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Photo: Office of the Governor of New York via AP
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I am not sold either way on banning so called assault style firearms and accessories. With 20 million in our possession I don’t see what you gain other than a feel-good law. Grandfather laws in the Constitution forbid the confiscation of these previously owned firearms.

The media shares in this solution as well. Stop making these shooters famous by posting their manifestos and personal letters and thoughts. You are giving them fame and others will imitate them for their fame and attention. Also, the public does not to need to know all of the details of the guns used and injuries caused. Once again imitation is promoted.

The media needs to stop the political division of our country. All you hear is the Republicans and conservatives are to blame. The Democrats held until recently the presidency, House and Senate. This is not about red or blue or black and white!

– Steve Jones in We Must Avoid Unconstitutional and Divisive Approaches


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  1. Still waiting on that TN manifesto.
    Maybe in 5 years they’ll announce she did it because of gambling debts.

    • The Daily Wire immediately asked the FBI for any information on this. The Memphis FBI field office responded that they had no jurisdiction in the matter. It would be up to local LE. The local LE said they would release it. Then the FBI swooped in and took over. They obviously got a call from DC to lock it down. In five years they’ll probably release some documents that say she felt she didn’t get enough credit for being a high roller so everyone had to die. The FBI has become the DNC’s cleanup crew.

      • I wish both of you were exaggerating and that this was the good old days when the FBI fought organized crime. Now the FBI IS the organized crime.

      • I forgot to add something. Now they’re saying they can’t release the shooter’s writings because there’s an ongoing lawsuit about…wait for it…releasing the shooter’s writings. They’ll stall for as long as possible until people are distracted with something else.

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      • With such a willingness to do p0litical actions perhaps the FBI should be renamed. Federal Security Bureau is out as another agency has FSB.

        Perhaps State Security and Intelligence. STASI. No one currently uses that name but the legacy of the former organization will continue.

    • You musta missed yours truly going out on a limb with a prediction following the Louisville shooting. Based on what was posted on this forum and later by the perp’s words his actions had a connection to Nashville.

      It was exposed in a letter left to the Louisville perp’s parents the perp wanted to demonstrate how easy it was for a deranged individual to purchase an Assault Weapon. In other words if you do the math, to him his gallant actions were to give Gun Control a boast via back to back massacres.

      Knowing the Louisville perp’s motive would be damaging Gun Control zealots took their football and quietly went home.

      And those who are supposed to be on point Defending The 2A have not went out on a limb to hold Gun Control accountable for what, by all accounts thus far, appears to be Gun Control Violence.

      • To whom it may concern… Initial reports about the Louisville perp’s motive being work related were proven false.

        • “Initial reports…were proven false.”

          They always lie to further their political goals. They hide the truth when it implicates them. They make things up to use it against their political rivals. When someone made a comment the other day about the NBC evening news saying the TX shooter was a white supremacist, I thought it was sarcasm. It wasn’t just the media calling a Mexican a white supremacist that was odd. It was the fact that anyone on this site still watches the national evening news (propaganda).

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  2. kinda tough to promote this (correct) viewpoint without a major outlet to broadcast it from.
    why doesn’t petroleum enter broadcasting?

    • “why doesn’t petroleum enter broadcasting?”

      Uhm, because they have a hard lock on that market and don’t need to waste money advertising?

      What are you gonna do, just stop driving to work (as much as you’d like to)?

  3. We have news in the Illinois AR ban lawsuit.

    Illinois has responded to Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s order to explain why Illinois believes their law is constitutional, and it’s a *doozy*, to put it mildly.

    They are seriously suggesting the ‘Bruen’ standard allows for the two-step constitutionality standard, if you can believe it…

    • ILL annoy sez my rifle is unsuitable to use in home defense. Too “high powered”. I can’t even shoot a giant rat IE a deer because it ain’t powerful enough for an “ethical” kill. Oh & I got a brick house. I’m keeping my rifle🙄

      • Avoid shooting through windows or using m855/a1 and your neighbors may not notice depending on your insulation. Bricks are remarkable with lower power small arms compared to typical construction.

