Gun Meme of the Day: Bless His Heart Edition

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Beto doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. And most of what he thinks he knows just ain’t true.

What he doesn’t know is that the majority of Texans don’t like him or what he’s selling. They’ve told him that repeatedly.

What he thinks he knows is that he’s popular enough in an allegedly charming, pseudo-Kennedyesque way that Texas will overlook his unseemly enthusiasm for grabbing their firearms.

You keep running on that premise, Robert Francis. It’s sure to work eventually.

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  1. Must be nice to have enough money and free time to spend it trying to force your way into an office nobody wants you in!

  2. Bidet running his mouth sure seemed to help with the 3am voting demographic. Maybe beta is counting in the same people to push him to the top?

        • yeah, i enjoyed killer joe.
          tough to beat “night in paradise” though.
          korean gangster stuff with lots o guns and knives.
          hoo wah.

    • Matthew McConaughey was rumored to have been considering running, but he has announced that he won’t. This is similar to Oprah Winfrey, Dwayne Johnson, or Tom Hanks running for President (all had stories about that). They have name-recognition and high approval ratings, but they don’t have debate or governing experience and haven’t laid out their platform. Once they go from a nebulous ideal to a concrete policy choice, they aren’t nearly as popular.

    • Don’t think anyone has anything to worry about…stranger things have happened though..
      ~just sayin

      I’ll just leave this here…

  3. Robert Francis Beta O’Cuck must be going for some kinda record for being an abject political failure.
    If he wasn’t as moronic as he really is, he would choose something like running for mayor of Austin or something or for state Senate. But I guess he feels that’s beneath him.
    Bless his heart.

  4. Let this moron fade into obscurity, please. All he’s doing is trying to keep his name out there by saying outlandish things, so don’t give the attention whore what he wants

  5. Pseudo-Kennedyesque??? The Kennedy family had dishonorable as well as honorable members. What does this screwball know of honor? He doesn’t even measure up to the slimeball Senator Ted Kennedy. Beto can’t even spell Chappaquiddick.

  6. Still 0.00% Mexican and 100% pendejo. Maybe Beta O’Dork should run for office in South America.

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