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There is a link between the “freedom to enslave” and the “freedom to have guns,” according to Boston University Professor Ibram Kendi.

Kendi…told host Margaret Brennan that “throughout the nation’s history, there’s been two perspectives on freedom, really two fights for freedom.”

“Enslaved people were fighting for freedom from slavery, and enslavers were fighting for the freedom to enslave, and in many ways, that sort of contrast still exists today,” Kendi said.

“There are people who are fighting for freedom from assault rifles, freedom from poverty, freedom from exploitation, and there are others who are fighting for freedom to exploit, freedom to have guns, freedom to maintain inequality,” Kendi said.

Kendi did not further elaborate or explain the connection between white supremacy or “the freedom to enslave” and gun ownership.

— The College Fix in Professor Ibram Kendi Links ‘Freedom to Enslave’ With Gun Rights

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  1. That’s why we need our government to be heavily armed, so they can enslave all the wipipo.

      • Once again…When chat room level Gun Owners fail to define Gun Control by its history of racism and genocide it leaves the door open for a nutty professor spinmeister to define it their way…the lying democRat Way.

        Make no mistake about it…An unarmed citizenry is the numero uno required main ingredient a Tyrant and their useful idiots need to enslave a populace. Or when it comes to the democRat Party there was the Gun Control military wing of the KKK democRat Party.

        History confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide. And if politically inept Gun Owners do not learn to define Gun Control by its history obviously some two bit lowlife history rewriting democRat will come along and turn the tables on them.

    • Kendi is one of those “freedom from” types.

      If he could have his way, he would like to have freedom from freedom. He’s a negative freedom guy. And that means he’s a liberationist, and wants freedom from everything. He views the world through lenses, and this is the liberationist lens. That means everything in his world are seen as obstacles to overcome, and when wearing this lens, you don’t see the freedoms you actually have, you only see the obstacles you want to avoid. and he calls avoiding those obstacles “freedom.” But many of those obstacles are freedoms themselves.

      But kendi doesn’t a good philosopher make. He’s a post modernist (a marxist) and specializes in language manipulation.

    • If mental gymnastics was an Olympic sport, “Professor” Ibram Kendi would be a gold medalist.

  2. What an … interesting … mind.

    Prefer not to visit, and really don’t want to live in such a twisted worldview.

    • “What an … interesting … mind.”

      Kendi is a real piece of work, a first-class piece of sh!t.

      He’s the author of ‘How to Be an Antiracist’, and ‘Antiracist Baby’, that purports that infants can be racists.

      Yeah, he’s serious about that crap… 🙁

      • He left out the ones that fight to retain their freedom and rights by retaining their firearms.

      • It takes some serious intellectual dishonesty (or willful ignorance) to disregard the absolutely racist history of gun control, starting with countless Jim Crow laws and spanning all the way up to Regan’s signing the Mulford Act (and beyond), all because those pearl-clutching racists (in both parties) don’t like the idea of minorities being armed and able to resist the established power structure.

        That brings me to another point. Everyone is always talking about democracy… democracy always leads to a majority imposing rule over a minority. I’m not a fan of how most Conservatives have comported themselves the past several years, but how *any* minority can willfully back the concept of Democracy (mob rule by the majority) is beyond me.

        There cannot ever be a utopia, but there are ways to minimize the amount of human friction between those of us with vastly different world views. The problem is, it takes adults on a truly level playing field to sit down and hash those details out, problem is most people are zombies and most of those in power are in a much different caste than we are in terms of resources, power and influence.

        At this point I just wish there was a legal provision, right or amendment which outlined an individual’s right to be left alone (which includes from so-called officials).

      • His whole premise is “defeat racism with even more severe racism!” He hurls abuse at anyone and everything he doesn’t like, while proclaiming you aren’t allowed to disagree or reason with him because that would be racist, violent, etc. Truth is typically just the opposite of whatever he says.

