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Innovators gonna innovate.


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  1. Unicycles. Tried it once. OK on flat ground. No gears. Uphill can be a bear. Here in PA, you need permit to carry concealed if you open carry while on a unicycle.

      • Hah! Same here. A friend that’s been unicycling since he was a kid and makes it look easy gave my overconfident ass a try.
        I embarrassed myself.
        But if bicycles were outlawed I’d hafta master it. Not because I wanted to, but because… F%&# the man!

  2. Today, I saw a guy riding while standing on a motorized wheel. Had his feet on each side. Looked like he could go 20-25 mph. It had to be electric. Is that a uniwheel. What category does that fall under?

    Great meme

  3. Yes, but that is living the slave life. In case you didn’t understand the sign, it means “You are under our control.” Everytime you find a sneaky little work-around, they are going to jump on you. Freedom is only maintained by actively resisting enslavement attempts.

    • “In case you didn’t understand the sign, it means “You are under our control.”

      Yep, you should be able to bicycle and skateboard down the sidewalk, who gives a shit if there’s old folks making their way on the sidewalk, it’s not like we give a shit about pedestrians, right?

      Y’all are hilariously oblivious to reality, right up until some skateboarder knocks you on your ass and breaks your old man hip.

      • It’s incredibly naive to think the state is looking out for us and is concerned about our well-being. The government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about us

        • Well you know, that sign wasn’t put up by the state. That sign was put up by the property owner, who owns that sidewalk and has the right to regulate what happens on that property.

          For some strange reason, many conservatives think they can dictate to private property owners exactly what they can and can’t do on their property, it’s a weird concept.

          Most of us liberals understand that when a person owns property, they should have the right to do whatever they want on that property. Whether it’s growing a particular crop in their garden or loving a particular person in the bedroom, no one but the private property owner has the right to determine what occurs on their property. That’s what we call the American way, freedom and liberty.

      • Au contrere. They protect us from skateboarders! Yes. They do. It says so. Right there on that sign.

        • “They protect us from skateboarders! Yes. They do. It says so. Right there on that sign.“

          No, that is not what the sign says. The sign was put up by the property owner exercising his right to regulate what happens on his property.

          The property owner is expressing his direction that the aforementioned items are prohibited on his property, that is his right. Contrary to what some believe, private property owners have many rights regarding the control of their property.

  4. Similar thing downunder. While semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns were banned, or highly restricted, lever-action shotguns were not.

    Anti-gun groups say this is a loophole. Gun owners say we are complying with the law. It is not our fault the gun laws were drafted in haste and ignorance with lawmakers who lacked knowledge of firearms.

    • Sounds like the result of the assault weapons ban in the US. The ban said too many accessory items on a gun made it forbidden, like bayonet lugs, threaded muzzles, and barrel shrouds. The banners were apoplectic that gun makers didn’t politely go out of business and chose to continue selling similar guns that had removed the forbidden features.

      • I like the idea of bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards rolling unimpeded down the sidewalks, freedom!

        All you old farts need to either get out of the way or stay home, the sidewalks are all about freedom of navigation.

        I mean, the idea pedestrians might have the right of way on sidewalks is just pandering to weak old timers, shuffling along with their colostomy bags.

        America is for the fit, healthy young people, screw the ‘greatest generation’ shuffling along, they’ll be dead in a couple years anyway, right?

        • wow. you don’t even sarc well.
          your last two comments demonstrate, via projection of old people safety, that you are a ninny and a femwee.
          if the sidewalk frightens you that much, don’t go near the bike path. especially in europe where the cool kids cheat and put >49cc kits, carbs, pipes and variators.

        • I thought you conservatives were all about private property rights?

          The owners of the sidewalk said they don’t want anything but pedestrians, out of respect for their patrons in order to preserve their business.

          Yet you conservatives seem triggered by the idea that a private property owner would think that he can regulate behavior on his property.

        • Damn Minor49or you just have to be the most ageist pos floating around like t¥rd in a punch bowl. Your skateboarding shitstains can use a parking lot or a park for their time wasting “sport”!

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