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I figure the best time to make fun of Mondays is on Friday. Have a great weekend, y’all!


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  1. Every single instructor I’ve ever taken a course under has gone through a Type 3 malfunction clearance drill. Heck, I even experienced one for real during my skills test needed to pass the prerequisite course for my Nevada CCW permit. No points were deducted from my total due to the fact that I successfully cleared the malfunction and was back on target within the trained-for 6 seconds.

    When I took the California CCW permit course, however, the instructor only briefly spoke about Types 1 and 2, and didn’t require the students to perform drills. When I raised my hand to inquire about Type 3 (for the other newbie students’ benefit), the instructor shook his head and said “a Type 3 means your gun is broken and becomes a paperweight.” Seriously, he said that. So the other students in the CA course never saw the procedure for clearing a double-feed. I guess they went back home thinking their guns would be “broken”.

    • Your training was far more advanced than Florida ‘training’, zero malfunction clearing drills of *any* type there…

      • The Georgia training is just fill out the form, but anyone with any sense will seek out real training on an ongoing basis.

        • It’s when a Glock mag with the rounds loaded backward get stuck above the bolt carrier of your 5.56 rifle loaded with 300BO rounds and a black cat tips a ladder over on you.

  2. I have a Colt AR15A2, and a S&W M&P10. Never had that kind of double feed malfunction.
    Only time I had that kind of feed malfunction was with an Army issued M16A1.

  3. easy peasy…grab magwell left hand thumb bottom bolt catch, right hand pull charge handle release bolt catch, remove mag, get a hammer and chisel:)

  4. I’ve never even seen something like that before. Stove pipes and rounds failing to fire, but not much more than that.

  5. Worst malfunction I ever seen, was when I was in the army some 15 years ago on a training range. My M4 had a triple feed like this, but one of the rounds was actually jammed in between the bolt and receiver. Absolute nightmare trying to fix that. Had to take it completely apart using a hammer and a gerber. It was a pretty worn out M4 with those old standard issue garbage magazines before the magpie follower was really a thing.

  6. It doesn’t only happen in semiautos. I’ve had that happen in lever-action rifles too (.45 Colt and .22 LR). It may have been my fault if I didn’t work the lever vigorously enough, I’m not sure, as it was a long time ago.


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