        Gun control and other Democrat policies keep blacks and other minorities in slavery and poverty in Democrat controlled cities nationwide, where they live in fear of the criminals and gangs, unable to exit the cycle.

    • I want freedom from private enterprise, and freedom from the lack of paying taxes.


    • “Brain dead idiot…”

      He’s not stupid, but he is extremely dangerous, as the Leftist Scum ™ are brainwashed by his crap…

      • Muck didn’t say the idiot was stupid. I watched the interview last Sunday. The dumbass IS an idiot.

        “Kendi” Umba Gumba certainly, demonstrates that some village in Liberia is missing their village idiot. Trumps fault.

  3. Kendi did not further elaborate or explain the connection between white supremacy or “the freedom to enslave” and gun ownership.

    Sums up his entire career. Dazzling white-guilt laden morons with word salad taking an offensive approach to Malcom X’s distrust of liberals and actively grifting them for millions.

    • “Dazzling white-guilt laden morons with word salad…”

      And the Leftist Scum ™ drink it up, and consider his ‘writings’ to be Gospel… 🙁

  4. Many of us have brains which work rationally: we accurately evaluate facts, truth, our experiences, and others’ experiences to understand our world and choose a sensible path for our lives going forward.

    Sadly, many people do NOT have brains which function as I described above. Their brains elevate emotion, hysteria, and impulse above accurate, rational, and critical thinking. Professor Ibram Kendi is one such person.

    Important note: I do not disparage the Professor because he has a different position than I do. Rather, I disparage the Professor because his mental process is almost purely emotional, hysterical, and impulsive. In other words his mental process is equivalent to a petulant three year-old child which is extremely counterproductive in the real world.

    • I disparage the POS because he’s selling Marxism to gullible people… 🙁

  5. Literally the reason I fight for civilian gun ownership is so that people will be able to keep from being enslaved. Nothing makes slavery easier to obtain than a disarmed people.

  6. His name is Henry Rogers. He is worth over a million dollars. He gets up to $20,000 for an hour speech. Oh, and the Q&A sessions after? Pre-approval is required for questions.

  7. Our country is 246 years old, the beginning 89 years of this country had slavery. There hasn’t been slavery in the United States for 157 years and even when it was legal it was only practiced in a handful of states by the wealthiest 1% of Democrats that thought of themselves as European landed gentry and the elite. If slavery was legal today it would not be economically viable; why purchase someone and pay up-front for their entire lifetime of labor when you can just hire a free person for $14 to $30 an hour? Even when there was slavery it wasn’t really economically viable and more cotton was planted and harvested 2 years after the end of the Civil War than ever was planted and produced when slavery was legal.

    • Officer Bill,

      Don’t argue using facts and logic, it only confuses the small and degenerate minds like Kendi, dacian the stupid, and MinorIQ. They are incapable of independing thought (or thought of any kind, apparently), all they are capable of is spouting witless slogans and virtue-signaling bulls***. Kendi is a grifter and a witless @$$; dacian and MinorIQ are just witless @$$es (they’re not smart enough to make money off their grift). Mock them mercilessly, otherwise ignore them.

  8. And through history there has been a very obvious drive to keep those once enslaved from keeping their freedom by applying some sort of gun-control.

    Guns have freed a lotttttt more than they have ‘enslaved’, they have liberated more countries and oppressed people than politics have, they literally save millions annually from being killed – and with all these guns being in the hands of the people.

  9. This guy is a grifter profiting from idiotic elitist white liberal guilt. Ignore him and move on.

  10. This guy is an example of why the federal government needs to get out of the education business.

    • This guy is an example of what PublicEducation Inc. is spoon feeding your kids from pre-school through post-college studies. I am actually quite amazed that after a steady dose of this shit during the day, followed by six or more hours daily of FacePlant, TikShlok, SelfieWorld and violent video games that school shootings are as rare as they are. Parents, your vote counts, and it starts at the school-board level and partaking of home schooling whenever possible. Not only are you the primary first responder, you are also the prime educator. The school violence victims are most often assaulted while sitting in their desks by a perpetrator employed by the district – it’s just a subliminal form of violence.

