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HOW DARE YOU!?!? Indeed, Greta, I felt similarly. (“mfw” = “my face when,” just in case you aren’t up on various internet/text message shorthand)


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    • “How dare you!!!!!”

      I’ll play ‘Truth or Dare’ with her… πŸ™‚

        • “Yuk. How dare you…”

          Speaking of ‘yuc’… (gag)

          Where is our pet troll, anyways? Nothing worse than a lazy troll not “Down with the struggle”… πŸ˜‰

  1. I just *know* Greta is gonna end up in a nasty, Nasty, NASTY, er, ‘intimate’ video in the not-distant future. Something that would shame even Miley Cyrus.

    And I’ll download it. *snicker*… πŸ˜‰

  2. Leave that poor backwards asberger exploited chile alone…it’s got enuf problems looking like that!😏😯😏☺😳

    • What you are seeing is another AOC in the making. Her worst is yet to come. In another 10-15 years she’ll be a member of the European Parliament. The controlling body of the EU. With eyes on the Presidency of the Ruling Counsel. The “Koolade” is strong in this one.

      • In another 10-15 years Greta will be talking to trees.
        AOC is a special kind of Full Retard.
        AOC = “Simple Jack”

        • AOC = β€œSimple Jack”, writes the β€˜man’ whose input on this site is analogous to a monkey flinging shit on a wall.

          Ditch this mind corpse!

        • Miner has entered the chat.
          He loves AOC, she speaks to him in a special personal way.

        • “Miner has entered the chat.”

          That’s not ‘minor’. The (lack of) style is all wrong.

          That’s the same fvckwit that loves Haz and myself.

          I suppose I should feel jilted…

    • Actually it doesn’t have a handle but the 40 oz. bottle is plastic.
      It still has the big mouth for chugging in the 12oz bottles but not the 40oz.
      I went to make beer brats but didn’t have any beer so I went to the liquor store.
      Mickey’s is great for brats (it really imparts that beer taste) but the 40oz is now plastic.
      I would love to see Greta chug a 40oz of Mickeys.
      The drinking age in Sweden is 18 so if anybody is going to freak, chill out.

      • so that’s what that kid looks like. man, if only someone would groom and coach her- she could make a meaningful impact.
        much more importantly, the 12oz “barrel” bottles are now “liability reduced” twist offs. gone is the smooth lipped lip edge, replaced by threads. there once was a pull ring that peeled a lid off, but often enough tore into three pieces that left two razor sharp remnants behind just begging to slice a coaxing digit to the bone. not much fun to step on even if it did come off in one piece. they were a little tricky, once bitten twice shy girls would ask to have them opened. shame, lamentable, an entire summer spent consuming them due to the a. busch truckdriver’s strike.

        • and suddenly jet stream jesse’s son had a beer distribution franchise (which he ran into the ground). but that “boycott” was separate.

        • I’m pretty sure the pull ring is when they were owned by G. Heileman.
          There wasn’t much of a difference between Mickey’s and Special Export.
          Now it’s owned by Miller which means it’s owned by Molson Coors.
          I have fond memories of the Ron Santo Old Style half quart 6 packs.
          Three quarts of Old Style for a little over $2 at Osco or Walgreens.

        • heileman continued the pull tops, but fine malt liquor originated from the sterling brewery in evansville indiana. stronger than export at 5.6%, but these wet air beers are all similar.
          the original old style recipe is available from and as la crosse beer brewed in the old heileman buildings. tall boys by us were always schlitz bull.

        • Schitz Beer? You’ve gotta be kiddin.’ PBR is all around a better beer. On the other hand, all of those old Milwaukee breweries got bought out by megacorps and never recovered. That is one really good thing abut California (where I am) is that microbreweries abound. (Too bad I quit drinking 13 years ago.)

  3. I remember when Machine Guns was affordable prior to 86. Then again, define affordable back then.

    • 1985. West Virginia. Brand new in the box Uzi for 250 dollars plus 200 stamp.

