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I found a great deal, though, so really I saved us money today.


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    • As I’ve always been the one to “prep” with food, supplies, ammo, etc. (which has proven to be very helpful through several emergencies), my wife never asks, though I’d certainly give her a truthful answer if she did. All she knows is that her household is secure, so she’s happy.

      But if she ever did ask how much I’ve spent on our ammo stockpile…hooo, boy! I hope she never does, lol.

  1. I have a separate account for my monthly “allowance.” Wife does not know what I spend it on, and she doesn’t ask. She has her own account too, and I don’t ask what she spends it on.

  2. My wife never asks. She’s happy we’re well armed. My favorite wife so far😏

  3. I tell my wife I bought some ammo and she shows me the plants and stuff she bought. Never an argument as we are both happy. The way it should be. Damn I’m a lucky man!

    • In that case, the Psaki edition…

    • Indeed. Those 1,000 round cases are *heavy*… 😉

  4. Not everyone has a wife, I’ve got a girlfiend though, half chimpanzee.
    Youd be surprised at what you can buy as long as you top it off with a dozen long stem bananas.

      • I am guessing some sort of marsupial, but not sure I want to know!

        I did my ammo shopping year before last, before it all went higher than a marsupials back!

      • For someone who lives in a nasty wet burrow in the bank of a stagnate ditch, the Possum is a sharp cookie…

        • +1, napresto.

          I think Dan needs to consider an occasional “Possum’s Ponderings” article.

          I do miss the short-lived “What Are You Carrying Now?” series from last year, though.

  5. My wife asked if we had enough ammo out of the blue. I said we could always use some more and a C&R rifle. She asked if two rifles would be better than just one more. Now two rifles on order, ammo on way and she even found coupon codes to use.

    I think she lives me

  6. Off topic, I keep looking for those .gov twits at ATF to post their BS to the federal register so I can give them a piece of my mind, still nothing. I guess they are waiting for Friday late so we won’t notice. I am up to two pages, so I think I am going to break it up into four or five different comments or more since I am gonna reread their long assed manifesto.

  7. One of the more amusing aspects of the generally unamusing ammo shortage is seeing uncommon calibers popping up for sale more frequently. AIM has 8mm Lebel ammo in stock, along 7.7 Arisaka.

    • Damn, and here I sold my Arisaka 40 years ago because ammo was hard to find and high if you did, guess I should have kept it.

    • Have notice same with online auctions at and Folks cleaning out the closets for long forgotten inventroy and liquidating it at $1+ per round.

    • I’m still on the lookout for 7.62×45. I can make it, but if I could buy a case, I’d be happier.

  8. WARNING: The Senate committee has advanced S.1 to debate. Contact Manchin, Tester, and other shaky D’s and RINOs!

  9. My late wife would be cool with it. She was fiercely protective (not smothering) of our daughters, as am I.

    She was also a helluva shot with a Beretta 92fs.

    She would’ve been cool with ammo/gun purchases as long as not at the expense of basics for the girls. Easy fix. Put some away for this, put some away for that.

  10. The wife used to ask me all of the time” does this dress make me look fat?” I knew that it was a new dress. So after I bought a new gun I would conceal it on my body and ask her if this gun makes me look fat. Never had a problem till I put a full size AR down my pants.

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