      • that cartridge blows up the first time it hits something solid…trust me…I know

  4. “Grandfather laws in the Constitution forbid the confiscation of these previously owned firearms”

    A lot to unpack with that bit of ignorance and stupid, but basically:

    1. There are no laws in the Constitution, grandfather or otherwise. Laws are suppose to be created that comply with the Constitution and if complying would be ‘constitutional law’.

    2. The Constitution forbids, by the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, the confiscation (from the law abiding) of ‘these firearms’ previously owned or not. Laws contrary to this are not ‘constitutional law’. By existance of the Constitution people are not obligated to obey laws that are not ‘constitutional law’ and such law is not constitutional to enforce or enact.

    3. Laws that prohibit ‘these firearms’ for the law abiding are not ‘constitutional law’.

    overall reference: founders, Constitution, Bill of Rights, SCOTUS

    • Here’s the grandfather clause:

      Article 1, Section 9

      No … ex post facto Law shall be passed.

        • The fatherless sons of the BATF did that via reinterpreting a regulation. It wasn’t done by Congress passing a law.

          I know, I know, that should still be unconstitutional.

      • ‘ex post facto’ is not a ‘grandfather law’. There are no ‘laws’ in the Constitution.

        • The point was indeed very awkwardly put, but it is a fact that the whole basis for grandfather clauses in federal law is the prohibition on ex post facto laws.

          I think of the Constitution as “law control” with the same flaws and weaknesses as “gun control”.

      • If you think the Constitution’s rule against ex-post-facto laws provides us gun owners with any protection against having guns or magazines confiscated, tell that to the People’s Republic of New Jersey (PRNJ).
        The PRNJ had previously passed a law limiting magazines to 15 rounds (I don’t remember when, as that was before I moved to the PRNJ), because the 15-round limit would make us all safe.
        Then tyrannical Governor Phil Murphy slunk into office, and the very first thing he did, his first week in office, was sign a law reducing magazine sizes from 15 rounds to 10 rounds, with absolutely no grandfather clause!
        I’d purchased handguns that take 15 rounds specifically because they complied with New Jersey’s laws, and now I had to throw out all their magazines. I’d also just purchased a large number of 15-round magazines for my AR, which were now also worthless. Gun stores had to remove the magazines from all their guns in the display cases, destroy the magazines, and sell the guns without any magazines (imagine buying a pistol with no magazine — that’s what happened in the PRNJ after Governor Murphy’s Law!)

        • Quite right, quite infuriating. When it comes to the important stuff, most notably the protection of our human and civil rights, the Constitution is simply inadequate. See Neff’s essay linked earlier.

        • why would you comply with this nonsense…you’ll never satisfy these people

  5. Bans rely on compliance, compliance will only be given by those who are never going to be the problem, hence bans will never work.

  6. The whole issue is twofold. First part is soundbyte political grandstanding from both sides. Much noise and hot air to get click, likes and tv airtime.
    The second part is the dangerous part. Some way of getting the disarmament camels nose under the tent flap. Get something pushed through to point at for the next ban or restriction.
    Sure, the hot air part tracks along with cries to do something, prevent crime or mass shootings, protect children, etc.
    Problem is the same issue that turned up with the ban Biden loves to brag about. Nothing changed and not 1 rifle was removed from 1 potential criminal. Nor did the sales even slow down. If anything the interest in the banned rifles was intensified. Manufacturers will find fixes and minor alterations to their firearms and continue to provide the product as long as there is demand.
    We saw the same thing happen when the “Saturday Night Special” laws went through. Small, cheap pocket pistols are still available. And if anything of better quality.
    Lastly, any Governor, or Senator or President demanding the ban and confiscation of any type of firearm needs to: 1) give up their personal protection detail using the very same firearms they want banned.
    And 2) be the first person through the door in the raids to confiscate those weapons. Be the leader they claim to be and lead from the front. Not follow along at some later date.