      If I had only known.

      • No kidding.

        In 1985 I was working at my first pawn shop, and I was all goo-goo eyes over a stainless Mini-14 with that ‘sterile’ stainless folding stock…

        *sobbing* πŸ™

        • $350 for an Uzi is about right back then. But who would want one, all the ergonomics of a brick.

          Jaybird, you remember when gun dealer Ernie Holley got busted for selling Uzis to the Klan? The CI had a camera in the button on his jean jacket, they were digging up weapons at Ernie’s farm for months.

          Good times…

        • Never heard of him, miner. But I’ve heard of the death and destruction holder and barry caused by flooding Mexico with guns to bolster cries for more gun control.

          Dude in WV must not have been high enough in the democrats party to avoid the law, miner. But he was selling to the klan. All the klansmen I ever knew there were dems. Funny how that works. The klan wants unarmed victims so the dems push gun control.

          ‘Proud liberal democrats’ and their billionaire supporters have a lot of crimes against humanity to answer for.

        • Watch “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”.
          I stumbled upon it when I was looking at documentaries on the Comcast
          “On Demand”. It goes well into the Democratic Party and the KKK.

  4. Funny, I like Mickeys beer because I don’t have to worry about other people drinking it all.

    • The difference is that Greta is sincere. It isn’t her fault that the Left indoctrinated and exploited a child. CommieLa is about as insincere as they come.

      • I prefer the Spanish language version of Kamala…

        Que Mala

        (the translation suits her personality perfectly)

  5. One more Mickey’s and the beer goggles go on.

    A machine gunm is Gods way of telling you you’ve got to much ammo.

  6. I’m in moderation hell because I said Mickey’s 40oz. was now in plastic bottles.
    No big mouth on the 40 but still on the 12 oz.
    A seriously nasty comment that warrants moderation. WTF?

        • That’s not ‘minor’, that’s the troll that was once loyal to me (and Haz, the boy is so brain-damaged he was convinced Haz and I were the same person)…

          *sobbing* πŸ™‚

        • I’m pretty sure this guy isn’t “minor” but the other insult is “minorish”.
          Do you want your troll back?
          I don’t care about the trolling but loyalty is important.
          Your troll is a slut. Do you think it could be Greta?

        • “Do you want your troll back?”

          That would be selfish of me. I’m perfectly happy to share.

          It *really* hates it when you mock the size of its never-used genitalia. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  7. Aw, come on! Some of us are having breakfast, do you think we want to see that puss first thing in the morning?

  8. The AWB was a double whammy for gen-x aged kids. Like being personally harassed and jerked around by government.

    If it weren’t for gun control I’d likely never would have developed the intense mistrust even hatred I have for virtually all “authority.”

    Though Tipper Gore and the rest of the rich, white, day-drinking, country club Democrats going after music, cartoons and the written word all through the 90’s would have still soured me on government anyway.

    • Remember that – It was DEMOCRATS that dragged Twisted Sister in front of congress… πŸ˜‰

      • An did Dee Snyder rip them a new one! Congress forgot he had a law degree before getting into music.

    • “… Tipper Gore and the rest of the rich, white, day-drinking, country club Democrats going after music, cartoons and the written word all through the 90’s…”

      I remember it well. Not the biggest, but the first of many, many reasons why I will NEVER vote for a Democrat.

  9. I love the crossed eyes. Makes her look like she got poleaxed with a 2×4.

  10. If she chugs that Mickeys then Biden and her can whisper to each other.
    In some brain damaged drunken whisper language.

    • She’s the autistic infamous for (attempting) to ‘Shame the World’ into joining her on “Climate Change”.

      Just go to YouTube and type in “Greta Thunberg how dare you” and hit enter….

      • Another rich elite telling us what to do.

        Her family spent $25-30 million on the sailing yacht to take her to and from the UN, and several million more on the crew to sail the yacht.

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