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That’s a hell of a scary costume! FPC created this one πŸ‘.


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  1. aft??? what’s that supposed to be? the back of a ship or now a dog god forgive? it don’t make much sense people.

  2. The Halloween costume memes this year, generally, are pretty damn good.

    People have really run wild with them, and that’s a good thing.

    • “People have really run wild with them, and that’s a good thing.”

      Most of the time. Remember the first Halloween after 9-11-2001?

      Folks begging not to go out as a terrorist?

      • I do. I knew quite a few people who did it because they were told not to. I didn’t do anything because I had to work.

        This year, however, I’m going as Dylan Mulvaney. Something tells me that I’m gonna make a bunch of administrative “friends”.

    • It is. Protests and court cases are one thing but open, widespread, public derision and contempt is another thing entirely. It has momentum and can bring things to a head.

    • Maybe it’s pizza day or something. I imagine he/it/they are easily distracted from the task at hand. He/it/they certainly haven’t been hired for their intelligence or integrity.

    • S/H/It was probably loaded onto a bus with a bunch of ‘like minded’ minions and driven to NY.

      Need the minions to remove all the Lee Zeldin campaign signs, then don red hats and hold tiki torches in front of polling locations and dim campaign office HQs.

      Those false flag ops don’t run themselves, just ask Jussie Smollett.

  3. I’ll just walk around wearing my “BATF Tactical Unit Waco, Texas” baseball cap with the bullet holes in the front. Made up and sold something like 72 doz back in the day, Most were bought at gun shows by LEOs. IIRC, they were shooting, or actually stomping dogs to death back in the day as well. Guess the jack boots helped.

    • Some of this behavior by alphabet boys happened to a Florida co-worker (and veteran) around 20yrs ago.

      He got a ‘zero dark thirty’ no-knock visit to his St Pete home over some pot plants.
      He owned four Miniature Pinscher dogs, none over 8 lbs. Two were adult dogs, and two were the puppies of that adult pair.
      Only the adult male of the four survived the incident.

      The co-worker witnessed two (a puppy and the adult female) get kicked across the living room and into walls. Both proceeded to run out the open front door, never to be seen again.
      The other puppy was found pinned under a flipped mattress/box spring in the guest bedroom, bleeding out of its nose and mouth, hardly breathing. It died a short time after being brought to an emergency animal hospital.
      A neighbor found the other puppy in her backyard garden, dead.
      The adult male came back a day later and need a broken leg set, pinned, and cast. This was the only dog that survived.

      Fun fact, they tried to take his home, claiming it was purchased with drug proceeds.
      He acquired the home when both his parents died in a vehicle accident a few year earlier, the home was willed to him.
      Still needed to spend around 20k on a lawyer to keep his home.


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