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2,000 guns? You gotta pump those numbers up to even get close. Those are rookie numbers in this racket, son.

Here’s an image compiling numbers from the NY Times showing what we’ve left behind for the Taliban (and others) . . .

Image from NY Times


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  1. The truth in this thing is that Biden screwed up badly in the retreat from AfBADassistan. Other than that it is a load of crap. Neither Biden or any of the prior three Presidents “armed the Taliban”.

    The Taliban will not be capable of maintaining more than the common pickups and heavy trucks. The armored vehicles and aircraft are short term assets for them. Without parts or trained maintenance personnel they will quickly be unusable and many already are. In addition our guys “Demilitarized” many of the armor and aircraft before leaving. That can include blowing them up, although the DoD is not releasing details.

    They had maybe one operational Blackhawk when we left.

    They do have a bunch of Russian helicopters but the maintenance situation is the same. Russia is no pal to the Taliban. Parts and training is not going to be obtainable.

    Guns and ammunition have been pouring in from the Pakistan ISI for years, especially so in recent months. On top of that the Taliban have had a steady income from the poppy/heroin business, four Presidents have failed to do anything significant about that. It is not as if the Taliban have been unable to buy whatever they wanted all this time from multiple black market sources. Sales out of North Korea, Communist China, various Russian affiliated actors and former Soviet states have all been selling to the Taliban for a long time. Unlawfully even under the origin countries own self-stated laws and policies.

    So, no, Biden has not armed the Taliban any more than Bush, Obama or Trump did. Biden’s failure is in the planning and execution of our retreat. An orderly retreat taking months to do it slow, careful and under the military might we are capable of employing was called for. Forcing the Afghan government to order all American citizens to vacate the country should have been part of the deal.

    I take nothing away from Biden’s and the other President’s failures of leadership. I just see no value in making shit up to complain about. None armed the Taliban. The Taliban armed themselves. With help from friendly intelligence services, with their own drug money, by leveraging Afghan government corruption.

    And finally by outlasting us and winning the war. To the victor goes the spoils, as it has always been so in the history of warfare.

    Stings, don’t it?

    • Like Vietnam. The enemy was willing to wait one more day than us.

      They waited out the Russians, the Afghan government, and the western intervention.

    • that sounds feasible. couple points i’d like to hear your opinion on:

      1. China’s all about soft economic power. the Taliban could negotiate with the Chinese for equipment and training in return for dialing back militant attacks in Pakistan.

      2. could North Korea and Iran supply hundreds of thousands of M4s and SAWs? and the Taliban would have to sell that heroin first to get the cash which will be harder without our CIA running it into our country for them.

  2. I wonder if the Taliban had to have a background check for any of this hardware? Maybe they needed a FOID card?

  3. I’m sure Taliban all filled out the proper 4473s and registered all class 3 weapons with the ATF. Hopefully their processing times dont take too long. I trust them not to use the weapons until their stamps arrive.

  4. I wonder if the ATF class 3 approval office will struggle reviewing all of the Taliban’s Trusts submitted in Pashto?

    Sorry for the multiple posts.
    I’m more than bothered that killers get free amazing hardware that I have to jump through so many hoops for.

  5. I’m sure Moms Demand Action and Bloomberg will soon address any insufficiencies in the process of the Taliban acquiring these weapons… you know, since they are so serious about preventing gun violence.

  6. The Chinese will provide all the technical assistance and maintenance required by their new best buddies, the Taliban.

    • No, they will not. The communists are very cautious about the Taliban. They want to use them and appease them in order to influence access to the country’s mineral resources, and to embarrass the West. But they do not want to go so far as to advance Taliban military strength beyond immediate control of Afghanistan. There is also concern of ISIS factions defeating the Taliban and gaining access to American, Russian and Chinese equipment beyond small arms and ammunition. While the Afghan-China border area is a short one, it is not formally defined and is bordered by wild, tribal regions of Pakistan which makes for a large area where militancy and extremists could enter China and stage attacks.

      Remember that China has lost citizens working in Pakistan to Islamic militant attack. As such, the communists will be playing a balancing act of support, but not too much.

      In a sense it is not unlike what the British empire sought to do in the 1840’s to the end of WW1. They had no desire to rule Afghanistan, only to exercise economic and political influence over it. The British succeeded via waging wars they eventually won. The Chinese want to do it by limited support and agreements to develop mineral resources.

      If the Chinese do make agreements and start sending workers and military “advisors”, those people will become targets for ISIS targeted killings. We will then see just how much the commies will tolerate of their new found friends incompetence, corruption and double-dealing with their own enemies.

      • Eventually China will have enough of losing people to militant attacks, kidnappings for ransom, the Taliban’s double dealings and make an example. The loss of people they don’t care about. It is the loss of face that is more serious.

        Taliban may blame ISIS-K or rogue tribal elements. How far will China go? Will they add to the list of empires that failed to conquer Afghanistan since Alexander The Great?

    • No. They think they can buy them off. But their arrogance and “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy will change the status quo.

      Pass the popcorn.

  7. It has to be understood. Biden has been in office since 72 that’s nearly 50 years. He’s had wet dreams of doing things and we are just now witnessing the lengths he will go to feed his ego. The Democrat party got him elected to the Presidency on the premise that he could be controlled. Which has turned out to be a bad gamble. While they have been able to lead him in certain directions he’s still the President and can now fulfill all his widest dreams for good or Ill of the Democrat party and the Nation.. The Democrats are now faced with a dilemma of whether to ride it out for another year then 25th him out so Kamaltoe can take over and still run 2 times or 25th him now. Either way at this point in time they know unless something Big happens to turn the tide the elections in 2022 are going to be a bloodbath for them. So be prepared because they aren’t going to give up and are willing to do anything to hold power. This Shitshow is just now getting started and the worst is yet to come. We’re going to see things far beyond what can be imagined and it isn’t going to be pretty.

  8. We had a missing M9 from the armory while underway on the USS Blue Ridge. When we pulled into port in Yokosuka the next day we were not allowed to go ashore for 7 hours (after about four months at sea) until they found the M9 in the armory on the deck behind a locker. Accountability. Is anyone going to held accountable for these weapons?

    • The Political elite will bitch and complain about the actions/inaction’s committed by the other party, but in the end nothing will come of it. That duty falls at the feet of “We the People”. Either at the Ballot Box. In the Jury Box and if both Fail, The Bullet Box. Those are the tools left to Us by the Founding Patriots. The refusal to use anyone or all three is done at the Folly of the “People”. Leaving them with the results they deserve for Good or Ill. Keep Your Powder Dry.


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