North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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“Gun permit laws reduce gun homicides and suicides and reduce the availability of guns for criminal activity. At a time of rising gun violence, we cannot afford to repeal a system that works to save lives. The legislature should focus on combating gun violence instead of making it easier for guns to end up in the wrong hands.”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper 

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  1. He’s a communist (democrat). His party does not permit him to exercise free thought. Not surprised.

    • Another democRat who enjoys armed security sees law abiding citizens as being on the same level as criminals. Actually it is waaaaay below level when you factor in needing a permit after Jim Crow Gun Control joe puts all sorts of US Military Munitions in the hands of terrorists now controlling Afghanistan. Just think of all the children who will witness their parents and families gunned down by terrorists using US Military Weapons. And now democRats are trying to lie their way out. Well the Rats are trapped behind walls they made from their very own gutless Rat sht.

      Whenever there is Gun Control poop stuck between the ears of those running the show expect everything they touch to turn into a disaster…and then some.

  2. Gun permit laws reduce gun homicides and suicides and reduce the availability of guns for criminal activity.

    This statement is a combination of demonstrably false and functionally irrelevant.

    Gun permits do not reduce the availability of guns for criminal activity, given how criminals tend to acquire firearms (around 40% steal them, and another 40% or so get them from friends, family, or the black market).

    Gun permits do not reduce gun homicides. Those who contemplate committing homicide using a gun tend to be criminals. According to FBI statistics, anywhere from 2/3 to 90% of gun homicides are committed by violent felons, gang members, and/or those involved in the dealing of illicit drugs. Such people, being criminals, tend not to be compelled or constrained by gun permit laws. They still find ways to acquire guns, regardless of such laws.

    It is doubtful that gun permits reduce gun suicides, since a permit is not required to purchase a firearm, but rather merely to carry a firearm in public (something that someone purchasing a firearm in order to commit suicide is not likely to need/want/try to do). Even so, reducing the availability of firearms to those who contemplate suicide does not, statistically, reduce total suicides. Suicidal people tend to find alternate means.

    The only people impacted by gun permit laws are law-abiding citizens. Their lives are never going to be saved by gun permit laws; their lives can only ever be jeopardized by such laws – nevermind the fact that such laws are an inherent infringement of the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

    • Chip, even those ex-cons need to be able to protect themselves. If they have just gotten out of jail, the gangs inside are putting pressure on them to work for them outside and have enforcers outside that will try to force the issue. LE doesn’t care about them, many feel they have it coming.
      I understand why they would feel they need a firearm for protection and a way to go straight in our society.
      Everyone has a right to protect themselves.

      • Not sure if sarcastic, or…? I’m not disagreeing with you, even if you’re being serious.

        Regardless: what you said has absolutely nothing to do with my point. Whether or not convicted felons have the right to defend themselves, laws requiring gun permits don’t prevent them from acquiring guns if they choose to acquire them.

      • I actually agree. Of course, I qualify my response to these parameters: anyone who has concluded their sentence and completed all parole/ probation/ restitution obligations should have full exercise of ALL of their rights.
        To any who say ” but ,but; still dangerous… horrifying crime convicted of or pled to.. DANGEROUS’!”.. I say,then why’d you let them out and back in the midst of a vulnerable population?

      • Today I Learned…

        Wow, how has that passed constitutional muster? A permit for the mere purchase of a firearm (pistol)? Especially with the list of requirements imposed upon the acquisition of said permit.

        And (based on a quick search), it appears that the purchase permit is not required to possess a pistol, but only to purchase one? How odd.

        • Chip,

          “Wow, how has that passed constitutional muster?”

          The answer is simple: the United States Supreme Court has been hostile to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution for the last 100 years or so. It is only in the last 13 years that the U.S. Supreme Court sort-of tilted precariously toward milquetoast support of the Second Amendment.

          For that reason no one wanted to gamble on bringing up the case to the U.S. Supreme Court since there was/is a fair probability of the Court validating purchase permits.

        • Chip,

          And if you move to another county within the state, you need to re-apply for a fresh permit (permission slip) from that township’s Sheriff. Seriously. NC doesn’t even have a state-level permit…it’s by county.

          And we all thought CA was bonkers.

        • California does not require that one obtain a permit prior to purchasing a firearm. A firearms safety certificate is not a permit to purchase> Hawaii , NJ and I believe NY all require that one get a purchase permit from the local chief LEO in order to purchase. (Hawaii’s permitting process was recently struck down, at least to the extent that it required a buyer to RETURN to the Chief LEO with the gun within ten days of purchase for “inspection and registration.” I do not know if the requirement of a permit in order to purchase was also struck down.) Illinois required a FOID card to even touch a gun much less purchase one, but that law has been held unconstitutional by two different courts, I believe, and the issue is up on appeal.

        • OH I haz a question…we here in the unfathomable dumb hole of CA are way more bonkers than you.

