Texas School Shooting
(AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)
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From the AP . . .

Police in Uvalde still haven’t committed to speaking to a Texas House committee investigating the May 24 massacre at an elementary school and the law enforcement response that day, the lawmaker leading the probe said Friday.

Republican state Rep. Dustin Burrows said his committee was in conversations with the Uvalde Police Department and hoped to announce soon whether members of the force will appear as witnesses.

It came a day after comments by Burrows raised uncertainty about whether Uvalde police would cooperate, saying Thursday there was a question of whether the local officers would “visit with us voluntarily” about the May 24 shooting at Robb Elementary School in which 19 children and two teachers were killed.

He went even further Thursday night on social media, tweeting: “Most have fully cooperated and want to help determine the facts for the Uvalde community and all Texans. Burrows said he did not understand why Uvalde police “would not want the same.”

The police department didn’t immediately reply to messages left Friday seeking comment.

Weeks after one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history, law enforcement officials have stopped providing updates about what they’ve learned about the shooting and the police response. Their silence comes after authorities gave conflicting and incorrect accounts in the days after the shooting, sometimes withdrawing statements hours after making them.

Officials also haven’t released records sought under public information laws to media outlets, including The Associated Press, often citing broad exemptions and the ongoing investigation. It has raised concerns about whether such records will be released, even to victims’ families.

The state House committee has interviewed more than a dozen witnesses behind closed doors as of Friday, including state police, school staff and school district police. The list of witnesses provided by the committee so far has not included Pete Arrendondo, the Uvalde school district police chief, who has faced criticism over his actions during the attack.

Uvalde School Police Chief Pete Arredondo, third from left, stands during a news conference outside of the Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on May 26, 2022. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills, File)

Burrows defended the committee interviewing witnesses in private and not revealing their findings so far, saying its members want an accurate account before issuing a report.

“One person’s truth may be different than another person’s truth,” Burrows said Friday.


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  1. keep in mind:
    this is the same thing they would do
    if the whole thing was a government operation
    and they were in on it

    • You don’t need a dark conspiracy to explain incompetent local cops. Some local law had their own family members in the school.

    • I agree! The volume of mass shootings that has occurred lately is not just a coincidence. When LEO’s stand down during an event like this, stinks of collusion on a scale that we will never be privy to. I saw all I needed to, when the FBI was coercing the chief LEO while he was in front of the cameras updating the public after the Las Vegas event. We never did get the whole story about what happened then, because it was conveniently buried afterwards. The forces behind these events have one objective, and that is to try and turn public opinion against all gun owners to strip us of our 2nd Amendment rights. Our 2nd Amendment guaranteed rights are all that’s left standing in the way between the NWO takeover and the ushering in of total Marxism by the elite groups that have now taken down, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

      • The problem as i see it has to do with the so called law enforcement being employees of the school district. These school districts have been given too much authority over the years and now believe that they are above God and everybody. Try dealing with one and you will see. This is a byproduct of this attitude. These school districts should have no security or law enforcement that is under their authority, they should be under local police departments. part of the problem with small town police departments is that they have small budgets which inhibit training available to it’s officers.

    • “they were in on it“

      Right, and they’ve been really busy lately, what with Buffalo, this and now the church shooting in Alabama.
      Do you think they were involved in this operation here in West Virginia?

      “Lewis County Sheriff Dave Gosa believes a gunman, identified as Matthew Brevosky, 38, of Grindstone, Pa., who stopped in the middle of I-79 and started shooting randomly with a rifle had plans to target law enforcement.

      Gosa and his Chief Deputy Mike Cayton were the first to arrive at the Weston exit of I-79 where the man had pulled his vehicle sideways in the northbound lanes blocking traffic and firing from a prone position from under his SUV.

      During the gunfire, Upshur County Chief Deputy Mike Coffman was hit, Gosa became emotional as he described working his way to the wounded deputy while under fire.

      “I rushed back to him and picked him up and shoved him back into his cruiser. There was a citizen on scene there, a fireman from Upshur County named Derek Long. He drove him to the hospital,” he said in a choked up voice.“

      Wow, that is some serious crisis acting.


        • Moron yourself, there is more than one West Virginian on this mailing list. You madame or sir need to learn respect for your betters!

          editorial note: A considerable amount of self censorship was necessary to keep me from really attacking this neiowa, whatever that is!

          Now, I suspect the Uvalde police have legal advice to not say anything or cooperate in any way as they are are likely to face lawsuits and possible criminal charges.

        • “Respect for your betters”

          That sounds like something that would come spewing out of a West Virginians meth mouth. Lol. Sorry man… Defending West VA is not something you should be proud of and the fact that you take offense to it tells us a lot. Leaving miners stupidity out of this, you should’ve shrugged that one off.

      • Never mind pointing the finger at the police. The school should have had security measures in place capable of handling the perpetrator accordingly…

        Obviously the school did not and children died needlessly. Instead of blaming the perp and those running the school it’s blame the gun Salem Witch style.

        The demoCrap behind it all is along the lines of capturing the perp alive, letting him go and putting the gun in prison.