  7. There are quite a few things in the gun world that do not advance the cause. Regardless of which side your on, some things just simply are some things.

    Gun control might be rooted in racism but pushing that idea to those that are not listening makes it pointless to argue. It’s no different from suggesting that AR15’s are NOT assault rifles to people that are convinced that they are by virtue of what talking heads on the tv say.

    It’s one thing to understand the truth that Jan6 was a riot that got out of control. But when half the country is willing to believe whatever Pelosi says regardless of it’s validity is an entirely new reality. Not to mention gullability to the point of induced insanity.

    A very large portion of this country WILL follow AOC and Pelosi over a cliff. Presenting truth to them is not profitable. They do not understand that it is THEM being mentally unstable. Do the insane know they are. Evidently not. It’s even beyond the inability to get a crying baby to stop. One of the scary things about this is that a large portion of these people actually are parents, teachers, and elected leaders. Those in the MSM that see this are leaving the profession.

    But to be honest, this is just like TTAG coding their website in such a way that it slows down in favor of the very same ad showing up a dozen times. Then telling us how Big tech and government over reach monitors us.

    • AR’s are assualt rifles and the constitution says we can have them.
      Theres the quick fix to the argument.

  8. Some of us want to read the manifestos, letters, social media posts, etc of these deranged individuals with the intent to use that information to prevent the incidents or end them as quickly as possible if we find ourselves in the midst of one.

    Keeping this information secret is a first amendment violation.

    • “Also, the public does not to need to know all of the details of the guns used and injuries caused. Once again imitation is promoted.”

      I completely disagree with this premise. Here’s my thesis: It isn’t the details that causes imitation. It’s the non-stop coverage shrieking over the event that leads to imitation. The media’s typical coverage of these events goes well beyond the old “if it bleeds, it leads” expression. They constantly talk about it because they think it’s to their political advantage. They’re either blaming their political rivals, or they’re using it to push for gun bans, etc. In my opinion, their political activism is making the problem much worse.

  9. It looks like there’s some evidence the TX mall shooter was a Neo-Nazi. I don’t know that much about Neo-Nazism, but apparently they don’t just hate Jews. Also, apparently Mexican Nazis are a thing. It’s funny how the media is trying to call him a white supremacist. He isn’t white. Where’s the proof that he’s a white supremacist? They completely made that up. He’s obviously a troubled, sick individual. He probably needs people to hate to make himself feel better.

    He liked the trans Christian school shooter. He said her being able to kill so many people was the “the greatest accomplishment of feminism ever.” Does that sound remotely right wing to anyone here? He had searched for busy times at the TX mall. He just wanted to kill.

    The media immediately began questioning possible racist motives for the Brownsville, TX driver who ran over people. Did they think George Alvarez was another “white supremacist?” Of course not! They just wanted to get that narrative out there immediately. When all of the details come out, it won’t matter because people won’t be paying attention to it. Why didn’t the media make a big deal about trans vs Christians right after that shooting? Gotta push the narrative.

    • Hate comes from the heart. Just as love does.

      Your color, race, religion, gender, occupation, creed, or national origin are not factors. The idea that black people cannot be racist is in itself a lie. That lie was created to keep blacks inline and under control focused on hating whites. We can refer to them as Natzi’s (or Neo-Natzi’s) simply because of what the world saw Hitler do. But that is just a label. No different from ‘assault rifle’ or ‘Saturday Night Special’. A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. The MSM can tell us all that it’s White Supremacy even though it isn’t because that’s all they have. They only know what the AP feeds them. Most of these people are just idiots that do what they are told. Hate that comes from south of the border does not care to advance white power or population count. It’s actually the opposite. But like everything else the left does, it’s all upside down and backwards.

