Sheriff Alex Villanueva
Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
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By Chuck Michel

CRPA filed suit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office challenging the “constitutionality of (its) carry permit issuance policies and laws that make it extremely difficult, if not outright impossible or impermissibly time consuming” to get a permit to carry s firearm in public.

Ever since the announcement of the Bruen decision, CRPA has fought to bring CCW application and issuance processes in line with the new standards. Still, certain jurisdictions drag their feet and continue to create unnecessary delays, add onerous fees, and implement other bureaucratic hurdles to stall CCW issuance (as evidenced by the responses to CRPA’s poll late last week).

This lawsuit filing is the next step in this ongoing effort. Joining CRPA in this lawsuit are strategic partners at Second Amendment FoundationGun Owners of America, and Gun Owners of California. You can read the filing in its entirety by clicking here.

CRPA has let it be known that across all of California’s 58 counties, we will be vigilant and relentless in our efforts to ensure that post-Bruen CCW policies and procedures are in place and followed. This is part of the CRPA’s CCW Reckoning Project.  The lawsuit could easily have been avoided if the Constitution was observed and the Bruen decision was followed.


Chuck Michel is Senior Partner at the Long Beach, California Law firm of Michel & Associates, P.C. He is the author of California Gun Laws, A Guide to State and Federal Firearm Regulations now in its 10th edition for 2023 and available at

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  1. As if Taking a Right from the citizenry and selling it back to them wasn’t sleazy enough. Now the arrogant con artists wearing badges drag their feet while citizens living in fear are caught between violent criminals and a backdoor Gun Control bureaucracy. Such dilemmas all go hand in hand with Gun Control, History Confirms it…

    • I live in L.A. County. I hold a valid CCW issued by LASD. I’ve been through the process. Multiple members of my security team have also gone (or are going) through it as well. I am at ground zero with this issue and can speak with authority on it.

      The photo posted at the top of this page shows former Sheriff Villanueva. He is not part of the problem, and in fact was the one who opened up the CCW Unit to accept applications, breaking a multi-decade stonewall by his predecessors. He showed opposition to our L.A. Board of Supervisors, five women who – in our very strange imbalance – hold considerable power over the Office of the Sheriff not found elsewhere across the nation. These women

      The problem is our current Sheriff Luna, who formerly served 20 years as the Long Beach Chief of Police and was vocally against private citizens carrying under CCW. The Board supported him during the last election, and he (surprise!) won. Our elections across the state are a joke, as everyone now knows cheating is rampant and your votes no longer matter.

      Remember…Villanueva supported CCWs and opened them up. Luna opposes them and has not allowed the Department’s CCW Unit to be properly staffed to handle the volume of applications. This is all Luna.

      Dan/TTAG, you screwed this one up and posted a false photo.

      • Hmm. Looks like a portion of my comment was cut off. Odd.

        I was going to say that these women (if you read their bios) are all rabid Leftists and hate private gun ownership. They pulled their support for Villanueva after he defied their COVID mask mandate.

        • I hope Judge Roger Benitez one day finds that case in his in-basket…

      • Shame on the editors at TTAG. It is outrageous they would use an outdated photo to represent the sheriff. Who is a gun grabber when in fact, the photo they’re using is not a gun grabber at all.

        • Nothing. Just used your comment as the random place to insert my own 2 cents, instead of way down at the end of the page under a fresh comment.

          Sometimes I zig, sometimes I zag. Keeps the possums confused.

  2. The costs of these lawsuits should be borne by the people that violate the constitution, not the taxpayer. Government officials should lose all qualified immunity if they violate the constitution during their official work.

    Take the lawsuit costs direct from their pension plans.

    • Official response from California politicians: bwa ha ha ha ha! Those rubes actually believe that any lawsuits actually affect us–or that we care one way or the other!

    • Unicorn, you know you anti-NRA folks always have the same refrain. The suit has already been brought and appears to be well thought out. Why should the NRA invest money and why shouldn’t they go after other “fish”?

      • OTH, why wasn’t the NRA-ILA at the forefront of filing the lawsuit? BTW, I am a life member of the NRA…

        • jaw, bfor the simple reason that NRA-ILA is the LOBBYING wing of the NRA. It’s the NRA itself that files the legal papers in cases the NRA is backing.

      • … “you anti-NRA folks”
        This folk is a Life Member that is reconciled with the FACT that nothing will be done by the present gang of thieves unless the dry-cleaners find some spare change in one of Wayne’s fancy ass suits.
        Not another effing dime till he’s gone.

  3. Curious from any lawyers here why we don’t see a deprivation of rights under color of law? Punish the government and those agents that enforce unconstitutional rights violations.

    • Those claims are typically included in law suits that will name the County and the Sheriff, as section 1983 civil rights actions include attorney’s fees. The State itself is immune to civil rights claims under federal law (11th Amendment), and there is typically an issue as to whether the Sheriff is a state employee or a county employee, as the former is immune while the later is not. State decisions grant immunity, federal decisions do not.

  4. IIRC, an LA sheriff was sued and actually had a court order him to issue permits.

    He said no. (Maybe late 70s??)

  5. I remember that libertarian sh!t bag, Joe Rogan. Who bragged about not voting in LA county. And bragged about not knowing who was on the city council. Who ran things in the county he lived in.

    He supported drug legaliz@tion. And every other destructive thing to society in the county he lived in.
    And after things got so bad, he moved as rich atheist libertarian a$$ to Texas.

    And moved into a more white conservative part of the state.

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