myself for my day, arm myself and walk out the door. Fuck the government.

    • GF
      Same here. At that time, for me early 80s concealed ment it better be or else. Only cops and bad guys carried concealed and I wasn’t a cop. Ohio didn’t start ccw until 04 iirc but we have always had oc but it was frowned on in most cities.
      There were a few oh shit moments. and the time I spent in Jersey that was pretty awful.
      Like you said fuck the gov. none of their business.

    • Gadsen, I do the same up here in the queens colonies where if I get caught I stand to lose everything, including my life as at that point I’ll be defending my rights and there is zero chance of the courts seeing it my way. No person nor body of persons possess the authority to deny us our inherent rights (them labelling it privilege, which they also then deny us, does not make it so) nor can that authority be vested in them nor may they simply vest it in themselves. I’ve long made my peace with that as those who would strip me of my rights, including cops, to collect the Kings silver belong in the ground anyway. Life ain’t that precious and far less so on ones knees. Fuck that. As to the meme/article, I’ve not once felt that way, not even twenty some years ago when I first started exercising my inherent right to effectively defend myself.

    • What is the HB 218 thing you speak of? In WA state all that I need is a CPL to be legal. It’s in the state constitution.

      • Eric, H.B. 218 was passed so that all active and honorably retired L.E.O. can carry a handgun in all fifty states. It requires that you qualify with a local agency once a year and keep the “qual” card along with your retired I.D. The thinking being, “Who cares where is jurisdiction is/was! There’s a bad guy committing mayhem. Somebody just needs to stop him.” My problem is because of budget cuts, defunding by another name, I can’t get updated documentation. So, fuck the government. I probably put 50 miles behind me today. Anyone that knows me and saw me today knew I had a EDC.

        • This is a federal law? Weird ass law. Why should a local LEO have privileges that a citizen doesn’t have.

        • To Eric, it’s easy to think how come retired cops can carry anywhere and I cant. Well you can,not just legally?, I think the reasoning why can retired cops have a gunm is because there is probably some people who has a vendetta. It’s not right to deny anyone the right to protect themselves but that just the way it is.

        • Eric,

          I believe Gadsden Flag is referring to the federal law with the title L.E.O.S.A. — Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act. That federal law states that active and retired law enforcement officers in good standing who qualify every year and carry identification (to verify that they are current or retired law enforcement in good standing) can legally carry concealed handguns in all 50 states regardless of any state’s laws to the contrary.

          I believe the rationale is two-fold:

          1) Keeping additional armed “good guys” afield to mitigate violent crime.

          2) Keeping current/retired law enforcement officers armed for self-defense in case of retribution as possum stated.

          Note: I am not advocating for nor defending this law–I am simply explaining it. Also, I did 30 seconds of research after initially posting this comment and it looks like LEOSA may only apply to retired law enforcement. If that is correct, then I am not sure which law applies to active law enforcement.

        • Uncommon can also apply to military police with 10 years of service or disabled vet status (other requirements varied over the years).

    • Hoping the Constitutional Carry goes thru in Florida soon. I worry about the stupid “printing” thing so I carry my AMT .380 in my pocket. Have to clean out the dust/fibers once in awhile, but it’s comforting to have.

  3. Felt that way for me, but not because I thought anyone would notice I was carrying. It takes a bit to find the right gun, holster, belt, position, knife, flashlight, multi-tool, and other items that work for you and begin to feel “part of you” so that you stop subconsciously checking them with your fingers throughout the day, and as you’re sitting down & standing up.

    • A cross-draw holster (10o’cl for RH dom) might be a possible solution.

      This holster is especially comfortable while operating a vehicle. Bonus: Keeps the muzzle pointed at the lower area of the DS door.

  4. I see the confusion. That dude is open carrying on a post about concealed carrying.

    What is that pistol chambered for? 105mm?

    • First time I carried was a tiny Taurus TCP. Just threw it in my pocket. Wish I’d kept it. Never a problem but it seemed too weak. With giant phones no one notices(I see fanny packs are making a comeback!)

      • former, “butt packs”. They weren’t ever really out of style here. Not as common as they once were, but no one pays any attention to them. Especially if they’re not black and especially if they’re not leather. Galco made the best I’ve ever used. Mine is the old full sized one. Not that big, but it now carries a Glock 19X, spare magazine, surefire flashlight, spare batteries, Chris Reeves folder, Leatherman and room for wallet, and other gear. When my children were young I walked all over the land of the big rat with it. The pistol changed over the years but no one gave me a second glance. I’ll never go there again, but when I hear of their security, I laugh. I carried a Glock 36 in Disney World post 911. It was so easy.

        • “I’ll never go there again, but when I hear of their security, I laugh. I carried a Glock 36 in Disney World post 911. It was so easy.”

          Oh, it’s *changed*, and not for the better.

          The ‘Pulse’ nightclub mass-murder changed things at ‘King Rat’. It seems that after that happened, Disney security realized the shooter and his wife were in the park in the recent past, and their behavior got the attention of whoever watches the video cameras. They were making note of where entrances were of the costumed characters that do their thing with the guests.

