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I mean, it ain’t getting any cheaper, that’s for sure! Thankfully everything else we all buy has set all-time year-over-year price increase records. So…we got that going for us.


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      • ROFL…showed your response to my spouse. She cracked up laughing thinking about some of the ladies that she has worked with through the years.*

        *Her laughter was no way sexist and does not diminish the effect of wanna-be women / men who glob on the makeup…in this particular arena all 723 known genders are truly equal.

  1. Whenever I go to the LGS, I typically buy one box of some caliber that I use….22LR on up. After a reasonably short time there are a lot of boxes stacked in the ammo locker.

    • That’s the way I do it too.
      I’ve got a mini14 never much cared about stock piling emu for it, things have changed on that now.
      We better have all we’ll need muy pronto because the next two years ain’t gonna be pretty.
      And that’s another problem with having an assortment of different calibers, choosing which ones you want to feed the most.
      Oh my, seen a .357 Single Action revoling made by Pietta, $509, that is one sweet revoling, told the guy if you’ve still got it when I get the money I’m buying it. And there I go again, buying more emu for another gunm.

      • Possum, should’ve gone with “wammo” instead of “emu”. Phonetically more similar and consider: ” I went n stuffed a handful of wammo into my clipazine” as opposed to: “I went n stuffed a handful of emu into my clipazine”. See what I mean? Just tryin to help, bro.

  2. Jeremy,
    Please write about things about pertinent items.
    We don’t need another Don Rickles writing about
    bullshit comedy. I know you can do better than
    this. I have seen some your good stuff.

  3. Just order some ammo while away from home. This has her lugging a few cases/crates off the front porch and into the house.
    Mine stopped caring about ammo costs after she moved four 1k round cases around 18 months ago.
    She’s seen our front porch loaded with wood crates of GI boxed Austrian 7.62 NATO since then, and been fine with it.

  4. James, where are you finding Austrian 7.62 NATO? If it’s even close to reasonable I’ll take 5000 rounds. Please relay information.

    • I purchased it thru Max Arms in Florida.
      Was around $500 delivered for 800rd crates of Hertenberger boxer primed, non metallic, non corrosive. Each crate had two GI boxes, loaded with 400rds each in bandoliers.

      • Excellent stuff. Can’t find it anywhere in Canada right now. Maybe the idiot manchild is trying to “cap the market” on it too. I got a cap or two I’d like to send his way. Kidding!! Sorta…

  5. Between gun stuff and car parts I don’t have room in the budget for $6/ gallon gas. I’m looking at the 5 gallon jugs in the shed from this spring as an investment. Total clown world.

  6. I just started reloading. Still costs just as much per round as it used to buying off the shelf, though. Not counting equipment, of course.

    • It gets more economical once you can start reusing casings. 7.62×51/.308 in particular is very economical to reload since quality cases are thick and rigid enough to last 10-15 shots before overstretching. 5.56/.223 less so (3-5 shots), but with a good swager on your bench you can get enough useable brass from gleaning your local range.

      • I saved cases for years, except 9mm (why bother saving them when 9mm costs 20 cents per round?) which I only have 600 cases. For example, next up is .30-30. Bought 300 bullets at 45 cents each (plus tax, plus shipping), 2lbs of Hodgdon’s LEVERevolution (enough for ~400 rounds) powder for $76 (plus tax, plus hazmat shipping) and my kitchen table FFL was nice enough to sell me 500 large rifle primers for $40. Adds up to $14.40/20 (plus tax, plus shipping), which is more than I was paying for .30-30 a couple years ago. Although I may have a better round for my trouble. But then I watched Brownells and MidwayUSA for months until the powder was available. If I would have just went out and bought everything on GunBroker for the best deal I could find at the time I’d have paid at least a buck a round. Of course a quick search on Ammoseek reveals that the best deal on any .30-30 on the interwebs right now is $1.60/round, so I’m still saving money, just not compared to what I was paying a couple years ago.

        • 30-30, 303, 30-06, 45acp, 10mm and 38special/357 magnum are where I have seen the most savings in reloading in no particular order. Powder trickles in and is slowly getting available but primers for anything but shotgun or small rifle are a bottleneck lately.

  7. Well at least that guy wasn’t married to my sister in law, she throwed all her husbands clothes out the door then set them on fire.

  8. I wouldn’t worry too much about the ammo bill.
    We just have to wait for a few weeks of enlightened market management of fuel prices by the gov’t and it will be the filling of the V8’s petrol tank that will break both bank and marriage…

  9. Prenuptial agreement & property dissipation.

    Cover your ass. People change. Anyone not willing to agree to a prenup is a POS and not worth marrying. Also, better look into your state laws before you sign that marriage certificate. If your spouse feels “threatened” because of your gun ownership, there is a good chance the TRO will hold up and then it’s bye bye to your house. When it’s your word vs. theirs on domestic abuse and why they are filing, good fucken luck. Some judges won’t tolerate it but some won’t think twice about signing the TRO “just to be safe”.


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