        • If Texas law did not ban guns from funeral homes the funeral home employee Ramo0s shot at first would have ended before Ramos even jumped the fence to the school. The school would not have even needed security.

        • The school almost all-but had their “Get your school shooting victims here” sign out.

  2. If the police being 20 minutes away doesn’t open your eyes seeing them stack up and watch you die through the window after waiting the 20 minutes for them to arrive might.

    • Nope. Blame the gun. 100 years of a total ban would be the only thing to open their eyes that a gun ban won’t do shit. Hell, you could do it for the next 400 years and it won’t matter. But they don’t care. They truly believe that someone else is going to keep them safe and when they don’t, they just double down and blame starts flowing like denial… I mean, the Nile…

      These people truly believe that banning certain weapons will create a civilized society and stop gun crime. In 2022. The world is flooded with guns – it doesn’t stop them anywhere else and it won’t stop them here. We should just ban “extremism” while we are at it too.

  3. I have a lot of thoughts on this incident, but I think I’ll keep them to myself until the dust settles. In the meantime, I’m thinking about ordering a Freedom Arms Model 83 Field Grade in .44 Mag. I’d like to tweek it to my specs. 5″ barrel, recessed crown, black micarta grips. I’d like to hear anyone’s suggestions. Talked to Red Hills today. I think this would be a very fine Father’s Day gift. My children will inherit it soon anyway.

  4. I think that we need to be honest. And people need to face the truth. If you want to know what happened at Uvalde? Then I suggest that you watch this video.

    Fast forward to the 54 minute mark. This portion of the video is about eight or nine minutes long.

    The entire video is an outstanding example of Second Amendment history research. But it’s the Uvalde portion then I would like everybody to view. Uvalde has already been in the news years ago.

    And pay close attention to the two-year dates that are mentioned in the video. After you watch that portion of the video ask yourself. Did the Texas state government and the FBI know about this guy, years ago, all along???

    “We’re NOT READY For What’s Coming…(Might Delete in 24 Hours)”

      • It sure seems that way. I’m not very positive when the Feds claim that they will do the investigation. I have more faith in Texas investigators.

        • “I have more faith in Texas investigators“

          You bet! After all, Texas did such a fine job with the Uvalde school shooting in the first place, they’d be perfect to investigate themselves.

    • That is informative. This is Uvlade’s SECOND incident – and what’s his name was a classmate to those two fools. This particular incident was planned in 2018, and law enforcement knew about it!!

      • It’s one of the most detailed 2A history videos I’ve every seen. But I’d like to see all the attendance records of the students involved. And all staff records with councilor record’s of the students.

        I still remember when the VA Tech student records “disappeared”. The one who murdered over 30 of his fellow students. I hope the investigators move quickly and secure the school and the school district records.

        This place may turn out to be just as corrupt as the Parkland school district in Florida.

    • Of course they did. They know about us all. Why do you think all those people from Jan 6th are being tried with basically treason? They don’t care about the kids they care about the government. They know we are cowards and not going to form any kind of militias to take it back, so they sit back and watch picking off one by one based off your social history and score. Being a mental fucktard willing to kill kids is like a political tool to them. Easy to get what they want. Why would they stop him?

  5. Every one of them standing around with their hands in their pockets needs to be terminated, and never work as a LEO ever again. Why couldn’t they breach the door? Where I am from every patrol car carried a breaching shotgun in the trunk. 3 shots should remove hinges from anything but a bank vault door. No excuse, even it they were ordered to not enter under threat of termination, they should of anyway. They chose to harass and threaten parents instead. F them all.

    • they were waiting for a key…that the janitor eventually supplied…that’s their story and they’re sticking to it…strange as it sounds..

      • Imagine being a breacher and asking for key…

        They were so concerned about this crowd control they forgot the real threat. Major fuck up, defund em, we don’t need em.

  6. They ain’t responding because they’re cowards l. I’m still wondering how a HS dropout living with grandma and working a chit fast food job could afford the kit he “reportedly” had!?!

    • Grandma was paying for the truck, guns, ammo, etc. But the whole thing reeks of “false flag”. Hopefully the Texas Rangers get to the bottom of this.

    • “I’m still wondering how a HS dropout living with grandma and working a chit fast food job could afford the kit he “reportedly” had!?!“

      Well, Kyle Rittenhouse used his Covid stimulus check and then engaged in conspiracy with his sister’s boyfriend to purchase an AR 15 across state lines under a false name in a strawman purchase.

      So it probably wasn’t that hard for this 18-year-old to access his very own AR 15, isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

      • A: Kyle isn’t a high school dropout.
        B: Kyle wasn’t staying with grandma because Mama kicked him out.
        C: Kyle was working for his money.
        D: In addition to working for his money, Kyle was doing volunteer community service.

        You ain’t comparing a hard working young man to the douche in Uvalde. Just stop acting like a fokwit.

        • “A: Kyle isn’t a high school dropout.”