          As I understand it now, it’s pretty much TSA-level inspections, metal detectors, etc. If they find you’re carrying, the will nicely advise you to leave it in your vehicle if you want to enter the park.

          It seems Disney was pretty freaked out by the Pulse murders, and they have made some changes to Disney World… 🙁

        • I was just there, actually. There is a security check with metal detectors and bag checks before your ticket is checked at any park. No guns or knives allowed. I have less of an issue with it than other places – it’s their property, so they can control it as they see fit, plus they have very good security. Less theater than TSA, to be honest. I don’t feel unsafe in their parks, which are highly controlled environments. The SJW mind virus, on the other hand, is a real concern… I almost caught it when I found myself briefly identifying as a cup of something that tasted almost but not quite unlike tea.

  5. Haz, you don’t want to telegraph, but you should check your gear occasionally. Discretely. I usually excuse myself a couple of times a day and do so in a restroom stall when I take a piss. Always a stall.

  6. I’ too have concealed carried law be damned, started at age 16(told the story of why to GadsenFlag). I was once was arrested for it too( my fault), wasn’t that big of deal, misdemeanor and fine, however I did not get that particular firegunm back(theiving bassturds).
    Concealed carry no problem for me, it’s when I open carry I feel as if people are staring.
    That’s changed a lot since this state went constitutional carry, seeing a lot more gunms open carried now.
    The drawbacks to concealed carry is it’s harder to get to the gunm fast, however concealed carry allows one to get the drop on somebody else because they dont know your armed. And getting the drop on em is what wins a gunmfight.
    If things keep on getting worse violence wise and more people become armed I suppose we are going to see a lot more fast draw rigs with the trigger guard fronts removed and the front sights filed down.
    Look up some of the old west gunm fighters rigs.

    • possum, a Fitz Special.1917 in .45 Colt with a shortened barrel and the front of the trigger guard cut away and hammer bob with an El Paso Saddlery period rig speaks to my soul. That would be equally effective today as it was in the depression era bank robberies. And with more style than the Glock 19X I just mentioned. If you really love firearms and I do. Frearms and little style and making your firearms a little more personal is something I appreciate.

    • Possum
      My brother was into quick draw in the 70s to early 80s. Made himself a super slick rig with a cut down trigger guard and sights from a really beat down colt saa. He copied some old west gunfighter set up don’t remember who’s.
      They used wax bullets in most competitions but he was pretty good with live ammo to.
      Really sucked though he was left handed so I couldn’t shoot it worth a damn.

  7. I dunno …. But then I carried legally 24/7 due to my job for many years. So, carrying as a civilian is just more of the same. These days I carry a micro compact in an IWB … easy peasy. 90% of the time my wife doesn’t realize I’m carrying and gets surprised when she hugs me and there’s that gun.

    But back in the day, I carried a 1911 in a shoulder rig … that’s a whole different story, gotta say.

  8. Is the pistol Condition 3? Because that’s how your friendly neighborhood Rookie carried (a .22, no less) when he first began CCW’ing. I quickly became comfortable with the idea of one in the chamber, but we all start somewhere, I guess.

    • When I started, carrying a revolver at first helped me learn to be comfortable carrying with one in the chamber.

    • Carried a 32 Beretta in my pocket the last 10 years of my teaching career – no ccw – would not have mattered. The principal knew – no one else. He said “Thank God there are at least 2 of us now.”

      • Don’t ask don’t tell and if needed hope the parents back the teacher over the union/school board. I suspect that more than a few teachers are carrying now even here in NY.

  9. When I live in the North country and wore a jacket or suit coat most of the time, I usually used a shoulder rig. Down here in the South, I use an IW holster and my ancient officer’s model 1911. Around the farm or just running into the closest little town, I usually wear a gun belt with a revolver.
    Now, Alabama goes permit less Jan 1, 2023. And, I will still keep my permit, a quick NICS BG check, and hand over the $25.00 at the Sherriff’s office, simple because for me to carry in other states, at least those I get to down here, I have to have an AL permit to be legal there. Even though a couple are also permit less carry. To be legal you have to carry the mother may I card. Of course, if I happen to travel to states that don’t recognize my AL permit, tough crap. I will still have my side arm on me.
    Now, I am not a fan of permits to exercise a right. But, if the law/politicians, are going to require a tax/permit, it should be good in all states just like your DL.
    Ran into something I found amusing a couple weeks ago. Went to my bank, where the tellers know me, and wanted to cash a small check I had received for some work I had done for a neighbor. She informed me the bank now requires a second picture or government ID to cash checks. First thing she asked was if I had a pistol permit card. So I guess in Alabama a ccw permit is considered a viable state ID.

  10. I remember when I felt that way at rest stops, post offices, and church… Carry long enough and you don’t even think about it. It’s not the govs business if I carry or not. The little lcp does come out when I am worried about printing though.

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  12. Why are spammy comments like YGemznjewelry with links to their online stores allowed, and sketchy “work-from-home” scam comments from Sarah the scam-spammer allowed, but perfectly reasonable comments about gunms get permanently stuck in “awaiting moderation” purgatory?


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