    • But … but … dacian was telling us yesterday that the Brownsville driver is a white supremacist.

      “The nut case had been posting on Far Right Neo Nazi web sites.
      “Also in Brownsville Texas another Far Right Neo Nazi ran down and killed 7 people.
      “Once again proving the FBI correct when it has stated the biggest danger to the American people are Far Right Neo Nazi groups.”

      Presented for your comic relief.

      • dacian has never been right. Never. But he is a reliable foot soldier for the fascist left.

        • His fate will to be betrayed by one of his underlings and put up against the same wall he put others against.

    • The initial narrative is the one that sticks in people’s minds. It is usually wrong, but ask some people after it shown to be wrong and they believe the original.

  10. The assault weapons ban is unconstitutional as the constitution’s explicit purpose was the Right of the people to have the means to wage a war against a tyrannical government and defend the country.

  11. The people that are trying to ban rifles, and all guns eventually, know that such bans are useless in fighting crime. Saving lives is the furthest thing from their minds.

    It is about control and power.

  12. The left and major media (same, same) continually push the term “white supremacists” anytime something bad happens to demonize and build hatred of white people. This is the same tactic used in the 1930s to target one particular group in preparation for their “final solution”.

    In the 1960s radical democrats (communist party USA) publicly talked about how many people would need to be eliminated after they took over. They talked of numbers about 1/4 of the population then. 25% now days would be near 80 million today for their planned “final solution”. “White supremacists” will be first in line with other “undesirables” mixed in.

    Notice new gun control laws are becoming more numerous in spite of the SCOTUS rulings. The continuous push for gun control is so the undesirables will not be able to resist.

    Be Prepared !!!

    • Prepared to get arrested for accusations of crossing left of center and resisting arrest on your way back from the shuting range or tree stand.
      Or prepared when they declare national emergency (Katrina) and confiscate
      your gunms. I suppose you could go down in a blaze of glory, all by your lonesome, the white supremacist our friendly feds took out before he could do his white supremacy things.

    • To be labeled a white supremacist, the only qualification one needs is to be labeled such, regardless of actual race. Larry Elder, Clarence Thomas, et al., qualify, as well an all of us actual “white folk.” All the more reason, Possum, for us all to keep and bear “assault rifles” in compliance with the Second Amendment.

    • Numbers in reality could be as high as a third and as the system keeps applying quotas as more “class enemies” and “counterrevolutionaries” are found. And some overzealous followers will try to exceed their quotas to gain recognition and advancement until their ultimate betrayal by an underling.

      It is how it has always worked because that is the way.

  13. If the US Constitution prohibits unlawful taking without compensation, should I value my firearms for what’s being demanded in reparations?

    I could use the $5M or so…

    In the words of Ed McMahon, “You might be a winner.” In the words of Dylan Mulvaney, “I might have a wiener.”

  14. I agree about publicizing the shootings and shooters. But then the media cries their eyes out because that’s how they make money and of course, the FIRST AMENDMENT!! You can’t EVEN think about violating the 1st A!!!!!

  15. The AR-15 is not an assault rifle.

    Freedom of press is not subject to a test of need.

  16. It’s not about stopping mass shootings, an assault rifle or assault weapon ban is only designed to take the most effective tool away from the individuals the politicians fear most, and that is the armed patriot who will stand in the way of the politicians tyranny and oppression.

  17. “It won’t work,” implies they’re trying to solve something. They aren’t. It doesn’t matter. A ban itself IS the goal. Crime, shootings, safety, “the children” are all just expedient reasons given as plausible political cover. Gun control isn’t about ANY of that. It’s about control. Pure and simple.

  18. You can’t tell the Politicians, Media nor the gun grabbers the limitations because THEY will find Any way to get what THEY want. and They Have Money behind them to Move the needle to Force Their Narrative.

  19. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Seems the Anti-Gun Radicals are at it again.


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