  11. Many pro 2nd amendment people fail to realize a very important aspect of the gun debate. Some people do not defend themselves physically (fists, bats, knives, guns, etc.) So for these people it is critical for “average citizens” to not have guns because they themselves would never use them, and guns provide an enormous force advantage (compared to a knife) over an unarmed person not willing to defend himself/herself. Instead they need to have an authority provide protection.

    Not all anti gunners think this way. Some have a tyrannical illusion where they think they can be buddies with whoever is in charge and want a disarmed populous to boss around. They want to be in a society where they’re better than everyone else. Kind of like being a member of the communist party in China or Soviet Union.

    I’m not sure where this guy stands but I know it’s not in a good place.

  12. Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, and Sojourner Truth would like a word with “Professor” Kendi. What an ahistorical, ignorant @$$clown!!!

    That this grifting, illiterate, uneducated fool is a professor at a “prestigious” American college should tell you all you need to know about the state of American “education”. What a buffoon!!

  13. What a load of utter American bollocks. You really should get out more in the world more > Are you really suggesting that the rest of the civilised world is under slavery because they have exceedingly strict gun contro measure and where gun ownership of any kind is very much NOT THE NORM even when permitted. . I come from the UK and I have no reason to think the UK is anything but reasonably average in the civilised world as regards gun control. Are you really suggestuing tthe I and around 2 BILLION people around the world see themselves as some how enslaved.
    Even when gun ownership in Grear Britain was practically uncontrolled Mr Average Joe English did not go out and get him or herself tolled up. Neither did the citizens of say Canada or Australia. The ownership of even a rifle was limited to a small minority and the ownership of handguns to an even smaller one and GUN CRIME was extraordinarily rare and pretty much unknown. Even the POLICE were unamed. I am now over 80 and in my entire life I have never seen a sidearm other than in the possession of the Armed Forces or the Security Service and very, very few rifles either and most certainly never auto or semi-outo ones AND I AM CERTAINLY not and NEVER HAVE BEEN a bloody slave to anybody.Not even as a regular long time Serviceman

    • The difference between a slave and a subject is merely the whims of the people that rule you. Americans or actually the British colonists found the British way of doing things so intolerable that we had a revolution and kicked you out of our country so we could do things our own way. We even killed lots of your guys so we didn’t have to listen to prattle from people just like you and we couldn’t have done it if we weren’t armed equally to what was arguably the most powerful military in the world in its time. We have the Second Amendment today so Americans can be equal to any potential adversary our own government might send our way. Unfortunately ever since the Progressive movement began the second amendment has been getting whittled away piece by piece. Fortunately there are several civil rights groups in the United States that are making the case before the courts that the second amendment should be restored to its original strength.

    • Perhaps you should look at actual crime statistics. Since you opened your borders you can’t even go into some Muslim areas of the Country without a problem. They don’t even let your police in, in some places. So don’t tell us just about guns, take a look at your violence stats and then compare US stats to many countries in the world and you will see we are not even at the top.

    • You banned guns, banned knives, and yet people are still preying on each other. You have even banned self defense and the defender can be guilty of a crime.

      Doesn’t sound like a place based on freedom to me. Doesn’t sound civilized at all when you cannot even defend yourself legally which is a natural right shared by all people and even animals.

    • Albert L J Hall, Subject, Good for you. As we live in the US, what you “civilized” (sic) people say is of little value on this side of the pond.

  14. Kendi is not a Marxist although he uses Marxist jargon. He is a tool of the elites to keep the working class divided, in his case using race. It is therefore no surprise he would want the proletariat unarmed and defenseless.

