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I always shoot with my eyes closed anyway.


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    • The old flinch test is to hand an understudy a firearm they think is loaded and see how much they flinch when pulling the trigger. After the first time that happened to teeny bopper Debbie it has never happened again.

      • When I’m teaching someone to shoot, I randomly load bullets in some chambers and empty cartridges in the rest.

        Every newbie flinches. They learn quickly, though.

        • When I’m teaching someone to shute I drive to a remote location and tell them ” To learn to shute, and shute defensively, you’ve first got to know what it’s like to get shuted at. Go down there and hang up this target and I’ll show you what I mean.”

        • “Go down there and hang up this target and I’ll show you what I mean.””

          Although I actually am laughing right now, something tells me he we serious, and some poor bastard got the crap scared out of him…

        • I used to do this for myself, loading a couple mags with mixed live rounds and snap caps. I’d “shuffle” the mags until I didn’t know which was which and then do my best to shoot steady. It was very helpful for getting rid of a very bad trigger anticipation I had developed.

  1. Seems to me every time I see a film of someone firing a gun, the shooter’s eyes close immediately after the trigger pull. So I guess we all shoot blind.

    • …as opposed to those who blindly shoot…

      Apologies Mark – you set up the response and I could not resist.

  2. Put on Full Auto. Close eyes. Fire until mag or belt is empty whilst screaming like you just felt a spider walking on your ass while sitting on the toilet.

    My combat style.

  3. Kinda reminds me of the street scene near the climax in “I, Robot” where the scientist shoots at an android throttling Will Smith with her eyes closed. Her defense: “Well, it worked, didn’t it?!”

  4. When I was a kid I’d sneak this little watergunm into church and shute people in the back of the head, not pretending I was killing them, but to just get a reaction. Bald headed guy was the best.
    I got one heck of a reaction once allright ,when my dad caught me. That’s before people got lawed for spanking a kid. Not quite the reaction I wanted but I knew it was only a matter of time.

      • jujubes shoot excellently through a large straw. Don’t ask me how I know this. Pointy end in first, of course and the flat end seals against the sides of the straw to improve accuracy.

    • Speaking of ahhh-hoo. Has anyone seen the list put out by JFPO yesterday of the Goobinator of Tennessee’s list of reasons to red flag somebody? It’s so bad it’s almost like if you sneeze three times you get red figged. Being fat is also a cause for being red flagged. I haven’t checked where Tennessee’s population stands fat-wise, but I suspect even the goobinator is in danger of being red flagged.

  5. Change the last line of the meme to: “Me, who pops a parachute aerial flare rendering everything else useless.”


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