          “Two people told the Sun-Times he dropped out of Lakes Community High School in Lake Villa. And another woman who lives in Rittenhouse’s apartment complex said a friend worked with him at a Culver’s restaurant.“


          “C: Kyle was working for his money“

          “Kyle Rittenhouse cashed a coronavirus stimulus check to purchase the semi-automatic rife that authorities say he used to fatally shoot two men in Kenosha, Wisconsin, he said.“


          “Mr. Rittenhouse had two profiles on TikTok. On one, he posted a picture from a rally for President Trump in Iowa. On the other, he posted support for Blue Lives Matter, guns and Mr. Trump. “Bruh, I’m just tryna be famous,” he wrote in his bio summary on the account, which had attracted 26 followers.“


          Kyle achieved his goal of becoming famous.

        • Liar49er can’t help but lie, it’s all he does. We all know this, but the moron thinks he is pulling the wool over peoples eyes.

          Best of it being trying to deceive over easily verifiable incontrovertible facts, often with government documentation, like FBI statistics that disputes his wild fantasy conspiracy theory claims.

        • “Liar49er can’t help but lie“

          Sissy d, I’m sorry the truth annoys you, but I have posted links to the sources so you may verify the veracity of my post.

          I must say, I found it rather interesting that you identify as a sissy, thanks for helping us to understand where you’re coming from.

        • You even lied in your own post and don’t realize it. Not only are you a liar, you’re stupid.

          “C: Kyle was working for his money“

          ” … a friend worked with him at a Culver’s restaurant.“

          And you neglected to mention his lifeguard job.


        • Well that settles it guys… Someone told a newspaper the facts.

          Amber heards doing that rn too… Again…

        • Oh I’ll happily turn you and all like your ass inside out bitch. This ain’t sister_dacian, I’ve been around far longer. Way longer than you and your fluffer buddy Vlad.

      • Uvalde is a stop on the drug cartel’s fentanyl super highway into the US so big money is not unusual in the town. I am from an old WV family, but one twist is that my father was born on a ranch a ways northeast of Uvalde. The region has changed a lot, but I still have a few relatives from there to San Antonio.

  7. 13 DPS troopers? That’s . . . difficult to believe. Seriously, it’s easy to believe that small hick town cops screwed up this badly, but DPS? In all my life, I’ve only known of one idiot DPS trooper, and I reported his actions to his commander. DPS? Dayum – they are as cool and professional as any police force I’ve ever met, anywhere. I mean, they aren’t Texas Rangers, but they generally come pretty close.

    I would be REALLY shocked if there were a Ranger in that crowd of cops!!

    • Here’s the scenario that made them afraid and cower in the hallway:


      This member of the ‘he-man woman haters club’ is one of the main reasons Canada has moved forward with more gun control over the past 30 years.

      As I’ve noted in the past, toxic masculinity is one of the main drivers of gun violence, in every racial/ethnic group.

  8. Need some clarity and differentiation if talking about the city popo of the silly as “school district popp”. One of the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of – a school with parallel police dept to the city. Do they also have sewer dept popo and a street dept swat teams in TX?

  9. “One person’s truth may be different than another person’s truth.”

    That ain’t what us dumb farmboys were taught.

  10. What exactly is there to learn about the Uvalde shootins that is not already known. After all the Uvalde mass shooting [which I believe is defined as including more than THREE victims] is only one of many and there have been over two dozen such incidends in the first 6 months of 2022 IT’s nor t as if those involving school children are that rare either.
    As you might not be waare I come from the other side of the POnd [UK] and we too have had at least two such shooings inn the last half cenr urty. Both resulted in IMMEDIATE governemnt actio involving banning certain ctegoeies of firearms [ hand guns and drastically tightening un licensing condition. Each time this kind of action was taken to further tighten restrictions on gun ownership it was, and still is. with the overwhelming support of the electorate. I fact that electorate DEMANDED iimmediate action be taken. I cannot remember a SINGLE relevant voice raised in opposition.
    In spite of the rhetoric there is, and never has been an absolut ban on firearm ownership in the UK. However licensing conditions ARE Draconian and good cause must be provided. Target practice with semi-autos is NOT a legitimate ’cause’ and neither is the wish to ‘possess for the sake of it. It is actually still relatively easy to obtain license for a .22 or a shotgun but any kind of HANDGUN or SEMI-AUTO would be pretty bloody difficult to justify. Pretty much the only legitimat access to most firearms is in the Armed Service’ or the Police and only then after prolonged training. I know because for a good few years I was an ARMOUER and Smallarms Instructor in the ROYAL AIR FORCE and a member of the UK Army Infantry Reserves.

      • Yea sounds about right.
        Who was he before he was dacian again? I can’t remember. Too much bipolar crazy to track but it’s been the same person for a while. Oh yea… Vlad. Same person, all of them. He thinks he’s Moon Knight.

    • “However licensing conditions ARE Draconian and good cause must be provided.”

      Thank God we live in the United States of America, and not Great (?) Britain.

      In fact, I recall a little dust-up between GB and one of its unruly colonies that didn’t turn out so well for the Empire.

    • Just keep it on your side of the “pond”. Typically you have “overlooked” the UK’s problem with bladed weapons, but some here realize that soon the still very bloody and violent UK will be serializing and issuing permits for steak knives. It’s a slippery slope once you step out onto it!



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