  15. First of all, Albert get your own house in order before pontificating to us. UK is as fouled up as a soup sandwich. Why shouldn’t Americans of African heritage be proud of accomplishments they had a hand in? Why not be proud of where we came from and accomplished together? What about freed men who owned slaves themselves? Do you really want to erase memory of the contributions of those who came before? Who was that that said every black man should own a rifle and know how to shoot it? I personally don’t care what mr dumbass has to say. Hershel Walker if you are reading this, let’s go fishing or shooting together sometime.

  16. This is pure drivel, intentionally vague, and what only serves to incite the overly emotional to commit mental hara kiri instead of cooperatively working to solve real problems.

    • And what exactly in your opinion are the real problems? Perhaps we don’t agree with your perception? You have not indicated what your understanding or lack there of is of the issues.
      Please enlighten us.

  17. Kendi is a racist who has no compuctions about encouraging violence when it suits xis political ends.

  18. He’s half right – gun control has always carried with it the (often unspoken) understanding that the state would still have guns. History shows us that the ruling regime ALWAYS has guns available to it, and friends of the regime usually do as well, whether it’s legal or not. So a plea for gun control is a plea to give the regime the power to enslave the masses.

    This is projection, pure and simple.

  19. My suggestion to all is ignore all new gun laws, correspondence to you about your firearms, phone calls, etc. that are Unconstitutional and create an administrative nightmare for them by having to continually follow up. If anyone comes to your home ignore them as well and tell them to leave a card and you and your lawyer will get back to them. If anyone tries to enter your home invoke your states Make My Day or Castle Domain laws and treat them as such.
    With over 150 million firearm owners and 3 million military and law enforcement in this country it is more than a formidable job to take your guns. They can’t even deal with rioters who are not armed let alone deal with 1/3 to 1/2 of the country that is armed and not willing to cooperate. Civil disobedience and defense of your Constitutional Rights are paramount and don’t give in. The Founding Fathers promoted protecting our Country from enemies domestic and foreign and that included dictatorial government which we have now.
    So don’t go down without a fight and protect yourself, your family, your friends and the Constitution.

  20. Another trash heap “professor”.

    Hey, folks. Just a suggestion. Don’t feed the trolls. Especially trolls who live on rainy islands. Half the reason they’re here is to get attention.

  21. Having lived in an academic community all but four of my 71 years and holding two academic degrees my advice is, once you have the grade ignore anything else the academic says unless you have determined in advance he or she is not a flake! … And do not let them off the hook easily!

  22. BGM(Black Guns Matter) is teaching single mothers & others in major cities.
    So the enslaved by poverty are getting guns, to protect themselves & their families.

  23. If he was really enslaved, one would think his master would have ordered him to shut his mouth by now.

  24. Got a $20 bill that plenty of abolitionists of the 18XXes would have loved to have had a rack of AR-15s and plenty of ammo at their disposal.

  25. The learned “professor” need only look to the state of lock down enforcement in Communist China to understand the ignorance of his arguments.

  26. This dude has evidently never studied the history of his ancestors in the United States. What an ignorant fool.

  27. “KENDI” is nothing more than a race hustling Maoist, who would use the power of the State to MURDER his perceived political enemies. He should be shunned and mocked at every opportunity.

  28. Kendi is a one trick pony. Everything is racist.

    The fact is, Kendi is a white hating black bigot. Unfortunately, it’s a sentiment shared by many blacks…and all too many self loathing whites.

  29. Kendi, a stark raving mad neo-Marxist creature. Only a psycho (on ANY political side) would trust a govt. with more power, money, control.

  30. “Kendi did not further elaborate or explain the connection between white supremacy or “the freedom to enslave” and gun ownership.”

    The reason Kendi COULD not further elaborate is obvious. For that argument to be valid would require that the alleged targeted group of would-be slaves be prohibited from exercising THEIR rights under the 2nd amendment. There is no one (other than the far left) that wants to enslave any other group of people OR deny them their constitutional rights.

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