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Steve Dettelbach (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
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After withdrawing the president’s first ATF nominee, David Chipman, in September, the White House is expected to pick someone who could have a smoother path to Senate confirmation. If Biden’s next nominee is able to secure 50 votes, it would be the first time the ATF has had a permanent director since 2015.

During an unsuccessful run for attorney general of Ohio in 2018, [Steve] Dettelbach called for reinstating the assault weapons ban and universal background checks on gun purchases—two positions that have sparked GOP opposition to past nominees. A U.S. attorney from 2009 to 2016, he sought a return to that post last year. He has supporters in high places. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) has been pushing him as a nominee for ATF director, according to four people familiar with the conversations.

Brown’s office said the senator frequently advocates for qualified candidates for all positions, noting his support for Biden’s Supreme Court pick and federal reserve candidates. Brown’s office added that the senator is especially happy when those qualified nominees are Ohioans. …

Multiple people said the White House was also eyeing National Police Week in mid May as a potential time to announce the new nominee. The White House declined to comment.

— Laura Barron Lopez and Christpher Cadelago in Biden to take second crack at filling top gun official role

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  1. One of the things I like about going on vacation is the rest of the country is not New York. Why would anyone want the rest of the country to be like New York?

    • Half the nation is citizen-disarmist. That’s why. The problem will not be solved by pretending it doesn’t exist.

      If you are a New Yorker, then get to work making converts downstate.

      • “Half the nation is citizen-disarmist. That’s why.”

        Far less than half.

        It’s the rabid Leftist Scum most vocal in calling for disarmament, at least half are fence-sitters with no strong opinions on the matter one way or another.

        It’s much the same with the “Systemic Racism” fvckwits, the vast majority don’t believe in it, but are too frightened to speak out against it.

        That has the potential to really bite them in the ass at election time, since no one is watching inside the voting booth, and most folks are more likely to vote that crap out, if we can get a better handle on the messaging…

  2. Eh. The new litmus test for confirmation seems to be whether or not a nominee thinks child rapists are the real victims and that first graders should be taught how to insert things into their rectums so he probably won’t make the progressive cut.

    • The day when first graders in America are taught The Truth About Gun Control will be the day articles such as this don’t exist. Since history has confirmed Gun Control is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide common sense says the filthy hands of Gun Control cannot be allowed to touch the Constitution of The United States. For the time being any nominee Jim Crow Gun Control joe selects will be a sneaky Gun Control democRat.

  3. So maybe the new guy doesn’t actually work for a gun control org itself but still going to toe the line. Of course that is not surprising.

  4. ATF needs to back off. Their rules and restrictions have not prevented violent crime. At all. How many of those attackers in Sacramento had concealed carry permits or bought their guns legitimately? (Answer:0)

    • TJ,

      With all due respect, “Their rules and restrictions have not prevented violent crime.” And from whence cometh your belief that their goal was to prevent violent crime????? Their goal is to maintain their government sinecure, continue slopping at the public trough, and continue oppressing free citizens. Anything else is secondary.

      • AMEN! And UNTIL, Americans born in the 1960’s forward face the fact that ranting on talk radio, alternate social media, attending rallies,, and writing letters are as USELESS as “PETITIONING years KING” our situation will only get exponentially worse!
        Avoiding conflict at whatever cost is nothing more than cowardly whining.
        We have to have the guts to take on the local despots on the “planning and screwl” boards first. Arm chair, Conservative Sounding quarterbacking is a waste of breath

  5. The Chipman experience will be used as a dry run practice example of what not to do. A new nominee will probably be coached in what not to do based upon the Chipman debacle and try to sidestep giving actual answers like Biden’s SCOTUS nominee did.

  6. Never forget: Guns Cause Violence™ and Cutlery Causes Obesity.™

    These intelligent concepts are provided and promoted by America’s Best Education Industries, a division of The Democrat Party of the United States. Since 1828.©

    • Not in England, where the use of knives as a weapon of crime has skyrocketed. They have become the weapon of choice, along with machetes and axes for criminals ever since the government made in near impossible to acquire firearms, especially handguns. Because of the easy availability of knives. The crime rate for robbery, assault and murder has increased steadily over the last decade. Including by children as young as 10 years old, So don’t discount the use of knives as a tool of crime.

      • Not surprising inasmuch as knives, cudgels, clubs and fists were the weapons of choice for the criminal class prior to the advent of firearms. And maybe a hand ax or three.

