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The FAB-Defense RAPS stock has been out for a couple of years now but I have never had hands on time with one until Wednesday. I haven’t installed it yet, but it sure feels fantastic.

Raps or RAPS in all caps stands for rapid adjustable precision stock. FAB has managed to make tool-less, secure, and quick adjustments for length of pull and the cheek rest. No easy feat. The

The RAPS stock is packed with some very nice features. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised as, in my experience, FAB-Defense makes some great products. 

The fine FAB folks famously form fantastic polymers. Alliterative comments are highly encouraged, as always, but they clearly know their way around an injection molding machine. They make some dang complicated parts very well. You may know FAB-Defense for their GLOCK PDW chassis. 

You probably don’t know FAB for their M203 Chassis. 

The RAPS integrated cheek rest and adjustable LOP 1Latch System locks both LOP and cheek rest height with one lever. No tools are needed. Just flip the latch and adjust it until the range officer tells you to leave.  

The butt pad section is spring loaded rearward which should make LOP adjustment while prone easy. The LOP adjustment range is 1.26 inches and the cheek rest adjustment range is 1.65 inches, enough to accomodate most shooters’ needs. 

The latch can easily be configured for right- or left-handed shooters. Just unscrew this and flip the assembly around. 

The RAPS has a LOP memory feature. Set it once and the adjustable butt pad will spring out to the same length of pull setting every time. Just loosen this knob, which has a nice ball detent lock, position the LOP where you want, and tighten the screw.

The next time you unlatch it, the LOP will spring to the “memory” position. 

The butt-pad is height-adjustable via three screws recessed into the rear of the heavy duty rubber butt-pad. A covered rail section is on the bottom of the stock. It was very snug and I quickly gave up on removing the cover. I — or probably Jeremy — will do that in a full review in the future.  

The LOP memory feature with ball detent is nice, as is the spring loaded butt pad, but the tool-less single latch mechanism is this stock’s highlight feature. The RAPS is available in black, FDE, OD Green, and gray for $175.00

Hopefully this is going on an AR10 with a 375 Raptor BSF carbon fiber barrel. That or a Heckler & Koch MR556A1. A stock this nice deserves to be mounted on a good build. 



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  1. I’ve swapped out a couple of my MagPul PRS stocks with the RAPS because they weight over a pound less – the ease of adjustment is just a big plus.

  2. Great stock and another top-notch product from FAB Defense that’s well designed, functional and durable. I especially like the memory LOP feature for quick and comfortable mounting. Loaded with great features… my only slightly negative comment is if you are a smaller frame person, you might find the stock a bit long (even when fully closed). With that said, I understand that FAB has introduced a more compact version that also adjusts on a collapsible buffer tube so it fits an even a wider range of individuals. I’m a fan of affordable, high quality products and this is another one from FAB!

  3. I’ve seen no need to swap out the Luth MBA-1 on my POF P-308 SPR Gen4 Edge, but this has me thinking I just might. 👍
    That little monopod rail under the lower cover is a nice touch, and missing on the Luth.

  4. I’ve been using the RAPS stock on my DB15 for a year now and I love it! I heard FAB is coming out with an even more compact version of this stock and I cannot wait to purchase it

  5. Just had a chance to handle one of these today at my local Bass Pro Shop. Really nice stock, solid and great build quality. Will be picking one up this weekend.

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