          I present to you as evidence, the CA DOJ approved gun list. If the gun isn’t on that list, you may not buy it in ca. As it is “unsafe”. Top that one IHAQ!


      • Many states with no permit system, have a neo-permit system in place. Washington state requires a 10-30 day wait while local LEO does a background check (you can purchase but cannot take possession until approved even if you have a concealed permit). If they don’t approve in 30 days you have to start the process from scratch.

    • ” a permit is not required to purchase a firearm ”

      True in most states, but in North Carolina a permit, issued by the local sheriff, is required to simply make a purchase. It was this permitting system that was the subject of the law he just vetoed.

    • Hey Chip, permits do have a purpose. So when the democrats are able to cement their power and create a one party nation, they know who has what type of weapon so that confiscation is so much easier. One of many reasons why these democrat politicians are the scum of society.

  3. What a lovely political landscape we live in. Neo-liberals on one side, Neo-cons aka RINOS on the other. And people still think there’s a political solution to the problems faced by those who value freedom above all else 😂😂😂 vote harder, chumps. 😂😂😂😂

  4. And again this really sucks as you have ingrained ignorance and corrupt politics commandeering a Constitutional right.

    Yet still, if you do not/cannot/will not (Texas) get Constitutional Carry right then you’re wasting your time and only giving a spineless and sell-out, corrupt politicians a coveted 2nd. Amendment vote which almost none of them deserve.

  5. Hey North Carolina, you voted that turd in, you just need to vote him out… maybe a good flushing is in order.

    • No Cooper cheated his self in. Just like Biden did. Only Cooper has done it twice in a row now IMO. Dan Forrest actually won the election. All pro gunners in NC despise Roy Cooper.

  6. He really IS that dumb or he’s just another governor who’s bought and paid for by Doomberg and company!

    • Roy Cooper is bought and paid for by Bloomberg. FACT. Bloomberg came to Greensboro NC to hand Cooper tons of money.

  7. Isn’t NC’s new senator and former Lt. Governor a good 2A guy? Hmm, better off having him in the Senate, or in the statehouse in a few years?

  8. Since most guns criminals use are stolen from cars and other burglaries, I have a FANTASTIC IDEA. Since gun purchase permits allow folks who lost guns to theft to buy another firearm, create a law that CRIMINALS have to have a permit to STEAL A GUN! Obviously it would work!

  9. The permit idea is a sound one except that it does not work very well because states with lax laws funnel in tens of thousands of guns into states with tough laws making thousands of state laws totally meaningless. This is why gun control only works well on the Federal Level.

    Civilized countries have long ago passed laws that were Federal not State to prevent trafficking in second hand guns. To become civilized the laws below need passed.

    1. Vet the purchase of EVERY firearm for sale to weed out criminals and lunatics.

    2. A mental competency test to prove the purchaser is sane.

    3. Safety courses on how to handle a firearm

    4. Safe Storage laws that keep children from being killed with unattended firearms as well as smash and grab criminal theft. 1,300 children a year are killed by unattended firearms in the home. Three times that many are crippled for life causing millions in medical costs.

    5. Training Courses in the states laws that govern when self defense may be used.

    When dealing with many mentally ill people in the Far Right they suffer from advanced paranoia and as any psychiatrist will attest logic and reason are as foreign to their way of thinking as rocket science is. They reject every study, and every law that has worked well in civilized countries and has been law for decades resulting in way lower homicides, mass murders and accidental shootings (especially children) and killings. The Far Right are often the very people who should not be permitted to have guns. The Capital riots proved that beyond all doubt as the whole world watched it in horror and wondered if they would reach the nuclear bomb trigger if they succeeded in establishing a Christian Caliphate and dictatorship of the Far Right.

    The Far Right will claim that a certain amount of human life lose is permitted because to them human life is cheap and expendable, even those of their own children and all loss of life of minorities is not to be even considered or discussed because minorities are considered sub-human and totally expendable.

    The NRA’s silence on the Philano Castile murder (a black man with a concealed carry permit) by killer Cop brought outrage by NRA black members but it proved the Far Right believe that only the White Anglo Saxon Protestants should have any rights and that white privilege should never be absolved and loss of life of minorities is of no consequence and even desirable.

    The far right will often outrageously point out that since the majority of homicides are committed in big cities that the loss of life of minorities is most desirable and proof the country needs no new gun control laws.

    • I could almost care if it wasn’t for statistics like deaths from PREVENTABLE MEDICAL MISTAKES AND TOBACCO DEATHS which are TEN TIMES THAT OF GUN DEATHS of which 2/3s are suicide.

      So dacian, while you beat a good drum, when one looks are the big picture then prudently throw out and ignore all your fluff, it becomes painfully obvious that your frivolous song is older than Over the Rainbow.

      Gun safety is total crap by the left and their buddy Mr. Entertainment Media to have something to sell and attract advertising $

      Naturally you’ll have some long winded response with rhetorical nonsense picking apart each and every point with more examples of extraneous fluff and all the while IGNORE annual tobacco deaths JUST IN THE USA which is around 440,000.