        • People in Europe have always been partial to edged weapons. All of Europe was founded by the sword and battle axe.

      • United Kingdom (UK) House of Commons report for 2021, Published Thursday, 30 September, 2021. Knife crime statistics >

        “In the year ending March 2021, there were around 41,000 (selected) offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester Police Force).”

        41,000 knife offenses involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester Police Force). Yep really civilized there.

        But lets get a different viewpoint here in 2019 that aptly demonstrates the concept of how gun control in the UK did nothing to reduce knife crime >,were%20disproportionately%20affected%2C%20as%20both%20victims%20and%20perpetrators.

        In those charts at the second link, if we statistically normalize them based upon population we find that knife crime has increased in about the last 10 years by about 15% (actually it was increasing before that) but overall there were only variations of less than 3% in decrease maximum. In other words, when just looking at one slice of the crime pie in the UK we find that even after years of gun-control there was really no actual overall effect on reducing knife crime but rather it increased.

        Its about the same for other crime overall in the UK. For example, with all these years of gun control in the UK the crime of rape has shown a general trend of increase since 2002, with over 59 thousand in 2020 (latest reporting year for trends of rape in the UK). On a per population basis this out paces almost very country in the world for rapes, and has earned the U.K. the title of the most dangerous place in Europe for a woman.

        • To clarify: One might think that “well, duh, why would gun control have an effect of knife crime?”

          The answer is – history and facts tell us the less of one type of weapon available to the criminal masses the more they tend towards another weapon that is available. In other words, the lack of guns has caused criminals in the UK to resort to other weapons at an increasing rate. In short gun-control actually increased crime rates in the U.K. . But its why guns are not available to the criminal masses that’s a point. Guns are plentifully available in the UK to the criminal masses through the criminal gangs despite their gun-control laws and restrictions. Out in the country away from the cities one can buy guns in certain areas from the criminal groups if they are brave enough and can afford them, but they are really expensive. For example, a Glock G17 9mm goes for around $5,000 USD minimum and yes they demand U.S. dollars not British currency because its harder to trace in the U.K. . The thing is the common criminals can’t afford them and generally don;t travel to the areas where they are available so there is less gun crime not because of gun-laws/control but because the majority of the street thug criminals can’t afford them and don’t travel. And trying to exchange the needed amount of British currency for U.S. Dollars is difficult to do with the criminal gangs because they charge a hefty fee and are more prone to juts take the money and if they try it at a legitimate institution it gets noticed. So the common criminal masses simply don’t take the chance, and go for the weapons they can get.

          My wife is a free lance journalist, she did a story on it a while back for BBC. They never ran the story.

  7. Defund and disband the ATF…use a controlled demolition on their HQ..send all the agents to the border or to the DEA (or prison)…nuff said

  8. Nominees can say anything. Confirmation hearings are nothing but theater. They’ll just coach this guy to say the right things, the weak-kneed Republicans will confirm him, and the entire confirmation process will be forgotten. What a sham.

      • “Just like chipman.”

        Bingo. Put in the legwork and make clear to those reps thinking of endorsing him that they will answer to those that put them there.

        Pressure is what’s required to tank him. The best strategy, as I see it, is to drag out the process as long as possible until November. By mid-January next year, we’ll have the votes to kill that nomination in both the House And the Senate…

    • Worse. Chipman was an obvious biased jerk, this one will be at least somewhat easier for them to seat…

    • Well, in all fairness, Biden didn’t promise a transgender gay asian black furry as his nominee for this office. Wonder why Beto isn’t being nominated? I thought he was supposed to be anointed as the AR-15 czar after Biden’t presidential theft?

      • Beto the WASP has high negative popularity, thanks to his “Hell yes, we will take your AR.” the last time around…

  9. “Brown’s office said the senator frequently advocates for qualified candidates for all positions,”
    Translation of Demspeak. Meaning anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment.

  10. Being an Ohioan, I would not endorse him at all.
    Doesn’t really matter if it’s a Democrat or a Republican, they all kinda suck although DeWine did sign permitless carry.

  11. IIRC, he is an old college buddy of Obama. From the perspective of the dems, that’s an automatic in. From the perspective of repubs, it oughta mean an automatic out, but the old milquetoast phenomenon will probably kick in. This one will be more difficult to stop, especially prior to the coming election.

