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A woman walked into Eagle Sports Range in Oak Forest, Illinois Sunday morning in Chicago’s south suburbs. She wanted to buy a box of 9mm ammo, but the Eagle Sports clerk didn’t like the way she was acting.

She seemed upset and she was acting “suspiciously.” As CBS Chicago reports . . .

…she was on the phone, seemed very agitated and unholstered her gun on a few occasions, which also made them uncomfortable.

Yeah, that will do it. Based on her behavior . . .

Employees refused to sell [the ammunition] to her because of the suspicious way she was acting. That’s the store policy. Eagle Sports Range in Oak Forest confirmed that Wilson came in around 10:00 a.m.

She then left the store and, a short time later, crashed her car and then opened fire on police officers in a nearby grocery store.

Officials say just before noon Ketura Wilson, 21, fled from police who responded to a call of a driver in distress. Illinois State Police say Oak Forest Police officers attempted to take Wilson to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. 

She ran from the accident to a barbershop and then towards the Food 4 Less supermarket where she later died. 

The gun store’s manager says his employees did exactly what they’ve been taught to do.

A since-deleted Facebook Live video from a public Facebook account shows Wilson inside the store fighting with employees who tell her they do not feel comfortable selling her ammunition because of the strange way that she was acting. Ali Abdallah, Manager of Eagle Sports Range, said he was proud of his employees.

“I really am. I really am. When we do something like that, we’re known to push a little more training. We did the right thing and we hope everyone else does the right thing, too,” Abdallah said.


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  1. The private sector could self-regulate the militarized police state and prison industrial complex into obsolescence. Change my mind.

    • For starters, both are meaningless phrases. Figments of zealots imaginations. Sure you don’t want to toss in something about the patriarchy? And “systemic racism” (which is so subtle it’s undetectable, but trust us.. it’s really bad!)

      • I’m not sure you understood the Anarcho-Capitalist nature of the comment. OP is probably more conservative than the average Pro-2A commenter here. He gets it.

        • Prisons should be run as an anarcho-syndicalist commune. The inmates could take it in turns to be a sort of executive officer for the week… but all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting… by a simple majority in the case of purely internal affairs… but by a two thirds majority in the case of…

    • Good on Eagle not selling ammo. I also note this gal who shot a cop and died in a gun battle had her own mother saying the po-lice did a good job. That’s quite unusual. Eagle is the most overpriced gun store/range I’ve EVER been in but here they did a good job. 5900 west 159th in Oak Forest,ILL.

    • The private sector already runs Prison for Profit. They enter into contracts with cities and counties to keep the facility filled to 90% capacity or better. Is that what you really want? Prisons maintained at near capacity because failing to keep them full will cost you money?

    • Nathan, that’s naive. If the private sector could self regulate law enforcement/corrections into obsolescence they sure as shit missed there chance. For two years. I mean there’s the whole defund the police thing. Didn’t work work out that well, as I understand. Maybe it’s because not enough private sector citizens, such as yourself, didn’t use their vacation/sick time from their jobs to step into the gap. You know. Face down ANTIFA/BLM. Fight with everyone in the room at the domestic they called you to. Staff those jails. Get out there and defend those private sector communities. Jesus. Grow up.

      • “Face down Antifa/BLM”

        Yeah, there weren’t more private citizens willing to do that because your brothers and sisters in blue were busy indirectly protecting those scumbags on the orders of your political paymasters, irrespective of the actual law, which you’re sworn to serve. Isn’t it telling that the very same ones who happily tossed Mr. Rittenhouse into a concrete box for lawfully defending himself against the illegal activity THEY THEMSELVES allowed to flourish, never even bothered to arrest scumbag #3, who publicly admitted to attempted murder?

        Police activities in 2020- from enforcing illegal lockdowns to protecting rioters- was the final nail in the coffin of y’all’s “moral authority”, and your kind have absolutely no one to blame but yourselves.

        • progress was only ever made in areas with obvious demographics.
          any nonsense in gadsden’s area, as well as many others, would be (and was) put down with extreme prejudice.

  2. ‘Ali Abdallah, Manager of Eagle Sports Range…’

    Probably one of those white supremacist terrorists I keep hearing about.

  3. This should show the Government and ATF that gun stores DO take their responsibility to only sell to qualified, responsible, legal and sane people SERIOUSLY. The employees of this store (and others) should be publicly thanked for their responsible actions. They may have even saved lives because of her lack of enough ammo to be more destructive.

  4. Sad story. Based upon a couple of related articles, it sounds like this young woman was genuinely disturbed, and not just “on something” (though we can’t necessarily rule that out as a factor here yet). I’m wondering if she had a psychotic break?

    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery for the wounded officer.

    • I was thinking same.
      I get a sense that COVID stress has made life harder and more people are cracking. Hope that’s not true.

    • Good on Eagle not selling ammo. I also note this gal who shot a cop and died in a gun battle had her own mother saying the po-lice did a good job. That’s quite unusual. Eagle is the most overpriced gun store/range I’ve EVER been in but here they did a good job. 5900 west 159th in Oak Forest,ILL.

      • I dunno, this one’s kinda smart, it wouldn’t surprise me to see he rigged-up wood blocks on the pedals so he could hit the accelerator and brakes… 🙂

        • At least 40 years ago two brothers stole a pickup with a camper on it. they drove it from one town to the next on city streets and freeways.

