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IKEA, which I’m told has lawyers and so I should say that the title of this post is just, like, my opinion, man, uses approximately one percent of the entire world’s lumber production. That’s insane. Still, concealed means concealed, so if you shop the IKEA labyrinth please keep all of your parts clothed.


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      • Dremel with a cut-off disk makes all stripped screw heads slotted-heads…

        • Geoff:
          I’ve been doing the Dremel thing since I serviced industrial robots (with those damned LITTLE countersunk flat head screws) in the early eighties.

    • I hit second hand stores. Solid wood furniture built to last. I have grand kids. That glued together IKEA saw dust doesn’t last.

    • I’ve been here for two months, and those… Things are almost all the way through the barricade.
      It’s almost closing time, and I’m not sure if it’ll hold the night.
      If this is it, then I just want you to know that that new closet I originally came here to get wasn’t worth it.

    • Nothing wrong with a Glock. I’m taking a 19 on a road trip tomorrow.

      I also drive a Toyota. I like stuff that works.

      • I’m the Glock person in my house, but we both drive Toyotas. (She has HK) Toyota is resisting the EV wave more than other companies. Japan has seen that the US infrastructure is not there yet, maybe not for many decades. NYC has asked residents limit power use, Kali has had rolling black-outs for years. Yet the Green people expect Utopia and no Co2 emissions cause we’re all going to die in like 7 years or something….
        Glocks just work, I own several and my EDC.

  1. You go to bed at IKEA. Butt naked.
    I dont know if that would be something to see or not.
    The cat must think so.

  2. This afternoon I had some business to attend to in one of the larger towns in this area. It was raining in sheets could barely see the road in heavy traffic. I just about missed my turn and slammed on the brakes, which caused the car to die, I think the oil pump is weak. I jump out to push the car, evidently my girlfiend misinterpreted my orders as she did not turn and continued down the highway. ( she’s half chimpanzee and doesn’t handle stress well)
    Hear I am pushing a car down the highway, in a rainstorm, cars weaving around us, horns blasting, and all I’m thinking is ” my gunms getting soaked, my gunms getting soaked.”
    Got home and WD40.

  3. IKEA…”furniture” with zero resale value. It’s as if Beanie Babies had a plant to manufacture Chit.

  4. I’m proud to say that not only have I never been to an IKEA, there isn’t a single on in the state of Oklahoma–yet another reason I love living here!

    (Oh, and to keep this gun related, I’ve never owned a Glock. I have its Brazilian sister, though–the Taurus G2c.)

  5. I’m a woodworker. I’ve designed and built lots of furniture. IKEA is satan’s hand puppet.

  6. Ikea: Great dorm or start out furniture. But, when you go from renter to home owner, Burn the Ikea stuff and get real furniture.
    Never have been in an IKEA store. Only passing what a German friend of mine says. As well as what my cousins in Oslo have said. Basically, if you own anything made by IKEA and you are over 30, you are failing in life.
    As for the Glock comments, I own a couple as well as a couple Colts, S&W’s, Ruger’s and Walther’s. Find them to be well made and reliable. And a bit like me. Not pretty and a little chunky.

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