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It’s a slippery slope, but at least we’re moving in the correct direction.


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  1. Thats my beautiful wife right there. When she finally got interested in guns …damn… only took 20 years. Before that pretty indifferent.

  2. Either that’s a mini-AR or your chick is one BF Amazon…
    (And that can be a load of fun)

  3. Almost there. Mine recently saw the Honest Outlaw Extar review and said, “I want one of those.” Also said, “Get more rifle ammo!” after reading about the Lake City debacle the other day.

    Effin-Ay, Cotton. Effin-Ay.

    • My wife never disliked guns. Kinda meh about it. Even taught self-defense to gals. And she’s a better shot than me. Still hasn’t shot my rifle…33 years for us.

  4. Well, my wife has agreed to own a gun. She has not agreed to fire a gun. Slow but steady progress….

      • Kinda how it started with my wife and then she was shooting all my 22 and killing the target with her 380.

      • I got a really nice AR Target rifle for my wife about ten or twelve years ago. I still consider it one of my better trades.

    • LifeSavor, I’ve tried hard. Logically, emotionally, rationally and consistently with many women over the years, family, friends and acquaintances. Only one ever really lost that blank stare and you could literally see the lights turning on. Evolution is indeed a thing πŸ˜‰.

  5. My Mrs. was meh about guns. Would go to the range once in a while. Then we moved closer to town and suddenly she wanted a 20 gauge shotgun for her home protection weapon and a 9mm for a purse gun. Now she goes to the range whenever I do and can shoot just as well. Now she wants something in 380, because her hand strength isn’t what it was.

  6. My wife when we first decided to marry said no firearms in the house. I said they come with me, and she reluctantly agreed saying they needed to be in a safe. I already had safes, so no prob. I did have her get the Illinois FOID card since I was active duty and could deploy so IL said she needed the FOID.

    A few years later we were visiting a friend of mine and he showed me his new trench shotgun reproduction. I said I would like one some day too. About a month later after work I get home and on the table is a large gift wrapped box, she had my buddy help her get me the shotgun and bayonet! Her first firearm purchase.

    About the time of the riots and just before the ammo shortage she asked if we had enough ammo. I said what everyone says, never have enough. She said take 5K and get ammo for everything including her little LCP I bought her for her B-day awhile back.

    She doesn’t shoot often and only her pistol, but she always hit center mass of the man size target. So I won’t complain.

    Next step is the AR or SKS, she is acting interested.

    • An AK is the equivalent of a nice current Chevy Z28. A nice Russian SKS is a ’63 split-window sitting in the garage.

        • Have a Norinco SKS paratrooper (shortened barrel and spike bayonet). Despite being a chicom clone it’s rugged and reliable, and groups 1.5-2inches at 100 with Wolf steelies. I’d like to handload for it but the right bullets are hard to come by. You need .310 diameter to properly engage the rifling and most 30 cal stuff is .308 😐

        • Me too. In a fit of stupid I traded my Russian sks refurb off for a shotgun.

          Much prefer that sks to the ak.

      • Had to look it up – you could have said “63 split-window Corvette” and we would have gotten the gist of what you wanted to say.

        • So, is it safe to guess that you were born in THIS century? Greetings from the past Millennium.

    • “She said take 5K and get ammo for everything including her little LCP I bought her for her B-day awhile back.”


      Does she have a sister who’s single? πŸ˜‰

    • I think you just described a “straw purchase”, your wife committed a crime? That is how stupid our “gun safety” laws ALREADY are, and we are passing more, why?

  7. I really like .380. The + is powerful enough, the handgun can be the size of a dollar bill. You can always put the AR or AK in the trunk (if you think you need it).

  8. So in the marriage lottery, I picked a winner. The other day my wife said to me: “We are low on 9mm, you need to buy another 1000 rounds because Biden is still president and the communists are still in control of the congress and I don’t see things getting any better”! Bless her heart. However she is still pissed that I was able to retire before her. So there is that, she still brings me a beer without asking, so that means she is a genius.

    • We’ll done, sir.

      Can you imagine being 24-ish in this world and trying to find a woman like that?

      • See below. Try it at 35. I tried to marry my 21 year old girlfriend and she left me, over the protests of her mother and father. And she was a Christian, apolitical lady.

