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I mean, if you believe the media and the gun grabber politicians then the math definitely checks out on this one.


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  1. My 9mm AR used to have a bump stock on it. Really makes a lib’s head explode just thinking about it.

  2. alas
    all the wasted years
    using .308 and .30-30 and .30-06 on deer
    when we could have been using the 9mm

  3. Most adults these days, especially the younger ones, could be decapitated without any loss of mental acuity.

  4. I don’t understand why anyone would want a semi-auto 9mm carbine. Unless it’s a submachinegun. But if it’s the size of carbine; why wouldn’t I want it in a rifle caliber? Oh. Not interested in a rifle caliber with a barrel length less than 18″. If I wanted a stun grenade to go off in my face I’d just pull the pin on one and wait a second.

  5. I gave all my gunms to a blue heron, no it was a crane, a whooping crane, it whooped about what a fool I was until it was out of earshot.
    I did keep one gunm though. A double barreled shotgunm.
    Was pretty mad about that crane deal, I was going to give it a couple warning blast but the wind blew the balcony out of the tree last night.

    • Possum,

      We have a healthy blue heron population here. I have seen a couple of white cranes paling around with the herons, so, I’ll ask around. Maybe one of them knows where your guns are.

      Always glad to help

      • Ruger PC9 is a good Quality carbine and the AR9 pistols are nice to have around for self defense weapons, small, compact, and more accurate than your standard Glock pistol. I also like the fact that all the mags will fit any of these platforms.

  6. I’m too lazy to look it up but are not some 5.56 mm barrels over stabilized such that the bullets cant when they strike so there’s more tissue damage? But standard barrel twist rate gives better accuracy, but solid bullets will do much less damage. Or what’s the correct story here?
    I can say that I’ve hit a lot of different media with long 6.5 mm and the bullet turns with incredible violence/ energy transfer. Does that imply longer (heavy) .223 bullets also turn? My 22-250 will push (hollow point) bullets fast enough they vaporize on contact with say an apple, which then disappears.

  7. Potentially *massive* good ‘BREAKING NEWS’ :

    The Armed Scholar YouTube channel is announcing a new SCotUS decision that may be the first ‘shot across the bow’ of stomping flat federal government regulatory over-reach that could be huge good news for 2A rights :

    It has to do with the Court killing the concept of “Chevron Deference”. He believes this has the potential of killing things like the ATF declaring bump stocks are machine guns.

    • This is actually a very good ruling, vacating a Trump administration cut to Medicare for low-income seniors.

      “In a narrow and unanimous opinion on Wednesday, the court did not overturn the Chevron doctrine. Instead, it just ignored it. And in doing so, the court may have portended the future of Chevron, which already has been narrowed considerably over the years. Rather than a single, decisive blow or a continued death by a thousand cuts, the court might simply snuff out Chevron with the silent treatment.

      More immediately, though, Wednesday’s ruling is a victory for safety-net hospitals trying to recoup $1.6 billion in annual Medicare payments after the Department of Health and Human Services cut reimbursements in 2018.

      The cut applied to certain prescription drugs that hospitals provide in outpatient settings, and it applied only to hospitals that are eligible for a federal program known as the 340B Drug Pricing Program. Those hospitals generally serve a high proportion of low-income payments, and under federal law, they have the right to purchase drugs from pharmaceutical companies at reduced prices.“

  8. Every left liberal/anti-gun person knows for a fact that a single 5.56 round or 9mm round has the destructive power of a ‘kajillion times infinity’ nuclear warheads and is the ultimate power in the universe surpassing even the power of God and just thinking about one of these rounds the most tiny bit will cause everyone in a whole city to explode instantly, and that the ‘big bang’ was really a 5.56 and 9mm round going off all by their selves because that’s what they do.

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