Pineapple Express Afghanistan
Courtesy Captain Zac Lois
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It is never good when, in a democracy, retired members of the military presume to put themselves back into service.

But it was that or the horror of seeing their friends and allies lynched.
It was this cautious, careful operation, by all indications undertaken with fear and trembling, or definitive dishonor.

America today is under the shadow of this self-inflicted Saigon, this botched Dunkirk, this deep humiliation. But there are also these moments of brotherhood that make you wonder whether you’re in a Kathryn Bigelow film, or a Netflix series on the Navy Seals, or that you’re standing next to Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne; but that’s not the case! This is real life; these are everyday heroes who simply decided, out of conscience, not to let the trap door close on obscurantism and crime.

These heroes have lent, to speak like the French poet Stéphane Mallarmé, a “purer meaning” to the principles of “empathy” and “service,” which are those of the great American “tribe,” Democrats and Republicans alike.

— Bernard Henry-Levy in American Honor

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  1. It is never good when, in a REPUBLIC, retired members of the MILITIA ARE FORCED to put themselves back into service TO DO THE JOBS THE GOVERMENT WON’T DO.

    • To make matters worse, the State Department has been intentionally working against some civilians trying to help.

      • I heard that. Our government hates freedom & liberty, hates us and those who seek freedom and ordered liberty. Welcome to the killing fields of Afghanistan.

        • Because freedom and liberty invalidates their existence and “purpose”. It shines light in the dark corners of both their tyrannies and inadequacies and we can be begin to see how we do not need them.

      • Glenn Beck said State Department employees laughed and hung up when his people tried to get help flying into Afghanistan to get Americans out.

    • The article is meant to stir up the far right racist’s. Notice the picture does not show Men or Women in Uniform reentering the service rather it shows a group of what appears to be Afghan refugees. This is a subliminal message to the far right that the soon immigration of Afghan refugees into the U.S. are now going to be a threat to them so every one should “arm up” immediately.

      • It’s amazing that you came to that conclusion. I would suggest in the future that you not misattribute your own personal feelings onto others.

      • You are an imbecile.

        While the technical and sporting aspects of firearms are apolitical, the issue of gun rights is political. A Presidency that is not only so incompetent but evil that it would abandon US citizens and allies to be slaughtered by savages is an existential threat to the rights and lives of all Americans.

        • It exposes the lie that the government is some all powerful and kind father who will always look out for you and protect you. When in reality now it will abandon you or worse, frame you, to cover up its incompetence.

          Like Hillary blaming a nobody on YouTube for Benghazi. She’s willing to send an innocent guy to prison to cover her ass. You really think she cares about you?

      • Didn’t bother looking at the photo very closely, did you? If you had, you *may* have noticed the three individuals with their faces blurred out. Even the photo itself is ‘Courtesy Captain Zac Lois.’ Thanks for the obtuse propaganda.

        “There are none so blind as those who WILL not see.”

      • thank you that makes sense. i assume refugees will come to the US however they are US sympathesizers not taliban, right? so not sure what the big deal would be.

      • Congratulations Alfred E. Newman!
        You passed the rorschach test with FLYING colors.
        Racist scum buckets see racism EVERYWHERE, even where it doesn’t exist.
        All TTAG members need stop and give this racist POS a hand.

      • I see men who went to rescue people and thier families from a cult. These people helped us in our efforts there at great personal risk not only to them but to thier entire family and villages.

        Any of the people in the photo if caught would literally lose their head. The women and children would be raped first before beheading.

        But you see racism in rescuing brown people from terror. You are a piece of work.

      • “the soon immigration of Afghan refugees into the U.S.”

        Those Afghans put their live at risk working with us and they faced certain death when Biden bailed on them. Those are the kinds of immigrants we want to come here; brave, not the gutless cowards who are wearing masks and getting vaccinated like obedient serfs.

        “every one should “arm up” immediately.”

        Because the US government is a greater threat to us than any foreign power has ever been.

      • Right on Dacian!! You tell em’!! These gun nut racists think they are more capable than us (the government) but this Afghanistan withdrawl has shown everybody the truth: a determined populace armed with mere rifles stands no chance against the mightiest nuclear armed super power in world history! America victoriously conducted the largest emergency air evacuation in history! The enemies of America are shaking in their boots.

      • You are an absolute Moron. So white guys saving non white people’s lives is racist. Got it. You people on the left are despicable.

      • You’re not just a moron and an idiot. You’re a bigot and a racist. Your purposeful attempt to confuse one race with the other is the height of racial violence.

  2. The last place in government you will find morality and honor, a sense of duty, is in the military. Which is why the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left hate the military some much. But they really do love the “education and welfare industrial complex”.