  9. I’m 35 boys. Find me one now, because it’s next to impossible. Have you all met modern women? They just basically want to date other women with a dick. My last girlfriend weighed 105 pounds and loved it when I picked her up because I was the only man she ever dated who could pick her up… and she left me when I proposed to her. Perhaps unrelated, but regardless I feel like you’re living in a bygone era.

  10. Jeremy you might want to watch that new girl friend you’ve got. She looks a little plastic to me and I’m pretty sure I seen her hanging out with a guy named Ken. If it’s the same people I dont know as I’d trust them, they’re the reason GI Joe got busted to Private.
    Maybe she’s changed or it’s not who I think that is?

  11. I used up every bit of good luck I was ever going to have when I married my wife. I came to expect bad things happening when I’m doing just about any activity and Sgt. Murphy just outside my peripheral vision always. Accepting it made me more aware of just how quick $h!t can hit the fan and plan accordingly.
    Would not trade her for anything.

  12. My wife at 13 saw a man shot by a GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) agent with a double barrelled 12 gauge at about 10 feet. She said his guts were in a pile in the front yard. This was in the mid-eighties. I hardly believed that a GBI agent would carry that instead of a pump but that is what her uncle told me the guy carried as well. She was a little soured on guns but after the St Pete riots of 1996 and the Tampa riots of 2020 she’s all in now. Before the Arbery verdict she asked how much ammo we had in case it went south.

  13. “Choose Death”
    I know things are really bad out there, and that quality women are far too few and very far between. Moreover, the schools, media, government, friends, and even most families and churches are training women to go the wrong way. Almost everything is stacked against men and women forming and maintaining successful marriages and families.

    One fact overrules all that. Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, and He is Lord of all! All power and authority now belong to Him. Choose Him rather than choosing death. Believe Him. Seek Him. Cry out to Him. Serve and follow Him with everything you have.

    Do that, and you will be blessed. Whether or not He gives you a wife, you will prosper. Eternal life and unending joy are in His hands.

    As 1st Corinthians 11:3 tells us, God the Father is the Head of Christ (God the Son). Christ is the Head of the man. The man is the head of the woman. The children obey their parents. This is the proper Biblical order. Some call it patriarchy.

    For marriage to work properly, the man must submit to Jesus Christ as his Master. Then, the man must lead, protect and provide, love and cherish his wife. The husband is the leader of the family, under God. The wife must respect, submit to, and follow the husband as her leader.

    Marriage won’t work properly if you try to make it an equal partnership. It isn’t that. It is a covenant, and covenants have leaders and followers.

    Marriage also won’t work properly if the man serves anyone or anything (himself, his wife, his job, his children, etc) other than God (in Jesus Christ). Likewise, the wife must submit to the Lord Jesus, by submitting to her husband, if the marriage is to flourish.

    I’m trying to apply all this in my own marriage. It is sometimes difficult, and I have a long way to go. Our 23rd anniversary approaches, and I think our marriage improves. πŸ‘

    For what it’s worth, I’m currently also asking my Savior and Master Jesus Christ for a second wife if it pleases Him to grant me another. He knows whether or not I am worthy and able to take on the level of responsibility involved with leading and nurturing two wives. That is a heavy load, and He knows better than I, if it would be beneficial.

    I bet I just made some Christian’s head spin talking about potentially having two wives, since most believers incorrectly believe polygamy to be adultery. The honest truth is that the Bible always treats polygyny (traditional polygamy) as marriage rather than adultery or sexual immorality. The Bible never prohibits it, or calls it sinful in any way. The Bible just treats it as marriage. Marriage is a good thing, and is blessed of God.

    It all seems to relate to covenant. Covenant leaders (like husbands) can have one or more than one covenant follower (wives). Covenant followers on the other hand can only follow one covenant leader.

    Similarly God demands monotheism of us, while He is the God of many people. Christ is Head (singular) and we Christians (plural) follow Him.

    Greco-Roman culture frowned on polygamy, and unfortunately, the Roman Catholic Church (and later Protestants) absorbed this cultural belief.

    If you disagree with me on my understanding of the Genesis created order, please realize that our fathers in the Faith, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Gideon, David, Solomon, Jehoida, Josiah, and many more clearly understood the reality that I am describing. I would also strongly argue that the apostles Paul and Peter (under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) taught in accordance with this view in the New Testament epistles.

    If we want Christ to rule in our lives, we really have to hold fast to what God said in the Bible rather than clinging to human cultural traditions.

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