GOP Senators Finally Reach a Hard-Fought Deal With Democrats on Commonsense Gun Safety

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  1. I’m wondering if the republican party is trying to toss the mid-term elections so that democrats retain congress, because they are demoralizing their voter base by the bushel right now. I’ve never seen a political party that can be as stupid as republicans. Elephants are supposed to be smart and donkeys are supposed to be the jacka**es, not the other way around.

    • Can’t agree more. They think we will always vote republican. I’m in Texas, have never voted for a Dem, but if no one primaries Cornyn, I might just vote for the Dem running against him. He is no different, so why should we elect him just to stab us in the back.

      • It’s in the primaries where the Republicans cheat to prevent anyone other than their chosen one from winning.

        That’s why there wasn’t any full and thorough audits of the 2020 election in the swing states and that’s why McCormick conceded to Oz in Pennsylvania. If real audits were performed, the Republicans would get caught too.

        We need serious election reform with zero trust procedures.

        • “It’s in the primaries where the Republicans cheat to prevent anyone other than their chosen one from winning.”

          Uh- are you following any of the current primary results??? The Trump-endorsed Repubs are cleaning up on the ones referred to as RINOs, at just about every level. Wake up…

        • “That’s why there wasn’t any full and thorough audits of the 2020 election in the swing states“

          Wait a minute, so that whole Arizona recount by the cyber ninjas was just some kind of fever dream and JR wasn’t shot?

          I thought the cyber ninjas did an extensive hand recount, examined every ballot under UV light for bamboo fibers and chewed the ballots to see if they tasted like rice.

          Are you thinking they got to the cyber ninjas somehow, and that’s why the cyber ninja recount showed that Biden won AZ by even more votes than originally thought?

        • McCormick conceded to Oz in Pennsylvania“

          I must say, I really admire the Republicans for their multicultural efforts to elect Muslims to leadership positions in the American government.

          Running a Muslim candidate for governor of Pennsylvania who is a Turkish citizen, served in the Turkish Army and voted in the 2018 Turkish national election is a very inclusive sign from the Republicans in America, bravo!

        • MINOR Miner49er, Again, you are caught lying. the Arizona “audit” was ONLY ONE COUNTY. Nice try.

        • My comments were to Max above mine. Seriously- there won’t be a valid primary against Cornyn when he is up?

          In TX?

        • Strong rumor out there that Cornyn will not run for re-election. HOPE it’s true. Cornyn has never been “pro-liberty”; he’s a corporate shill to his pedicured toenails.

          Since he got re-elected, maybe Wayne LaPierre will give him a cushy gig on the NRA board – a fitting reward for betraying 2A rights.

    • lol that you still trust republicans. Oh man… same shit different toilet. Even an idiot that only watches “House of cards” understands more about party affiliation than most voters now days.

      • No one should impicitly “trust” any politician, however, following on the primary wins of Trump-endorsed candidates, things should be brighter after November at least as far as damaging legislation is concerned.

        I don’t know about Montana, but Iowa has a great, courageous Repiublican Governor, a Republican-controlled Senate run by an equally adept and courageous leader and the House is also controlled by the Republicans, althoufh leadership there is sometimes at question. In any event, the democrats have been, for the most part, irrelevant for the past 3 years and they’ll be worse off after November.

        If your state political leaders can convince good people to run for office (not an easy task) and state’s voters see to it that those who are sent to the Capital follow through with their campaign promises, very good things can happen. South Dakota, among other states is doing likewise.

        Groom your people well before they ever go to DC and you may be pleasantly surprised. Ashley Hinson and Dr. Marianette Miller-Meeks are 2 prime examples of recent US Reps who are doing wonderful work in DC, not just for Iowa, but for the entire, non-woke, American population.

        Fix your own states. Cities, too.

        But as for an example of “party affiliation”, I suggest Kurt Russel in “Used Cars” as a better example.

        • Trump endorsed Dr. Oz. In my book, that makes him part of the problem, not the one to trust.

        • Unfortunately, Trump doles out his endorsements for adherence to him, personally, rather than actual political philosophy (my beef with him back in 2016, and why I didn’t vote for him).

          Trump accomplished much that was good . . . a fair amount of it by happy accident (his tariff policies scare anyone who knows f***-all about economics into screaming fits), but he is either one lucky mofo, or a great poker player, with a killer bluff. He got away with threatening the PRC with a trade war, because they (somewhat) backed down. Tariffs are NEVER good economic policy . . . but a good poker player can bluff a busted flush, and still win the pot.

          Trump was never a conservative, or a libertarian, and he DOES cultivate a ‘cult of personality’, but . . . he still accomplished a lot of good. Of our likely options in 2024, my current favorite is DeSantis (not necessarily for policy, more for electability), but he’s a more “conservative” choice than Trump. And YOUNGER, FFS . . . haven’t we had enough of near-octagenarians living out their slide into senility in the White House??

