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Hahaha this one got a good chuckle out of me.


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  1. A retractable dog lead that looks like a gun is about as smart as an employee reporting to work after brushing their teeth with bourbon-flavored tooth paste…

      • 1. Unwad your panties and let the bats out of your stankflaps. Maybe rinse that dust out too.

        2. It’s called a “Povodokus” and was designed and built by a Russian company known as Art Lebedev Studio as a gag. I don’t see them for sale on the EnglishWeb, but it is quite a real item.

        “Art Lebedev Studio is the Russian design firm behind Povodokus. This pistol-shaped retractable leash might get you some weird looks as you take your four-legged friend to the park. With a red retractable leash stretching out from the barrel of the gun, Povodokus looks like it’s shooting out a red ray. The Povodokus would certainly make walking the family dog a lot more interesting.”

        • “as a gag”

          Gag = joke

          I’m not the one getting my panties in wad over a gag gift or joke.

          Geoff the retard is afraid of the possible deadly consequences, he doesn’t have to buy or use one.

          When there is a plethora of police shooting people walking their dogs, then I’ll worry.

        • It’s a real object that can really get you killed via misunderstanding, which is what you apparently don’t get.

          Walk into a predominantly black bar in a rough area, tell a super racist joke, making sure to yell “n****r!” super loud. Then try “It’s a joke, dumfuk” when you get a response.

          Have fun in the ICU, if you survive.

      • “It’s a joke, dumfuk.”

        That’s not the *point*, actual dumfuk.

        It’s a joke that has potentially-lethal consequences for whoever uses that outside in public.

        Lighten up, Francis…

  2. Hilarious but probably unwise to buy and use.

    And if your dog’s well trained on a lead you’d also need to actively work for the gag to function.

    • “Hilarious but probably unwise to buy and use.”

      Considering the current times that have cops already wound way too tight, that’s the understatement of the year.

      If I had any enemies, I’d buy one for them, and offer to shoot a video of them using it in public as a ‘joke’ on them… 🙂

  3. ATF would see this as an opportunity to get a gun owner and a their dog in rapid succession. And then call it a day.

  4. Oh no sht that is a funny one. I’m going to have to make me one of those.
    I take the ole ladys dog out for walks at night, quite often the sheriff drives by. Hes gonna shit. LOL
    , to bad couldn’t get a red string to light up like a lazer.

  5. I can imagine the news now… “Man shot, alleged to have pointed gun at police officer but it was a fake gun dog leash and the dog had jumped up against the leash causing it to appear as if a gun was pointed at the officer.”

  6. It’s a joke. And apparently, soooooo many people didn’t understand the joke.
    The ONLY people in America who would use this gun-shaped dog leash are BATF agents.
    Because the BATF shoots dogs. It’s what they do.
    The BATF trains their agents to shoot the family pets first, ask questions later.
    That’s why the ONLY people who would use this gun-shaped dog leash are BATF agents.
    No cop is going to see this and shoot the BATF agent, because professional courtesy. The cops would just laugh, because they know the BATF shoots dogs.
    And if the cops did shoot the BATF agents, well, that would be a happy day for America! As they say, “One down…”
    Get the joke now?

    • We already got the joke, we know its a joke.

      Just having some sarcastic and exaggerating fun with it. That OK?

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