      If the left was REALLY about saving lives, they’d go after tobacco PERIOD. It’s just that simple. So with that said, buzz off and waste your time elsewhere because your attempt here has fallen on deaf ears and those with a functioning brain. Go cash your Bloomberg check.

  10. The soft, weepy eyes. The pouty lips. The soft and feminine hands.

    Who’d a guessed he was a Democrat?

  11. Permits, even if it were required at a federal level, along with the demands for mental evaluations and safe storage requirements are no answer to any of the issues the anti gun folks claim that they want to solve.
    All a permit is, is a tax to exercise your right to protect yourself, home, family, business, country.
    Mental health evals might catch a few nuts, but, again for most people, it would only show what state someone’s mental health/mindset is at that time. It can’t predict what could happen next week, next month, or a decade from now.
    And the claims of how it would limit suicides is about as big a pile of crap as they can shovel. Were that the case, countries like Japan or England would have much lower suicide rates than the US. They consistently run about the same or slightly higher.
    Then there is the It’s for the Children, argument. Of course more children under the age of 18 die in swimming pool and water related accidents than are killed by firearms every year. According to the CDC’s numbers.
    And then it’s all about preventing guns from falling into the wrong hands. Hate to burst anyone’s bubble on this one, but does anyone really believe restricting the rights of the law abiding will somehow prevent crime? By definition, a criminal is someone who ignores the law. Is Pete the Punk, or Tommy the Troll really going to stop their criminal activities because it just became a little more illegal?
    If, the gun grabbers could wave their magic wands and make every firearm on the North American Continent disappear today, I would bet some punk or gang member would be on the Phone or Internet figuring out how to get a couple shipping containers from China, Bosnia, India, Brazil, or any number of other countries into the US. And doing so within minutes.
    Always the demand for more restrictions that solve nothing or are a solution in search of a problem. But never an honest attempt to deal with the actual problems of crime or poverty, or drug abuse. How’s that War on Poverty LBJ wanted working out? Or the War on Drugs pushed by Nixon and Reagan?

  12. As a North Carolinian, I think the veto was ridiculous. As an American, I think permits and restrictions on gun ownership are unconstitutional. As a student of history, I think that any law written in the south in 1919 that required a person to show up in person to beg permission to buy a gun was likely a blatant attempt at jim crow racism. As a first time gun buyer a few decades ago, I remember how crazy the process seemed. Have to take off work. Go to the sheriff’s office between 10am and 2 pm Monday through Thursday, pay to have fingerprints and a background check. Wait in a long line for the one clerk, buy a limit of 5 permits at a time, good for 5 years only, have to check a box on the reason for the purchase (self defense, hunting, target practice, all three). My understanding is that even private party handgun transfers in the state require a purchase permit (though I know of nobody that follows this).

    As a realist, the permit system is largely irrelevant to most of us. Nc is a shall issue state, so they can’t deny it if you are not a prohibited person. More importantly though, a concealed carry permit removes the need for a pistol purchase permit and for a background check. Walk in, choose what you want, fill out a 4473, flash your ccw and leave with the gun.

    As in many states. The big cities drive the polls. Nc has 100 counties. Mecklenburg (Charlotte), Wake (Raleigh) Guilford (Greensboro) and Forsyth (Winston-Salem) are reliably blue. The other 96 are pretty red. Yet we end up with a Democrat governor. I don’t see much hope of the senate overriding his veto as the vote was straight party line.

    • Buncombe Co (Asheville) is very blue. Blue all along I-40, but Hickory is not big enough to overcome the rest of Catawba Co. I live in Burke Co, red all the way. The triad/Raleigh area is what’s f’ing up NC.

  13. The purchase permit is one of the old Jim Crow laws that was designed to keep handguns from Blacks. Over time, it became a revenue source for Sheriffs and a general hassle factor for anyone purchasing a handgun. The charge is only $5.00 plus a handling charge if you do it through Permitium. No fingerprints for this permit. Only background check. That’s why current Sheriffs were in favor of ending it. Not enough money to cover costs and no more valid than NICS. But a decided hassle for those wanting a nightstand pistol as opposed to a concealed carry permit. That’s why Cooper, a Pelosi boot licker if there ever was one, vetoed an actual common sense approach.

  14. I told y’all Racist Roy “Jim Crow” Cooper would veto this bill. He vetoes all senseable pro-gun bills. It appears it’s time to tar and feather Jim Crow Cooper , toss him out of office and let Dan Forrest who actually won the the NC Gov. election, and let him take his rightful place. Yep, I live in NC, and had personal bad experience with Racist Roy Cooper, when he was NCAG and lied to me and failed to follow NC statutes. BTW Jim Crow Cooper cheated the NC Gov. election just like Joe Biden cheated POTUS election. Roy’s a real democrat POS

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