          But two years is a lifetime, in politics. Let’s see what happens this November. And IF the Republicans take control of Congress, let’s see if they actually DO anything with it. I’d love to see a Republican House/Senate sending a stream of bills to Senile Joe . . . let him veto them; that would insure a Republican president in 2024.

        • “The Trump-endorsed Repubs are cleaning up on the ones referred to as RINOs”

          “Trump doles out his endorsements for adherence to him, personally, rather than actual political philosophy”

          Interesting cognitive dissonance.

        • MINOR Miner49er Speaking of cognitive dissonance, you have that. IT seems most of the people that Trump has endorsed have won their primaries.

  2. Personally, I fervently hope that every senator or representative that voted to restrict the rights of the 2nd Amendment will lose their next race and be turned out of office. These people seem to forget that there is a living human being inside the mother who deserves the same rights that these legislators have, the right to life and liberty. These pro-abortion “murderers” forget that.

  3. It infuriates me when our lawmakers refuse to defend the Constitution. They value their position, wealth-accumulation, and power over the blood and suffering that not only founded this nation but has kept ot the envy of the world.

    Treason is not a sufficiently strong word. Despicable is not a sufficiently strong adjective. Abject-cowardice is not a sufficiently strong characterization. Nor is it sufficient to say it makes my blood boil to see our lawmakers spit on the blood of Patriots and on the freedoms our flag represents.

    We have to rise and stop them. We have to prevent another steal. And we have to let them know a reckoning is coming.

    You FBI types trolling and monitoring, don’t go thinking I am advocating violence — I am not. Think instead, whether you are fulfilling you oath.

  4. There are two parties in Washington the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. I vote for the Stupid guys, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    • Right on, Rusty. I always reluctantly vote for the stupid party as well, hoping that by some stretch of the imagination, they might become smart and realize the demos are just after total firearm confiscation, so that only they and their crones will be armed.

    • If you consider them all to be evil and stupid, then when is the correct time for a third-party candidate?

      • Dems love third-party candidates, they tend to split the votes of their opponents.

        A good case for implementing ranked voting.

      • Victor,

        ” . . . when is he correct time for a third-party candidate?”

        Umm, . . . when one of them has a chance in hell of winning?

        Ross Perot was the last third party candidate who actually mattered, and he still failed (bigly). I may not LIKE the “two party system”, but I sometimes don’t care much for gravity, either. Still have to deal with it. A more practical answer is to recruit/groom better candidates for the existing parties, and have and build a voice in your LOCAL party organization.

  5. I think this may all be a big pile of BS to keep democrats busy until the midterms. I’ve done my set of phone calls and complaining but I’ll reserve final judgment when the roll call happens.

    • I think you are being too generous, but I do agree that the list of turncoats will be made clear at that time. Then we just need to work on ridding the Senate of those parasites along with as many Democrats as we can.

  6. There is no “common sense” gun confiscation plan that the democrats could come up with that doesn’t violate the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of this country. Republicans who vote for this travesty, deserve to be voted out of office. The goal of the democrats is to confiscate, one way or another, all the privately owned firearms in this country, thus making us “subjects” rather than “citizens”.

  7. Translation, We were betrayed again (GOP Senators Finally Reach a Hard-Fought Deal With Democrats on Commonsense Gun Safety)

  8. Methinks the posture of the two characters during this conversation might be a little different to more accurately reflect reality.

  9. Do U really think the G O P is for the people?
    Just look at the Mitch McConnell’s, the Paul Ryan’s the Liz Chaney’s, the Adam Kizzinger’s, & many more.
    Their there for themselves. ALL politicians are Jackasses.
    And through all that, their still better than the Donkey party.
    God save AMERICA !!!!

    • All I see up there is a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

      When both options are unacceptable…I am torn between staying home, and voting third party.

      If I stay home I won’t have to shower afterwards. So, there’s that.

  10. Check this out –

    Someone has finally gone *there*, a mass-dis-armament proposal :

    ‘A Real Long-Term Solution to Gun Violence’

    “The politics of a federal purchase of all handgun manufacturers, an import ban, and a federal buyback will obviously play badly with the gun rights movement and its standard-bearing organization, the NRA—which would face losing a major source of funding and thus a loss of political power. These politics could well stop the idea in its tracks. At the same time, this approach has something going for it that no other gun violence solution can claim: it provides direct, immediate, and substantial economic benefits to the owners of handgun manufacturers and every American handgun owner. The more handguns you own, the more money you stand to make.”

    The author also says :

    “With conservatives dominating the Supreme Court, the legislation would face rough sledding. But that would be true of almost any ambitious progressive policy one can think of. Eventually, the more conservative reading of the Second Amendment will have to be overcome.”

    They’re in it for the long haul. (But we knew that already)

    The real question is, are we?