          The older brother stood behind the steering wheel and handled steering and navigating. The younger one was i
          on the floor managing the pedals and following his brothers instructions.

          Neither kid was older than a first grader. They did not wreck the truck.

          I’ll bet possum could get 5-6 of his relates and do the same. The irony would be if they stole a ford pick up.

        • jwm,
          Can you imagine the looks on the faces of possums relatives as they pulled up to the family reunion?

  5. I worked at a Gun Store in the 1990’s in Kalifornia. I had one guy who wanted to buy a gun to “Scare his Neighbors”, he was told sorry and sent out the door. Had another person ask if he could buy a gun and just one bullet (for himself likely) and he was also refused.

    The best was during the Rodney King Riots, when all the Libtards came in to buy guns and were told they had to wait 15 days before they could pick it up, per Kalifornia law. “But, I’m a good person”, “Those laws shouldn’t apply to me”, “What if I pay you extra (Bribes)”, ” Can you sell me your gun privately without paperwork and a waiting period” (Also illegal). We tried to be nice, but eventually replied many times, “Maybe you should stop voting democrat, if you don’t like their laws”.

    Weekly the local gangs would send in one of their ugly fat girls who was over 21, asking to buy some 32 ammo, we always seemed to be out. Sometimes for fun of it, we would ask if they wanted 32 Winchester Special, 32 Long, 32 Short, 32 Colt New Police, 32 S&W, etc. We never had any “Deuce-Deuce” (22LR) either. They were so dumb, the car full of underaged gang bangers would park their car directly in-front of the store. We called the police when they showed up, as they likely had guns and drugs in the car, but the cops had donuts to eat apparently, as they seemed not to care much.

    Despite the media lies, gun stores and the employees are part of the community and are in a heavily regulated business that politicians love to hate. Employees want to serve customers, not arm criminals, crazies, etc. It’s simply easier and more profitable to do the right thing.

    Selling guns and ammo alone is a great way to go broke, as the profit is in all the accessories; cleaning kits, holster, optics, cases, etc. Kind of like a gas station relying on sales of gasoline, rather than the repair shop and/or mini-market for profits.

  6. I refused the sale of a Glock 17 to a guy who struck me as not being fully in reality. The shop owner fully backed me up on that decision.

    With any luck, my obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) will so creep out someone he interacts with in public the police will be called to take him away for “An examination”.

    At that point, he may pull a concealed handgun he illegally carries in the state of New Jersey (because *everybody* knows he lies about the carry permit he claims to possesses), and the police will be forced to stop the threat.

    His mother will be distraught at the thought of never having to make her little boy the ‘Spaghetti-Os’ he loves to eat so much in the dark of her basement, but she’ll get over it soon enough.

    Right, PeeeGeeTwo, you disgusting P.O.S. everyone in TTAG hopes you drop dead by whatever cause happens to you, even the police protecting the public from a menace like a disturbed 🤡-like twerp like you? 🤣

    • EDIT – You’re not the kind of a nice 🤡 that makes people laugh, you are the sick, twisted, flat-out evil and disgusting kind like this one :

      • Whad yah mean yah dont like clowns, clowns are funny, dont we make you laff
        I’m going to come back here and if you dont tell me one reason why you dont like clowns I’m going to kill you and your whole family.
        You see, in that skit what was the reason the clown beat up the mother. A vehicle, I’m telling you, you want to stop crime . Ban vehicles. They’ve injured and killed way more then any gunm.

        • “I’m going to come back here and if you dont tell me one reason why you dont like clowns I’m going to kill you and your whole family.”

          I just don’t like evil clowns.

          They are like Democrats… 🙂

    • Geoff PR,

      How were you able to determine information beyond the poster’s self-proclaimed name (which could be anything) on his/her comments?

      • “How were you able to determine information…”

        Past experience here in TTAG. It has an easily discernible ‘style’ of commenting.

        And based on it’s reply, I was 100-percent *correct*.

        (Of course, I added a generous dollop of mean and cruel, but based on it’s past history here in TTAG, perfectly warranted… 🙂 )

  7. That’s all well and good, I’m glad they didn’t sell her more ammo. But none the less kathleen willis is in a tizzy with her extra large size panties in a wad wondering how many new gun control bills she can introduce to the Illinois General Assembly.

  8. Years ago, one of our local anti-gun freaks walked into a gun shop one day. He was a well known anti-gun person in the community, protested in front of that very gun shop many times. Clean cut kid, but a real PITA. Anyway, he walks in and wants to buy a gun and of course they recognize him but don’t say anything. Hes acting normal, asking normal new-gun-owner questions, asks if he can try a gun out ’cause he had never fired one before. The store employee says “sure, go through those doors to the range and I’ll bring a demo gun and five rounds of ammo into you.” So the guy did. The employee comes in with the gun and ammo, and another employee with him.

    So the guy fires the gun, and after he wants to pick one out. So back into the shop, the guy selects a gun and they run the background check and its fine. Pays for the gun and a couple of extra magazines and a box of ammo, leaves the store with it. He goes out to his car, loads up the magazines, goes across the street and tries to rob the drug store and shoots an employee wounding her. The pharmacist shoots him, the guy is wounded but tries to get away and is found a block away dead.

    Then its revealed the police have tied him to a string of several recent violent assaults, robberies, and two rapes – he used a knife. The local anti-gun freaks tried to blame it on the gun shop.


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