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Don’t make the eagle sad.


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  1. I’d be ecstatic that he didn’t say “27” and then ask for HRT before begging forgiveness his own nonexistent racism and asking to go to a drag show so he could wave a Ukraine flag and shove currency into a twerking guy in a wig’s thong.

    And that’s when he goes to a private school.

    • Private or home school is the way. It’s far from easy for most families, but it has to be better than the g@y marxism curriculum in public schooling. Seriously, the passivity of the American father will be the ultimate death of our culture through the rearing of kids indoctrinated by the state.

      • I would argue that the passivity of the American father already pretty much has been the death of our culture starting in the late 1980’s when the people who went to high school in the 1960’s started having their own kids get to high school and the “hippie generation” did exactly fuck all about the indoctrination that had been installed.

        If you bothered to read any of what the Left openly published in book form about their plans what you’re seeing today is the logical extension of what was already very commonplace in the tail end of the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

        And I would point out that Yuri Bezmenov predicted all of this with *remarkable accuracy and precision* in the early 1980’s, and did so on TV. Anyone who’s surprised, angry or shocked has simply not been paying attention for 40 years… which all things considered is probably about 90% of people overall and ~75% of the “right wing”.

        • Notice the lack of fathers present during these “family friendly” drag show / Progressive worship sessions.

        • Go back to the 30s and read the stuff the soviets said that we got access to after the wall came down. Stalin planned all this. Lenin started it but Stalin went whole hog on destabilizing the US with this stuff.

        • Go back to the 30s and read the stuff the soviets said that we got access to after the wall came down. Stalin planned all this. Lenin started it but Stalin went whole hog on destabilizing the US with this stuff.

          Go back to the 1920’s and read the psyche lit that freaked out Aldous Huxley so badly that he wrote Brave New World in 1931 (published in 1932). Realize that by this time he knew the plan without intelligence work because Edward Bernays told him this in openly published books like Propaganda (1928) and Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923).

          Bernays is so good at this that he actually plays a large part in crashing the stock market in 1929. Like, a huge role. But he’s already attracted the attention of American politicians who really, really, really like his “product”.

          And, never forget that in 1961 Huxley does a speaking tour of the Ivy universities where he explains in detail that he’s terrified because the capacity to manipulate people that he envisioned might be possible in 2050 was already well surpassed by 1960. Ultimately this is probably why he chose to have a huge dose of LSD injected into him on his deathbed, because it helped with the crushing depression that he had very specifically due to shit like this.

          Bernays focused on Freudian psychology to manipulate people. The Soviets used, mostly, Pavlovian techniques that Joost Meerloo explains the effects of in his book. These techniques will be combined after WWII ends and the advertising “Mad Men” era begins.

          Now realize that these plans don’t start with Lenin. Yeah, the guy was a genius, that’s basically inarguable, but he didn’t come up with these ideas. He’s just the first world leader to use the tools on a large scale. The ideas go back much, much farther, to the roots of the Malthusian school of thought which is the “scientificization” of certain threads that come from Aristotle and Plato.

          While some of Plato/Aristotle’s ideas seem abhorrent to us today they were meant to create a better society. Later, Malthus turns this into a straight-up death cult. Marx and his disciples are all Young Malthusians. Mostly your “Conservative” politicians these days are Old Malthusians, whether they themselves know it or not.

          What did Bernays say of Democracy?

          “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

          Oh… Shit.

          What did Chomsky say of Bernays?

          “Bernays’ honest and practical manual provides much insight into some of the most powerful and influential institutions of contemporary industrial state capitalist democracies.”

          What, you think Alinsky was a seer with great insight who just came up with those rules on his own? Nah, there’s a very long history, nearly all of it written down in books you can buy for <$15 each on Amazon. It's just that no one reads this stuff.

        • Notice the lack of fathers present during these “family friendly” drag show / Progressive worship sessions.

          I note this for the drag stuff. I see less of it with the “worship sessions”. There seem to be a lot of weak-ass men supporting the prog-shit.

          Of course, that will vary from location to location and I haven’t done an exhaustive survey.

  2. I agree and my neighbors home school their kids because Sean Casten is our congressman.
    He was all for: Drag Queen Bingo program at the Downers Grove Public Library.
    Sad Eagle indeed but strych9’s comment made me laugh.
    It was sort of like the cotton pony remark in yesterdays
    Firearms Policy Coalition Sues ATF to Block Pistol Brace Ban “discussion”.
    “Hmm. Might want to wait to post till you’re off that cotton pony.”
    “Ill bite. Cotton Pony? Oh crap that’s not right… Actually got it mid post.”

    TTAG is good for a hearty laugh every now and then.

    • All souls will be judged by the 42.

      “The Forty-Two Judges were the divine beings of the Egyptian after-life who presided over the Hall of Truth where the great god Osiris judged the dead“

      One’s heart must be lighter than a feather…

      • Did you see that on “Charmed” when you were locked in a psych ward?
        It could have Buffy or one those other shows that TNT shows every morning.
        I know you cannot afford cable or internet so it had to one of your 5150 stays.
        I know you have internet because of the Affordable Connectivity Program.
        Everybody pays for Miners internet through a fee we all pay.
        Huffing PVC cement or primer will eventually kill you Miner.

      • MinorLiar,

        Well, your heart will never be lighter than a feather, but your alleged “brain” certainly is. Now, go play bumper tag with a semi.

  3. The american father was replaced largely by a welfare check. And his love and discipline were replaced by the guns of a big city police department.


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