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Ummmm. Well, it’s relevant to today’s press release from Savage and Winchester. And we probably should have more fun with naming cartridges!


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  1. I’m all in support of innovation. That being said, if classics like .30-06 Spr, .30-30 Win, .243 Win, and the like were good enough at the time of release, and were good enough a generation ago, then I imagine they’re good enough to do the job today, especially with metallurgical and tolerance improvements we have with today’s guns.

    .400 Legend intrigues me and I want to know more. But I’ll always have my classic rifles and their classic cartridges.

    • It’s a way around some weird hunting laws. In my youth Ohio was shotgun only. And not rifled barrels. It was smoothbore slug guns only for deer. Now they allow straight walled cartridges in rifle. .400, .350, they fill the bill. Ohio is not the only place with these laws.

      I haven’t hunted Ohio in years. I think I would just get a .44 mag lever gun if I was going to hunt there. But that would be limited to close range shots.

      • wondering why these were necessary when .444 and .45-70 exist, it seems that besides straight wall, some states (mich.) require case length no greater than 1.6″, limiting powder capacity, hence range. but looking at ballistics these new cartidges equal .30-30 so, that one shouild get a carveout.

        • Maybe .45-70 is intimidating to the once a year deer hunting crowd?

          And there’s always the latest and greatest crowd. Nothing is too new to please them.

          It’s been decades since I hunted in Ohio. Then I used either an Ithaca 16 ga. or Browning A5 with Foster slugs. That 16 was a good grouse gun.

    • What’s the parent case of the 400 Legend?

      From what I’ve heard the 350 Legend is a necked-up and straight walled .223. I doubt there is any more room to expand into a .4 with the .223 case.

      Engineering ways around legal restrictions. And stupid law makers don’t know ballistics.

      • A bit of Google fu. Unique case with no direct parent. Same head diameter as 6.8 SPC and 42mm case length.

  2. This looks like it would be right at home in a Ruglin levergun, sort of a shrunken 444Marlin. Hey, shouldabeen’ the 400 Ruglin… I’d be on that waiting list for a 16″ Stainless Trapper

    • Remington already came out with a brand-new, rimmed levergun cartridge for 2023, the .360 Buckhammer. Well, “brand-new” for 2023, but its parent cartridge is the 30-30 Winchester, so it has deep roots in that 19th-century cartridge that is truly legendary (unlike the .350 Legend or .400 Legend, each of which is only a legend in its own mind!)

      It’s more powerful (and larger caliber) than the .350 Legend, and is very similar to .400 Legend in energy, and it’s also designed for straight-wall hunting states. The difference between .400 Legend and .360 Buckhammer is that the .360 BHMR is rimmed (its parent cartridge is the 30-30 Winchester, blown out to .358), it has a bullet size of .358, and it’s a little longer as it doesn’t have to fit in AR-15 magazines. The .360 BHMR has a case length of 1.8″ (the maximum allowed by several states) and an overall length of 2.5″. Unlike the .350 Legend, which uses .355 bullets, the .360 Buckhammer is .358 caliber, just like the .35 Remington, but is more powerful than .35 Remington. It’s basically a souped-up, supercharged .35 Remington with a rimmed, straight wall case derived from the .30-30, and it’s likely to make the older, weaker .35 Remington obsolete.

      I know all this because I’m one of the first people in the world to have a gun barrel chambered in .360 Buckhammer — I’m such an “early adopter” of the .360 that I’m still waiting for ammo to be available for it!

  3. Theres some buffalo herds close to my location and damn it I dont care what I’ve been told, I’m buying me a pair of roller skates key not.

  4. I’m gonna do an NTexas here hoping someone will hear…


  5. Not buying another gun to handle another cartridge. I have way too many sizes and types of ammo to find and keep stocked as it is. Finding reloading dies is becoming a nightmare.
    Consider most of these new loadings are nearly always close to existing loads used by more common loadings.
    How about someone design and build something actually new. Come up with a new propellant that doesn’t require a casing of some type. Or a smart bullet that can be directed into the target with no chance of missing. Or turned aside if the wrong person/animal/target is selected or moves into the line of fire. Get the perp and not the hostage. Get the buck and not the doe that jumped in front of him.
    Much of what we see as new or innovative in the gun and ammo industries are answers looking for questions. sometimes they find one. Most times they don’t

    • Does dont grow horns, well its 2023, okay try again, does dont normally grow horns however they are much better eating then an old rut buck


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