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There are rare occasions when my face doesn’t look just like this.


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  1. Loved the 1911 and carried it, but that was decades ago. Moved on since there are lighter weight and better choices, still nothing feels quite as good as a 1911 in my hand.

    • Same. Grew up with the 1911 and it will always have a special place in my heart. My #1 favorite in my collection is a 1911. But nowadays I shoot Glocks. Or GLOCK. Or GLOCK™. Err…whatever the right way to say it is. But it goes “pew pew” when I pull the trigger.

      • “But it goes “pew pew” when I pull the trigger.”

        My carry LCR in .357 only goes *BOOM*…

    • Carried an old dog of war 45 AP while stationed in Germany back in the mid-70’s. Slide so loose I could almost hear the rattle with each step. But the venerable gun was still accurate and reliable at the range. That said, my HK45C (LEM) carries nicely at 4 o’clock and punches tight holes in paper plates.

      • Almost, my heinie! I could hear it. 🙂 Made for some interesting range days. When you couldn’t hear the rattle, you knew you had entered your Zen state.

        Matched perfectly with the M109 shop van I drove (as seen on the opening convoy scene in “Patton”.)

  2. M&P 45 is a much better option. Lighter, higher capacity, more reliable, less ammo sensitivity, requires less maintenance. Can’t think of a single way a 1911 is better for carry.

    • Some people aren’t satisfied to just carry a weapon, they want to look good doing so.

  3. My EDC is a CZ 75 COMPACT D PCR. In my opinion the only downside to a 1911 is that they are single action pistols.

    • “In my opinion the only downside to a 1911 is that they are single action pistols.”

      I carry a CZ 2075 RAMI on occasion for the same reason…

    • Cz’s are great, always been underrated imo. Couldn’t find a pcr but got a p-01,love it, fits my hands perfectly. No safety decocker only. Works great for me because I’ve always been a da revolver guy.

  4. I imagine the same look on the face of my mentally-deranged troll’s mother when the doctor broke the news to her of him having Down’s Syndrome… 🙂

    • Say not so, Good Sir.

      Those having Trisomy 21, or Down (Down’s) Syndrome, are well-known for their universally pleasant dispositions and mild, friendly demeanor.

      Your unpleasant, unfriendly troll almost certainly suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome. Tragically, one of the more off-putting symptoms in the severely afflicted is called ‘coprolalia’, the involuntary and uncontrollable utterance of obscenities, profanities and derogatory remarks.

      This site seems somehow to attract these poor souls, does it not?

    • A 1911 isnt too heavy, the polymer frames are to light.
      That weight settles the sights, tames recoil, expedites double taps, and if need be works pretty well as a brain basher.
      I got a story on that when an acquaintance of mine tried pistol whipping some body with a plastic shooter.

      • ‘A 1911 isnt too heavy, the polymer frames are to light.’

        Coming from a 10 pound marsupial, no less.

  5. Ed Brown Executive Elite, bobtail. All Stainless. Two extra magazines on the off side.
    Every. Day.
    Carrying a gun isn’t meant to be comfortable, it is meant to be comforting!

    • Only dusty old geezers say shit like that. Carrying a gun should be comfortable, and if it’s not then your doing it wrong. Ditch whatever crap leather, or God forbid Kydex, rig you’re running and stick that boat anchor in an Alien Gear.

  6. 1911a1, that’s my baby.
    Light means recoil, single action trigger, oh yeah, its perfection.
    The slide going into battery pulls you back onto target, double tap, easy peasy.
    Single stack, you betcha.
    I’ve got one polymer frame light weight, never goes with me.
    Used to be a .357 revolver fan until I got into a gunm fight. Six runs out fast and maybe if you practice a bunch(Miciluk) reloading was a fail for me when the boolits were flying, got a boolit hole in my ankle as proof. Thank goodness I’m skinny and crawled under a car.

    • “got a boolit hole in my ankle as proof”

      Holy smoke man. I never can tell if you’re kidding or what.

      • “I never can tell if you’re kidding or what.”

        That’s a big part of why reading the Possum is so much fun, you never know what you’re gonna get…

    • ‘Six runs out fast…’

      Almost as fast as 8. I’m feel perfectly comfortable with 6 rounds of .357 or 15 rounds of 9mm, but if you’re going to limit your round count you have to make your rounds count. On the other hand, regardless of caliber, the first 6 are generally a whole lot more critical than #7-15. 3 feet, 3 seconds, 3 shots is the norm, not the exception.

      • 8 runs out just as fast as six and six runs out just as fast as twenty one, I can reload one hole quicker then six.
        I like the 1911, you like a revolver.
        I used to carry a revolver. What I dont like about an auto is the spent shell casings laying all over.

  7. Cooler days are here. Back to the Ruger P89 with Hornady Critical Duty. Never much of a 1911 fan. Great firearm don’t get me wrong. Just never felt at home in my hand. If you know what I mean.

      • Actually have 2 wouldn’t trade 1 of mine for 2 of yours. Been eat’n everything put thru’em since 94.

        • Had a full size FS and now have a compact INOX. Absolutely love the compact, but wish it had the regular dust cover (not available) and not the rail. Either way, benefits greatly from a reduced power hammer spring, but that goes for just about everything.

  8. People EDC more weight than that in extra gut hung over their belts. Too heavy? Lol

    Get a 1911 pattern .380

    What weighs more? 8 45ACP’s or 17 9mm’s?

    Seems like a ridiculous excuse to me.

  9. Mmm, K
    I’m done with football, the Marine Silent Platoon was doing their drill and the football players came on field to warm up.
    And they was Texas football teams, had horns on the helmets.
    Say , that marine Silent honor gaurd is some pretty badass sht.
    Damn I love this country.

    • Oh I guess I shoulda said the honor gaurd was preforming on field during half time.
      That’s what pissed me off.
      The Marines took time to put on a show (fishing for recruits , but what the hell)and the football players came on field just before the ending. Arrogant fucks

  10. I’m militantly DA/SA for carry, so the 1911 just doesn’t fit my needs.

    I do freakin’ love them, though, at the range. 100+ year old design, and still one of the most comfortable, naturally pointing pistols around. Add in the light SA trigger, and you’ve got a pistol that almost anyone can learn to shoot quite well.

  11. After a day at the range with 50 rnds of 147 gr 9mm I’m glad for the weight of my Rock island double stack.

  12. Looks at me with the face then I say lemme see it. They then have to go get it because they aren’t carrying it lol

  13. That is the face of a woman who just found out that her favorite pool guy quit and has been replaced with a gay pool guy.

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  15. The 1911 – or 2011 really – is still great for competition, where gun weight and great triggers are a huge benefit. For carry, there are lighter options with more capacity.

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