Portland police protest black lives matter defund police
(AP Photo/Noah Berger, File)
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[City of Portland] Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty said the rise in shootings is completely unrelated to the disbanding of the Portland Police Bureau’s Gun Violence Reduction Team. Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has pointed to the pandemic as being a contributing factor but Turner disagrees.

“Our elected leaders can no longer turn a blind eye to this and blame this on the pandemic,” [PPA Executive Director Daryl] Turner said. “It is directly related to the defunding of police, the defunding of our staffing levels, defunding of units such as the Gun Violence Reduction Team, defunding of our staffing levels that have made us anemic, made us to the point where we can’t even respond to calls for service in a timely manner.”

— Lindsay Nadrich in Turner: Gun violence surge ‘directly related to defunding police’

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  1. And in other news water is wet.

    The real question is, what will the people who live in Portland do about it?

    • They’ll just move over to your home state and start the whole process over again

    • Move and make mini Portlands elsewhere. I just find it hilarious my neighbors are now flying everything but the stars and bars for “right wing hate symbols” that will not catch a charge just to discourage the wrong sorts of new home owners from moving in from NYC/Boston. We will probably see (more) first amendment violations just to discourage the practice within the summer.

      • Yeah, my new neighbors up the street, Portland transplants from a year and a half ago, are talking about putting the house up for sale in the summer…. ” the neighborhood doesn’t seem very welcoming and it’s hard to meet people with our same views”, you know, THOSE people that took out the sold sign and replaced it with BLM, Bidenharris, and every other free-shit douche nozzle on the ballot last year. And let the batteries in the Tesla freeze when it got to 32 below over the winter, and bitched about the state not “super-subsidizing” the cost of a level 3 charger for it, cuz, doesn’t every neighborhood have a need for three phase/ 480 volt feeders? Gee, I’m gonna miss them… they hated dogs, so that was one less ankle- biting yapper rat-on-a-rope left outside all day.

    • “The real question is, what will the people who live in Portland do about it?”

      Just look at the streets of downtown San Fransisco for your answer.

      There is literally human sh!t on every block, and the ‘citizens’ simply step around the piles as they go about their day.

      If they say anything about it, the retribution from their neighbors will be swift and brutal.

      This is how actual fascism starts…

      • For an interesting analysis on how fascism starts and becomes entrenched try reading “Travelers in the Third Reich”. The author combed diaries and letters from students, diplomatic personnel, government officials and offices (many nationalities) and publications from the end of WWI to the start of WWII. It can be a bit tedious in places, but, it outlines a strong correlation between the rise of the National Socialists (and their tactics) and what we are seeing in the USA today from the Left…same tactics, same rhetoric, same intolerance, same scapegoating…same political direction. I found it fascinating how many government officials, ministers, and non-profits from the UK, USA and other countries that expressed an admiration for Hitler, both personally and for his “benevolent” dictatorship. The authors, playwrights, artists of the day were, almost to a person, swooning over the NSDAP “progressive” attitudes and stances…sound familiar? They had their own Chris Matthews personalities describing feeling that thrill going up their leg. The initial deceptions of Dachau wherein guards assumed the role of prisoners for the visiting Media and Big Wigs and presented a totally faux vision of the “re-education camp”.

        As Mr. Spock was wont to say…I found the book “fascinating”.

  2. Nope.
    It’s the remaining police and their representation of white supremacy that is forcing the people to act out in a wholly natural way that has been ingrained in them over 400 gorillion years of oppression. They cannot help themselves as long as even one badge wearing klansman stands.

    I’m taking some CRT classes. Really opening my eyes to the oppression all around us.
    This Black text being used as a mere tool of the massive, over-bearing, all-encompassing white background for example is prime white supremacy. It is oppressing my newly woke and opened eyes therefore I AM A VICTIM.

  3. That is Libertarianism in action. Your fantasy of having no police has come true. America take note.
    Because the Libertarians will not support the law abiding shooting rioters dead on site.

    • I have heard more than a few express just that opinion and heard more than a few religious conservatives say just the opposite. You paint with way too wide a brush Chris. People don’t fit neatly in the the little categories you have in your head.

      • To vic nighthorse
        The year 2020 will go down as the year when people “took their masks off”. And revealed who they really are.

        And that really goes for everyone. Libertarian, liberals, the left, conservatives, atheists, religious people.

        Libertarian Liberals, the Left, the atheists supported the government telling religious people to not go to Easter services.

        And religious people unfortunately followed the orders of the government.

        My high school biology class was far superior than four years of medical school for these so-called experts. I know that germs and viruses can’t tell the difference when you were in church or shopping in a Wal-Mart.

        And they don’t know the difference between when you’re at a black lives matter riot or just trying to survive. As BLM is burning down the business where you make a living at.

        As far as I’m concerned the wearing of a mask is the mark of a slave. A good obedient slave to the government.

        • I think you are a troll here to divide us. Take your incorrect view of libertarians and shove it. Libertarianism has been explained to you many times here yet you persist in your fantasy about it.

          It it’s no different than someone saying all Republicans are warmongers who support the military and prison industrial complexes.