  12. Remember this is the time of year when Democrat revert to their age old tactic of ALAR. Act Like A Republican. Many of the Democrats running for 1st time office and reelection are touting spending more money on Law Enforcement and holding criminals responsible for their crimes. Who ever the Biden Administration chooses as it’s nominee. They will try to show how 2A friendly they are. Even if only in a small way. Knowing full well if that person is approved they will revert back to the Democrat Prescribed Ideology of Anti 2A Rights. Democrats have done this for decades and their supporters in the Fake News media understand it for what it is and will support the nominee. While even talking up their perceived Pro 2A stance. I agree that Chipman was a test case to see how far they could take their Anti 2A ideology in the light of day, Now is when they will try to fake the public out with an end around nominee who doesn’t seem to be as bad as Chipman was.

  13. Whether or not he supports an assault weapons ban is not all that important, since the Director cannot set such a policy, only Congress can. However, I am not sure that we want a director who is a former prosecutor. Even though the ATF has taken on a role as a law enforcement agency, a large portion of its business requires coordination and cooperation with the gun industry, not an antagonistic relationship. Would he continue the current policy of revoking FFL licenses for even minor offenses/paperwork errors? I would be concerned about that. What about efforts to close down “ghost gun” 80% receiver manufacturers? Would he back them? If so, an antagonism to the industry itself in the absence of Congressional authorization would in my view be disqualifying, irrespective of his other qualifications.

    • ” Whether or not he supports an assault weapons ban is not all that important, since the Director cannot set such a policy, only Congress can ”

      Don’t be so sure about that. Here’s a possible scenario — machine guns are already banned unless you jump through a whole lot of hoops, which the run of the mill gun owner is not willing to do. So all the ATF has to do is redefine machine guns to include anything that can be converted to a machine gun and – voila – a de facto ban on assault weapons.

      • “So all the ATF has to do is redefine machine guns to include anything that can be converted to a machine gun…”

        Thankfully, there’s a good chance the SCotUS has the votes right now to put the brakes on hard for that type of behavior.

        Words have meaning for a reason. Force congress to do the dirty work of legislation, instead of handing it off to some bureaucrat that was a political appointment…

  14. When they don’t get what they are after, Leftists/Dems just double down. For them, the struggle to obtain supreme power never ends.

    The Latin word for “left” is “sinister”; for a reason.

  15. Aaaaahhhhh… A jew… “We” approve him of course, anything else would be antisnakeism. 😀 😀 😀 😀

      • Well, they CLAIM to be, at any rate. I’d love to debate/discuss biblical exegesis and interpretation, Christian apologetics, or Christian doctrine (or Muslim, or Hindu, or Confucian, or Shinto, or Zoroastrian) doctrine with any of them, but ONLY if it were publicly televised.

        The three of them combined couldn’t explicate the difference between the “virgin birth” and the “Immaculate Conception”. They MAY be “Christian” (I don’t judge others’ faith, only God can do that), but they are ignorant as F*** about what Christian theology is.

        • I only point that out because there is a vocal minority here that love to point out the evil jooz role in gun control.

          They ignore the christian pols pushing hard for it.

          I claim no faith for myself.

  16. One of Bidens at-gun picks seems to be heading to SCOTUS > Ketanji Brown Jackson is about to be confirmed >

    “She is all but guaranteed to win confirmation, with 53 senators having indicated their support in a procedural vote this week. The total included all 50 Democratic-voting senators, along with Republicans Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Mitt Romney of Utah.”

  17. 1. On July 1.2022 A. D. The Large Ammo Clips over 10 Rounds For Hand Guns will not Available to sell to the Public too! In the U.S.A no more too! The Ammo drum units of 60 75, 90 , double units 100 & 150 Ammo Units will be banned too! The msg will be told they have to Stop msg them too! Or they sell them any whare in the U.S.A too. Or Have chose go out of Business Or moved over seas to European Nation too! Like Affrica Counties too! Or Aisa Counties too! They have Time to move out of the U.S.A too! Arabs Nations will Accept them too! They would love theses Products to be msg in the those Counties too! Don’t a mfg of Ammo Clips & Drums Units They would love it too! They can make A lot of Money too! over seas Nations would buy it from the U.S.A one of those mugs for sale too! If they make a deal Buying those Clips & Drum Ammo Mgs : if they Paid us Money to the U.S.A too! If they want to buy it too! I Agree!! Do you Agree? Sir Or Mam?


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