    And NO, I’m not saying the military is perfect. Military people go to prison for their crimes. But civilian government workers can’t be fired. And almost never go to prison for the crimes, fraud, failures, they commit against the public.

    • Most if not a sizable amount of the military will follow orders regardless of its morality. As far as the blanket statement about libertarians hating the military the ones who use force to carry out immoral orders are the ones they hate Biden isn’t the one holding a gun to people’s heads using coercion its the people who fall in line and follow his orders.

      • As I said before TTAG. If you don’t support open carry then you don’t support the Second Amendment.
        And there are many self-described Libertarians Liberals and Leftists who have “called open carry an act of intimidation”. These people are far more comfortable with only the police and military being the one’s allowed to open carry firearms.

        They talk big sh!t about supporting a messy freedom. And I don’t really believe in it.

        • edit
          They talk big sh!t about supporting messy freedom. But they really don’t believe in it. It’s just all talk to get clicks and donations.

        • I’ve heard so called conservatives state that very view about open carry guess that means all conservatives hate open carry. See what I did there are their libertarians who dislike open carry? I imagine I can find a few but the difference is libertarians won’t agree with government force being utilized to stop a person from open carrying regardless if they agree with the practice or not. Your broad generalizations are just that and nothing more.

      • “Most if not a sizable amount of the military will follow orders regardless of its morality.”

        Does this apply to most veterans also?

        You can support the military or shit on them, saying they would follow immoral orders is not support.

        Great 9-11 post, asshole.

        • 2/3s of the military got an experimental jab voluntarily and being vet myself ive met and had to work with leftists and people who would do most anything to keep getting their paycheck. If you want to believe a sizable amount of the military won’t follow immoral orders you’re free to do so. People with brains will continue to point out examples of how your wrong. And as far as you name calling bravo ill do a one handed clap for you. 🤣

        • “Does it apply to most veterans?”

          In my opinion no assuming you’re talking about the ones who got out and realized that having the government controlling individuals lives is a detriment and not a benefit. Now are they’re people in the military as we speak who would not follow an unlawful order I also believe those people exist as well I just don’t believe that it encompasses the entire US armed forces as you suggest. Believe it or not everything isn’t black and white and your notion of all or nothing support is BS so get the heck off the horse you think you rode in on.

    • Chris and Dacian have to be brothers. The amount of stupidity that comes out of their mouths is pretty much non stop.

  3. Some Veterans went back to Iraq and to Syria to fight isis after the govment failed to deal with the problem. We Americans will always stand up to right wrongs.

    • “But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example. She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force…. She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit.”

      It’s a shame the populace is so foolish as to forget that the same founding fathers that decided on independence from Britain did so knowing that getting involved in righting every ‘wrong’ on the other side of the world leads to all the blowback we’ve seen for decades.

  4. Afghans.
    Just as good as any , after all, its all pink on the inside.
    Now you might not believe it, I mean the appearance of the carcass in the ditch looks quite black and rotting, that just means its curing out and if you chew down about four inches the meat pinkens up. There are different flavors as we know, Dacian, depending on cultural diet. So your taste may sway you to have a preference for one breed over the other. Ice cream is ice cream if you like ice cream and Afghans are probably just as tasty as anyone else.
    I’m not hating on any breed. Thank you very much.

    • This ⬆️
      Evil comes in ALL shapes and sizes. No single group (race, religion, creed, skin color/shade, affluence level, geographic region (rural/urban)……) has the market cornered on racist behavior. PERIOD!
      Too bad the democrapic party/far left forgot about MLK Jrs. ‘color of ski/content of character’ speech. 🙄

  5. You won’t mind taking a little drug test so that normal people can determine which drugs are effecting your thought processes.

    • In 2020, I was told by Libertarians on TTAG to do as my bible says and follow government orders. And not go to Easter church services. And don’t recall any Libertarian news media disagreeing with the government.

      Perhaps you can provide links to athiest web sites who supported the 1st amendment civil rights of religious people???

  6. “…the great American “tribe”, republicans and democrats alike.”
    Um, no, only a few republicans and no democrats at all.

  7. The US Military heads will do whatever this admin tells them to do. They’ve been politically groomed. Their oath is to defend and protect The Government. The Front for Organized Crime has already directed Biden to ignore The Supreme Court, or any court not in their favor. The Constitution will be declared a racist document and removed. Congress dissolved. Any excuse to declare martial law will do. A legally elected president becomes dictator, run by committee backed by The Military. Think not? Didn’t think Biden could do so much damage in 8 months either. The National Front for Organized Crime is not stupid. Underestimate it at our own risk.

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