    The article is quite lengthy, but well-worth the read :

    • Republitards: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory once again. Interestingly Darrin Bailey in ILLannoy is surging in the polls for Governor. He could seriously challenge fat boy in November. Proudly pro-2A.

      • “Darrin Bailey in ILLannoy is surging in the polls for Governor“

        Just another ritch welfare queen, wanting free stuff from the government:

        “The Chicago Tribune reports Bailey received a federal paycheck loan for his family farm for more than $231,000 back in February of last year.

        The Tribune says then just a month later, Bailey reported a personal loan of $150,000 to his campaign.

        Bailey has been an outspoken critic of President Joe Biden’s coronavirus relief agenda.“

        So he’s against the corona stimulus for regular folks, but it’s perfectly OK for him to get a quarter million dollars stimulus check even though he has $150K in his pocket to loan his campaign. Hard times for sure.

        Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican

        • MINOR Minoer49er, Hypocrisy, my posterior. What he did was perfectly legal. The real hypocrisy is yours. Since when it is “welfare: to get a loan that you HAVE TO PAY BACK?
          Do all those welfare people have to pay back all that money they got from the welfare system?

  11. After the first of numerous contacts with Cornyn’s office, they stopped acknowledging our opposition to his proposed, compromising legislation. Pointed out that we WILL remember come re-election time.

  12. Just understand that Mitch McConnell designated John “The Company Man” Cornyn to lead this traiterous effort because he’s only two years into his six year term. Johnny Boy does what he’s told.

  13. Orange is the new black, so cant have that unless you want a black flag.
    I’d compromise with pink, a pink flag.
    “That nut needs Pink Flagged.”

    • possum,

      but if it was a pink flag, people would just think it was a “pride month” flag. Since we’re talking about politicians, why not make it a plaid flag???

      • “why not make it a plaid flag“

        Nostradamus predicted the Bay City Rollers would rule the world.

        It’s in his famous ‘Tartan Quatrain’.

  14. The RINOs have not reach an agreement on any bill. They have agreed to some points of reference. THAT IS ALL. The Leftist control freaks will not live up to any “agreement” , Why should they start now?


    • Maybe you could be consistent in that case.

      No draft and no service until 21
      No marriage or legal contracts until 21
      Juvenile status until 21
      No voting until 21

      and .223 is .22 cal. btw

    • NTexas,

      I see you have even fewer brain cells than the last time you SHOUTED YOUR IDIOCY.

      STFU, loser. Learn to use (and disable) your CAPS LOCK, @$$hole. And the others have suitably eviscerated your ignorant, illogical f***tardery, so I need not comment about the absurd internal contradictions in your (unutterably silly) proposal.

      Have a nice day, and continue being an embarrassment to the State of Texas!!!

    • I don’t often side with Manse Jolly, but I agree with him this time. Make it consistent. Nobody gets any adult privileges until they are 21.

      I would also abolish Selective Service registration, regardless of age. There will be no shortage of volunteers for a justifiable war.

      • “There will be no shortage of volunteers for a justifiable war“

        Hmmm, when was the last time we had one of those?

  16. And we get the “WE MUST DO SOMETHING” crap that will do nothing but make life more difficult for the law abiding and will just be an exercise in futility.
    No law, restriction, or ban will stop the next angry, demented or disgruntled youngster from getting a gun and shooting up a school, market, church, theater, etc. Be honest, murder has been illegal for a very long time. Has that ever actually stopped someone who has rationalized the irrational? Unless and until we deal with the underlying cultural and societal problems, nothing will change, and may become even worse.

  17. Well, maybe it’s just embarrassing for everyone knowing that there was more gun control in Trump’s tenure than Obama’s and they want to let biden take the blame now.

    • Obama/Biden repealed a Ronald Reagan regulation and opened up millions of acres of federally managed taxpayer lands to the carrying of firearms by citizens under their particular state laws, a massive expansion of gun rights that Republicans don’t like to mention.

      And despite having a republican majority in both house and senate for the first two years of his presidency, Donald Trump made no moves towards the hearing protection act or national reciprocity.

      Y’all Republicans got snookered

      • MINOR Miner49er. Obuma the Phony and Sleepy Joe has no choice. Congress was about to do it for him.
        Hearing Protection? LOL.
        National Reciprocity? That would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL! SEE THE 1OTH AMENDMENT!

        • MINOR Miner49er, Are you paying attention? You claimed that Obuma the Phony opened the national parks etc to firearms. Congress was poised to force the issue and had the votes. Remember now?

  18. A proper Republican response to Democratic “demands” would run as follows. From Republicans to Democrats: Go Perform An Unnatural Act On Yourselves.

  19. Guess I’ll be writing in Woody Woodpecker this November.
    For over 40 years I’ve had to vote for the lesser of two evils. With this concession, they’ve proved they’re on the same coin. Either way, prepare to be a$$ raped by our very own Tyrannical government.

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