    • The Libertarian Party is no longer libertarian. They are just Democrats Lite. A real libertarian would say that the right to use force is not reserved to the police. It is merely delegated to them. A real libertarian would have no objection to shooting arsonists and looters.

      • Encouraging that normal people are coming around to shooting arsonists and looters even up here.

        • Perhaps that New York learning curve is getting shorter?
          It does help when your local police department is ordered to Stand Down. By the Democrat Party leadership in the city.

      • Over the years I have observed that there are not many real Libertarians on TTAG. Or anywhere else.

        • That’s because Libertarians have become Zebras in a Horse corral….same animal as the rest of the leftist herd, just wearing a different striped jacket.

  4. I have a fakebook friend who lives just across the river from Portland. A clusterfunk. They ain’t libertarian. They’re communists and anarchists…

    • They aren’t even anarchists, though they like to use that word because it has been painted with a bad connotation and scares the women and children. Actual anarchists want government to go away and leave people alone.

      • That is exactly what the Seattle autonomous zone was. And many Libertarians supported it. And they were sad to see it go away.

  5. Wow, it makes perfect sense. I’m unhappy I didn’t see it before. It’s all one goal…

    Defund the police, “gun crime” increases, more “justification” for confiscating guns from the law-abiding.

  6. is it me or are the people of portland a special brand of stupid? anybody that gets roughed-up by these animals and will not do something about it ,DESERVES WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW..

  7. The first rule of “gun violence journalism” is that, when they refer to it as “gun violence”, they don’t want to talk about who was pulling the trigger.

  8. Portland OREGONE, is the laughing stock of the country,
    The county’s D A Mike Shit is worthless, he opens the jails & lets everyone out, he won’t prosecute ANYONE unless their conservative, the Portland city council is a freak show, (if you’re not familiar with who they are & their beliefs) look it up, Amazing bunch of liberal misfits.
    Then there’s the Mayor of Portland,,, what a joke,, Ted Wheeler, what a piece of work he is. Let’s Antifa & Burn Loot & Murder control the city , then there is the Governor Kate Brown,,, it just gets stupider & stupider , even the Republican politicians in this state suck.
    The police chief is right on the money with his claims about this joke called Portland.

    • Looks familiar for the council types (Albany and Troy for nearby neighbors) and short of Antifa having a more involved presence NYC is only a few steps behind with even less official consequences due to bail reform. But hey we got the times square shooter (more recent one). Even the criminals know to find a better place in Florida.

  9. I personally blame transphobia and oppressive heteronormativity for the increase in gun violence in Portland. Why can’t they just let a shemale drop the kids off at the pool in the ladies room in piece? The control and shaming of trans bodies is literal violence and that is really why Portland continues to 🔥 STOP THE OPPRESSION!!!!

  10. I’ve lived just outside of Portland for the last 32 years. There is a reason for being outside of it. The local government and the people have allowed it to get trashed while thinking they are some social warriors of justice. Their compassion for the human being has allowed homelessness, open drug use, open vandalism to flourish. All in the name of being progressive and compassionate.

    Now speak out against any of these issues and you are a racist, a fascist, a homophobe, a nazi, a white supremist. It is going to take a long time for this city to recover and be the gem it was once was.

    I’ll keep looking in from the outside where life is normal.

    • Visited family in Salem a couple weeks ago, and it’s trending the same way as Portland. Downtown was clean and friendly when I lived there, and most of it still is, but now there’s a big homeless camp occupying most of the block north of the Union Gospel Mission. Not blocking entry to any buildings…yet…but they’ll probably get there.

      Notably, UGM itself and the street in front of it are clean as always; it’s where their influence ends and the city takes over that the filth begins.

      “Progressives” are vile, regressive, and actively cruel. No government that actually cares would let such large numbers of people wallow in filth and misery in the middle of civilization, let alone encourage it.

      • “Progressives” are vile, regressive, and actively cruel. No government that actually cares would let such large numbers of people wallow in filth and misery in the middle of civilization, let alone encourage it.

        Jean-François Revel explains that facet of their thinking rather well in Last Exit to Utopia. Good book, but get a decent translation as his French is a bit… haughty (I suspect this is due to his distain for the *cough* intellectual rigor *cough* of the philosophies he’s discussing).

  11. I’ve sort of wondered for a while if you can disperse these miscreants the way you disperse people at bar close.

    Crank up the juke box, turn on the lights and blast polka music.

  12. Butt,,,Butt,,,Buttt, OREGONE’s a sanctuary state, Right,,, how could this be a bad thing??? (Sarc)
    Couldn’t be because OREGONE has been under Democratic control for over 30 + years,,, the I – 5
    Corridor runs the whole west coast from Canada to Mexico, that’s why… all Democrat controlled.

  13. The residence and voters of Portland made their city into a sh!t hole. Why should I care? The residence and voters of Detroit also made that city into a sh!t hole. Why should I care? I use to. But I don’t many more.

    What I do see are white majority cities, run by nearly all white city councils and white mayors, allowing their cities to be turned into sh!t holes. Things have changed compared to the 1960’s riots. Back then rioters where shot dead. And the riots stopped.

    What has changed is the skin color of the rioters. They just can’t bring themselves to shoot a majority white mob who wave rainbow flags. The Portland riots have been going on continuously for I think now over 200 days straight.

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